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Colors of Autumn

All Glory Goes to God Who Created All The Colors in Existence.

This is dedicated to my Family for all they do to help me with my photography.

I used an action from 69 Photoshop Action V9 by lieveheersbeestje

Summer by CRGPhotographyTreasure by CRGPhotographySearching for Leprechauns by CRGPhotographyWithout You by CRGPhotographyShall I Compare You To The Sun by CRGPhotographyTrue Love is like a Forest by CRGPhotography

1st Corinthians 6:19

What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

If you have any questions about Jesus feel encouraged to send me a note. Hate notes though will be ignored, and won't bother me so it'd be a waste of your time.

Taken in the countryside areas of Chippewa County, Wisconsin, USA Autumn 2014 with my Nikon Cool Pix L820

Thank you in advance for all the comments, watches, and favorites. I wish I had the time to thank each and every one of you but the only way I have time to make art and show it is to put the thank yous in the description. I instead find it better suited to try and have conversations with as many of you as I possibly can. If you're a watcher feel free to send me a note with some suggestions for future features. You can send me a few of yours, a few of your friends, or a few of underappreciated artists. I really love to find new underappreciated artists.

Critique's are encouraged :D (Big Grin)

You may use this image to create your own deviations as long as it is non graphic, and non-profit and you link me to this. That means you can use this image for commercial work as long as you are a charity or the money goes to charity.
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LoLo-is-SeaDoo-ing's avatar
The colors are absolutely stunning!! Such a beautiful contrast between the sky and the autumn colors. This is why I love autumn; the most beautiful, warm colors reveal themselves to us :heart:
CRG-Free's avatar
Thank you so much! Glad you like it! God Bless You!
LoLo-is-SeaDoo-ing's avatar
You're very welcome and thank you!! :hug:
pearwood's avatar
Amen and amen.
Madylyne's avatar
Your photographs are always so stunningly beautiful !!!
the-kinslayer's avatar
Really beautiful :)
HK-118's avatar
That's beautiful! Brilliant shot. :wow:
AussieDidge's avatar

Autumn has to be one of the nicest seasons to take pictures in, if this is any indication.

There’s a small fascination that I have with the countryside (harking back to days of travelling to Avoca) and one can’t help but enjoy, from this shot, the yellow grass seamlessly mixing with the green and orange trees as they prepare to shed.

There’s no feeling of clashing whatsoever, and with those cloudy, brilliant blue skies above, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ve taken a fine picture. It’s a scene that one could imagine themselves just walking through and contemplating life and where they fit in.

All in all, this country capture of Chippewa County is a great display of photography skill. Keep it up! :clap:


:star: :star: :star: :star: :star-empty:

CRG-Free's avatar
Thank you so much for the massive comment. I really enjoyed reading it. I'm glad you liked it and thank you for the generous rating! :D God Bless You!
AussieDidge's avatar
It's an absolute pleasure, and from Down Under to your side of the world, wishing you and yours an early Happy New Year for 2015. :)
Jessica-Rae-3's avatar
I love autumn. It's so lovely with it's warm colors while a cool breeze is going by. ^_^
CRG-Free's avatar
Thank you my wonderful hostess!
miirex's avatar
Very pretty autumn !
CRG-Free's avatar
Thank you buddy :D
TheLittle1's avatar
Was this just after harvest?  The bland, stick-like remnants of the harvest are an interesting contrast to the lush colors and density of the trees behind.
CRG-Free's avatar
Yep it wasn't long after as there was corn here the last time I had checked. I have a lot more of this location to show also. I have one summer photo already posted. As The Wind Blows by CRGPhotography  
TheLittle1's avatar
Looks like a fairly strong crop this year.  :)
CRG-Free's avatar
It probably looks thicker then it really is because the field is huge bigger then a football field. Sorry this is so massively late. I've been dealing with a lot of depression and stress from the holidays. :hug:
TheLittle1's avatar
No apologies necessary; it happens to a lot of people this time of year.  :huggle:
WolfLover231's avatar
Where was this picture taken?
CRG-Free's avatar
Chippewa county, Wisconsin in USA hope you enjoyed it.
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