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Hey guys!

Ten pages left of Chapter Six as Book One draws to a close, which means the comic will be going on (official) hiatus after the last page goes up on October 19th. It’s a little later than I originally planned, but this means the hiatus won't be as long as I'd originally thought it might be. 

Book Two will begin with a tentative-yet-pretty-sure date of January 4th with the cover reveal and Page 1. I don’t want you guys to be left with nothing, though, during November and December, so I have a few extras planned such as character sheets and the like that I will be posting in place of pages.

And that's not ALL I want to do! Beginning today, I am accepting submissions for guest art posts to go up alongside extras on the main hosting site and Tapas!

"Avibus" isn't that big of a title, I know, but I figured now is as good a time as any to open guest spots for the first time.

Submissions Guidelines are as follows:
- The typical standard: Your submission must include at least one character from the “Avibus” cast. However!
- It MUST be a character that has already appeared in the main series so far! There are a few people who have seen concepts from later but I’d rather not show these characters until they appear on-page...
- OCs are okay as long as you follow rule one.
- Submissions must be Safe For Work!
- You can use any medium (i.e. digital or traditional/scanned) so long as you send me an image file that's a minimum of 900x1350 pixels. JPEG is preferred, but PNG is acceptable.
- If you want me to link to any sites or portfolios, please include the links and descriptions thereof in the body of the email when you submit your attached image file.
Written submissions are acceptable! In fact, I may just doodle a couple illustrations to go with the good parts~
    Just send any written pieces--NO LONGER than 1000 words--to me and I'll format them into proper image files. I'm not expecting     any unwieldy amount of submissions this tim

I'll accept submissions through October 19th. Email to That's a zero, not an 'O' ;)

Thanks for reading~
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Hi guys! Popping in for a minute to say;

"Avibus" is now four years old! (yesterday)

With this fourth birthday, I have a few announcements to make for the future of the comic and my plans for it over the next few months:

To start; Book One is almost over!

I know I've said something before about having already finished a 'part one' of the story with the end of Chapter Five, but that didn't actually turn out to be the case. While I did mean it at the time, I hadn't yet finished my full reevaluation of where the story was going in the next stretch.

Can you tell this is a very seat-of-pants written series?

So, in truth, Chapter Six is going to mark the end of "Avibus", Book One. What does this mean?

Well, it means a Hiatus.

The comic will be going on a temporary break after the end of the chapter while I gear up for Book Two. The second book is much more tightly plotted, much more efficiently planned out, than the first and will require a brief break to make sure I have everything ironed out enough to get started.

I plan to post the last thirteen pages of chapter six at a rate of two per week, making up for the frequent delays over the past few months, which will close out the chapter at the end of September. After which, starting in October, "Avibus" will be on hiatus until the start of Book Two.
I don't want it to be a ghost town around here, though, during that time, so I will be posting the occasional extra materials related to the comic.
(and finishing the character page, I swear)
Along with that;

I will be opening submissions for guest art!

In lieu of pages, I'd like to post guest pieces among the extra sketches I'll be doing.
Submissions will open on September 1st and run throughout the month. I'll post another announcement and provide more details about image requirements, where to send them, and the hiatus itself at that time.

Thanks for reading!
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Hey guys!

It's been a while since I've done a proper Shameless Plug(TM) concerning my Patreon page, so I figured it was just about time to do so! Particularly since I've gotten a couple new watchers in the meanwhile that may not be aware that may have noticed all the link-pasta in my page descriptions, but don't know yet about what Patreon IS or what it can get you. From me. Specifically.


First of all, to all the new people, omgHIIII! :wave: How's it going? I'm so glad to see you here, liking my work and stuff, despite the fact that I've been aggressively detached lately!
Second of all:

The f*ck is Patreon and why are you talking about it?


Hey there! 
My name's Casey, aka Minx/LotMinx, and I write webcomics when I'm not putting off everything else including finally finishing that damn 100 Themes Challenge!

What comics?

Well, you might have seen the pages I post every week, but here's a little overview anyway:

Saints'Quarter is an urban horror-fantasy series about the supernaturally saturated neighborhood of the name and the lives of the people who live there. There are witches, slayers, mysterious guys with semi-sentient tattoos, weird mothlike pixie things, and a cat!
Oh, and you know, maybe a mystery or two, some drama, and lots of personal baggage...

"Avibus" is an adventure drama centered around a pair of belligerent twins, an in-over-her-head nurse, lots of unreliable informants, and some weird people living in the Nevadan wilderness.

Both of my comics deal with themes such as chosen family, recovering from past traumas and toxic environments, and trying to get by in a world that refuses to make sense. And maybe a bit of magic and intrigue.

Okay, but this Patreon thing?

Good Question! The answer has a few parts, actually.
First of all, Patreon itself is a handy platform through which fans can support their favorite content creators through a little concept called 'patronage.' In this case, it means pledging a monthly (for my page) amount to pay creators in exchange for extra content, accesses, and all kinds of fun bulls*ts! Pledges start at a tipping level of $1.00 USD per month! That's four quarters! Or ten dimes. Or twenty nickels. One hundred pennies. Or a quarter, five dimes, two nickels, and fifteen- it's a dollar. A dollar that makes sure I get coffee in the morning.

Second of all, the why.
I have lots of ideas for series extras that meeting certain goals would allow me to work on, for starters. I'd love to have the time to work on an accessible series guide for Saints'Quarter, or the occasional minicomic focusing more directly on specific characters within either series. 
I would also be able to access better software and tools to continue to improve both series, even build and maintain proper sites for them!
The biggest, long-term, goal, though, is related to the fact that I simply hate webcomic-time! I want to get the stories out now, darn it, but I do not yet have the ability to dedicate so much time to them.
That's where you guys come in! With that handy pledging thing!

What do I get for Pledging?

The comics are available to read for free on Tapastic and Smackjeeves, each, but there are all sorts of extra materials, bonus features, and more you can get access to by pledging on Patreon; from work in progress looks at comic pages, to concept art, to early access to pages for both series! Hell, you can even be in a comic for a scene!

$3 and higher patrons also can get goodies such as monthly desktop wallpapers, holiday postcards mailed to you (new!), and the potential to request personalized artwork!

All of this and more is outlined in the pledge tiers on my Patreon page, so swing on by for a look!

Hey guys!
I've already posted a status about it, but I just wanted to make sure you knew;

Saints'Quarter has an entry in TopWebComics' Halloween Contest!
TWC Halloween Contest, SAINTS'QUARTER by CRFahey

Follow the link below to vote it up:

Voting is done via likes on the Facebook page!
Thanks so much!
It's finally Spring!
There's still snow on the ground outside here and it's cold as balls, but it's SPRING!

In favor of, I've decided to offer a bit of a special reward:
Get a cameo (yourself or a character of yours) in either Saints'Quarter or "Avibus" by pledging ANY AMOUNT on Patreon!
Cameo ad copy by CRFahey

Usually, cameos are reserved for patrons who pledge $10 or more, but if you pledge before April 1st you can get one! 
Pledges start at $1USD!!

That's not all, either!
When you pledge before the end of March, you will ALSO be entered into a raffle in which you can win a full color bust of any character you choose. Yourself, your OC, a character you love from your favorite series--ANY character!
Names will be drawn and announced on the 1st! That's in 12 days!
So go pledge, take a look at all the extra sketches available for patrons, vote on April's wallpaper, and wait for the winner!

Happy Ostara!
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Hey guys!

So, like I've mentioned before I'm moving soon. February, specifically.
Specifically, I'm moving to New York.

I'm going to be getting a new job that will involve me working a lot more hours than what I typically have been working these past couple of years, because food and rent and metrocard and stuff, but I am going to keep open for commission work and continue working on my artwork as well. Basically, still doing the two job thing but hopefully expanding it a bit over the next year and so on.
However, as my financial situation is about to change BIG TIME, even as commissions are remaining open I am once again adjusting my pricing.

I will put together a complete journal AND an image graphic on the new prices over the next couple of weeks before I move, as I am still hammering down a few of the details to help keep things consistent between different image formats as well as taking varying complexity into account, but I wanted to give you guys a bit of a heads up about it.

So we'll say that the new price system and rules will go into effect starting February 1st. As I'm moving up on the 9th/10th, I won't be able to work too much on commissions for that first week and a half of the month as I get ready to go and get settled it, but I will accept requests on a waiting list basis during that time if anyone decides to request something and make sure their name is on the roster for when I get back to work.

In the meanwhile, until the 1st I will still accept commissions on the currently listed prices in the commission widget on my profile.
Any outstanding projects with anyone that I already have, meaning running batch commissions as part of a set, will remain the same price they were when I quoted it to you, even as I get to NY and get back to work on everything.

So, like I said, the new price references will go up shortly, I'm moving, and... I'm excited~


If you cannot afford to commissions me, but would still like to support my artwork, particularly my original content, for just $1One USDollar, a month on Patreon you can do so.
Pledging any amount gets you a myriad of rewards, starting with exclusive access to the Patron Only feed, where I regularly post sketches, doodles, WIPs of comic pages and other artwork, and more.
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Hey guys!

Considering the sale/deal craze at this time of year, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and put up an offer of my own.

From now until January 31st, you have the chance to place a shot of one of your characters (or your own persona!) in a scene of EITHER Saints'Quarter or "Avibus"!

Usually this opportunity is reserved for patrons who pledge $10+ on Patreon, but for this period of time it's available as a commission of $5 outside of Patreon OR for those who pledge $5+ BEFORE January charging goes through!!

Pledging $5 monthly also gets you access to comic pages as they're finished rather than having to wait for them, extra comic materials, and behind the scenes/WIP sketches of projects and pages! Not to mention monthly wallpapers!
So you know, charging is up front. This means that when you pledged, you'll be charged for the current month, since you'll be given access to all the rewards at that point within your bracket, and then regular charging begins at the 1st of the next month.

And that's it for now XD
Love you guys, thanks so much, and have a Happy Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Yule, Festivas, Pizzamas, Other, NoneofTheAbove, and All~

Patreon|December 2016 Wallpaper by CRFahey
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Hey guys! 
For the past few months I've been working towards saving up enough money to move out of my current place and I will be doing so come February 2017. I want to be able to continue to pursue my artwork and develop my stories up to and after my move, so I just wanted to stop in and mention a few things you guys can do that might help me out.

For starters, I am open for commissions! I'll be updating the prices and categories on my profile over the rest of this week, but in the meanwhile feel free to ask if you have any questions~

Also, I have a store on Society6!

Get prints, mugs, phone cases, and more with various artworks and designs!

And finally...

to mention once again as there have been a few updates to rewards and such, I am on Patreon!!

For those of you who don't know, Patreon is a platform that allows fans to support creators, kind of like a tip jar, and allows creators to work more directly with their supporters! Even if you can't afford to commission an artist you like, you can donate a designated amount every month starting at as little as $1 USD!

To show my extreme appreciation, each dollar gets you varying rewards and me closer to certain milestones that help me continue to expand my work!
Why should you support me?


I write webcomics!

Saints'Quarter is about the supernaturally saturated borough of the name and the lives of the newly independent adults who live there.

"Avibus" is a more contained story within the same universe that focuses on Kelley Russo, a hot headed and inquisitive casino employee, and the series of events that unfold after she meets the flighty Scarlet and gets drawn into strange encounters, violent conflict, and reality rattling revelations.

Both comics deal with themes of companionship, facing personal baggage, perilous situations, and trying to get by in a world that refuses to make sense. And a bit of magic.
My comics are free to read on both Tapastic and Smackjeeves, each, but along with the warm glowy feeling of supporting a poor artist, 

Patrons get...

For $1 or more per month:
  • SO much gratitude!!
  • Access to character studies, drawings from my personal sketchbooks, and extra doodles,
  • A look at the progress of each page of "Avibus" and Saints'Quarter from thumbnails to the pre-text final image,
  • And access to the monthly patron only livestreams once the $50 monthly goal is reached!
For $2 or more per month:
  • All of the $1 rewards!
  • Monthly desktop/device wallpapers and the ability to suggest/vote on the subjects of each!
  • A deeper look behind the scenes at projects; character sheets, set maps, potential sneak peak info, and concept art!
For $5 or more per month:
  • All of the $1 and $2 rewards!
  • PSD downloads of selected artworks and pages so you can get a closer look at how I put everything together! (It's a hot mess...)
  • Access to comic pages as they're finished! Without having to wait for them to go up on the sites!
For $10 or more per month:
  • All of the above rewards!
  • AND the opportunity to get a cameo of yourself or a character of yours in a scene in either comic!
For $20 or more per month:
  • Along with the rewards from all previous brackets,
  • YOU get to request a personalized sketch every month! After pledges are processed every cycle, I will message each of you for your requests, which can be anything from character portraits (chest up, can be in color) to a single panel scene (no color). If you DON'T claim your sketch within the month, you have the option of carrying it over for one following month and 'combining' the two to upgrade the image! Meaning portraits can be extended to full body or sketches can be upgraded to a fully finished color scene!

I can't wait to be able to share my stories with you guys and every dollar makes it all the easier for me to do so. Thanks so much~
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You guys can keep track of where I am in relation to your piece and a projected date to expect it right here through this journal~

Updated every other day~


  1. Osric09 Patreon Reward [FINISHED]
  2. Patreon Wallpaper (MAY) [FINISHED]
  3. Saints'Quarter (Page 36) [FINISHED]
  4. MythrilMog Bust Portrait [FINISHED]
  5. MythrilMog Sketch Commission [FINISHED]
  6. Osric09 Creature Illustration [In Progress-Sketched]
  7. ManiacalToaster Patreon Reward [In Progress-Roughed]
  8. MythrilMog Patreon Reward [In Progress-Roughed]
  9. "Avibus" (Page 103) [Pending]
  10. "Break" Theme [Pending-Roughed]

*While clients outside of DA don't benefit from this Journal list, I decided to keep them noted here as well so there's no confusion for any delays between user commissions getting finished~
**Commissions are still open if you want to request something. Just know that you will be subject to wait.
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Yep, getting close to my 10,000th pageview on this account, and I thought I'd offer a prize~

Or three!
Here's how it goes:
If you get either 9,999 or 10,001, you get a full body color portrait. Can be of a character, can be of yourself!
Portraits will be done similar to the figures in the cast lineup of "Avibus"
''Avibus''|Cast Line-Up by CRFahey

Stand alone, no background (but with the option of a simple backdrop if you don't want it to be floating alone)

If you get the 10,000th view, you get a full color scene image!!
54. ''Torture'' by CRFaheyNew Comic Concept Art by CRFahey
61. ''Linger'' by CRFahey60. ''Circle'' by CRFahey

If you manage to snag more than one of the views, you get each prize associated with the views you got! AND a cameo of yourself or a character in a page of "Avibus" or my upcoming urban horror-fantasy comic, Saints'Quarter!

Rules are as follows:
  • You must watch me.
  • You must be able to show me a screencap of the winning view(s).
  • Nudity is acceptable in your request, but you cannot request porn! If I deem the content pornographic, I will ask you to think of something else.
  • You must be able to provide me with references for characters!

Good luck!! ^w^

Patreon!! by CRFahey

Want to keep ahead of various fanarts, random doodlings, and fantasy webcomics?

Check me out on Patreon!

Pledge $1 a month and you get exclusive access to my Patron Only feed. This means you get to see sketches, extra doodling, comic thumbnails, story illustrations, WIPs, and the like before anyone else does. You get to peek behind the scenes and take part in brainstorming and rough work for my projects, potentially providing feedback and helping me workshop a few ideas.

Patrons also get access to monthly desktop wallpapers!

Higher pledges get such rewards as access to comic materials, early comic pages, PSD files and tutorial requests, personalized sketches, and more!

Because I seem to like talking...

As I've said, I wanted to get back into doing videos. For those of you who cannot watch, the transcript is below:

There is often a discrepancy when it comes to how people receive kids’ movies and television shows. I’ve seen so very often, the first reaction a person has when I suggest an animated movie is to dismiss it. Even roll their eyes.


Why does being animated make it less worth your time? Make it silly?

Why can’t you just watch it as a movie?

What is SO bad about a “kid’s movie?”

Kids’ movies are simply… products designed so that kids can watch them. But what makes a GOOD one has always been, and will always be, the staying power. Not whether kids and only kids go nuts for it, but whether they’ll continue to love it and return to it and get something out of it every time even as they grow older. Because there are elements in there that only get clearer and richer AS you get older.

Some of the best made movies and shows, some of the most powerful and beautifully made works…. Ever... have been kids’ shows…

So often, out of a selection of movies at the theater, the kid friendly family movie ends up being the best one of the choices by a LONG shot.

This doesn’t ALWAYS transfer to shows. But sometimes it does. And when it does, it’s phenominal.

                *images: Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Avatar: The Last Airbender*

Avatar the last Airbender was, and still is, one of the most significant and important shows I have ever watched. It helped me understand parts of myself and the world in a way that no other show or work at the time did. I identify so strongly with some of the messages and characters that I get all heart-swelly any time anyone even MENTIONS this show.

These characters helped me figure my shit out. They were characters I saw myself in, saw people I knew in. Characters that I related to so deeply, it was almost unreal. Characters of such variety, all of them complex, that helped me understand the differences in people and experiences and helped me better relate to the people around me.

I can never express how much this show means to me.

And yet, because It’s a cartoon and aired on Nickelodeon… it’s just a kids’ show to so many people.

Kids show doesn’t mean there can’t be some heavy, meaningful, shit. Kids are smart, and good shows understand that. Good shows use that. Good shows poke and knead at the places that are growing and grown in a kid, encouraging them to develop well and… well, grow.

One of the biggest fallacies of thinking in our world is the idea that we’re ever DONE growing up. We’re not. We’re never done, we’re never done learning, and we’re never incapable of further change. So there is always something new to be gotten from stories designed to facilitate that.

Why is it then that you can’t go into a kids movie as just ‘a movie’?

Is it because it’s a cartoon?

You don’t know if something is any good by whether or not it’s a cartoon.

It’s not as if the creators work any LESS hard, the writers put any LESS thought—most of the time—into it, or the actors give any LESS effort… what makes it LESS?

I know people who will act as if my trying to get them to watch an animated movie is like pulling out their toenails, and yet they will still willingly read BOOK series like Artemis Fowl, House of Night, or Percy Jackson. Why is it easier to read a ‘kids’ BOOK’ than it is to watch a kids’ movie?

Think about… Harry Potter. Those were kids’ books. The series grew with its audience, but the audience at the start were largely children closer to the main characters’ ages. Eleven. I think I was seven or eight years old when I first opened Sorceror’s Stone…

‘First American edition, October 1998-‘

I was SIX years old when this book was printed! SIX! I got it either for Christmas or my next birthday, this very book! I was six! CHILDREN’S! Book!

Those movies were made to go with the books, growing as they did with their audience. But even from the very beginning, there were some heavy notes to it that we wouldn’t understand fully until we got older. The violence was kept aside and to the background at first, like it tends seem when you’re at that age and can’t understand it yet. But it is still there. You can still see it. Harry is still abused, still fighting for his life, still trying to make sense of a world that he’s supposed to be a part of but only makes less and LESS sense before it makes more.

It’s almost like it’s an allegory for real life or something…..

Tons of adults watched those movies and loved them. My mom adores them and through the movies found and read and adored the books. The series is brilliantly crafted, treats the readers as intelligent, and is yet another example of a series that helped me develop as a person. Helped me through early parts of my life. I have been living with Harry Potter since I was SEVEN years old. I have read the books countless times-I’m reading them again right now, actually-and got something meaningful and new out of them each time.

But guess what? They’re kids books. The movies were, at the start, kids movies.

So why are they more acceptable for adults to like than say… Big Hero 6? Avatar or Korra?

Because it was live action.

For some reason that automatically makes it worthy of grown up time.

I don’t think my mom would have fallen in love with the series if it had been animated. Not the same way. And that would have been a tragedy. Because it is flipping wonderful.

The marvel movies that keep coming out?

Those are based on comic books… aren’t those ‘kids’ stuffs’ too? Especially at the start? And yet being live action makes it more broad-audience?

Well, guess what, like comic books, live action, and… prose books… that’s just the medium. That’s just the vehicle for the story. It’s not the measure of a story’s worth.

Animated isn’t a genre, it’s a TOOL. It’s a visual choice in how to tell a story.

The story is still what determines whether or not the story is good.

The Lego Movie*image* is much cleverer, much better put together, and much more meaningful and worth returning to than, say… Wild Card*image*. Live action beat-em-up movies are just as childish as Barnyard. And just as accurate.

*screencap of Barnyard with text: "MALE CATTLE DON'T F***ING HAVE UDDERS!"*

Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are both ridiculously more intelligent than Fifty Shades of Grey.

Why are adult movies adult movies? Because they cover heavy shit while spelling it out as Heavy Shit? Because they have nudity? Because they Curse?

In Avatar, there is an entire culture that walks around half-naked all the time—I guarantee you the women don’t cover their titties*Bras are an illustion graphic*—and the finale is framed around a discussion of whether or not Aang should kill a guy to win and end a WAR. The whole show is about a WAR.

That’s a pretty grown up topic, don’tcha think?

So why is it so hard to watch an animated movie for the story? Is the artwork too horrible? Does being artwork that hours of effort and years of thought went into make it less interesting than a live action movie that takes hours of effort and years of thought?

Animated movies are built from nothing. Each character, each idiosyncrasy, each MOVEMENT was done intentionally. And some animated characters feel more real than live action ones do. *Bella, Tris, 50shadeschic, Jason Statham VS. Steven Universe, Hiro, Coraline, and Zuko graphic*

So tell me, please, enlighten me; why does being an animated ‘Kids’ movie’ automatically mean ‘not worth the time’?


Jesus H.- Can anyone believe it's actually SEPTEMBER already!?!? Just... Wow.

Okay, for starters: To any and everyone new among my watchers: WELCOME! And thanks! ^w^
Now moving on to other business;
I am still open for Commissions! Just see the widget on my profile for an idea of what I do and how much I charge~ If you have any questions, just send me a note and we can talk!

I have also decided to once again attempt to keep a regular blog/vlog going. I know I've failed miserably at this in the past, and I can make no promises about how good I'll be at keeping it consistent. BUT, this time i have enlisted the help of my brother, who is notoriously annoying good at helping keep me on task.
All videos will be on my YouTube channel, but will also be linked in journals up here. Complete with full transcripts to accommodate anyone who cannot expend the data for video or rely on audio.
Topics will be varied and random. I already have a list of ideas and roughed out scripts, but any suggestions are appreciated. If you would like to express your preference in content, feel free to vote here:…

Now on to the gratuitous Patreon plug:

Patreon is a platform for creators to connect with their audience in an artist to patron relationship. Patrons can help support their favorite artists by pledging a by piece or by month amount, to which they can include a spending cap so that they never go past their allotted budget. These donations serve as a form of tips, helping to support your favorite artists and help them to continue to create the work you enjoy.

As a patron, you can pledge as low as 1 dollar per term.

My own setup is a by-month basis. Whatever amount you pledge would be deducted at the beginning of every month, and the amount of your pledge can be changed at any time.

ALL of my patrons get access to certain rewards for pledging, but the more you pledge the more you will have access to. The way I set up my rewards are as follows:

$1+ per month

* First access to compilations from my personal moleskin! Includes; fan-art, concept sketches, character studies, creature and people studies, and general doodling and designs!
* Early access to finished illustrations for prose stories! You get to see them as I finish them rather than having to wait for the story to be posted!
* Patron exclusive access to comic thumbnails! (Rough page-planning sketches that give glimpses of what's to come!)

$3+ per month
* All that PLUS
* Early access to comic pages!

$5+ per month
* All that PLUS
* First access to "Avibus" character sheets and more developed concept material! Environments, characters, and the like!

$10+ per month
* All that PLUS
* Yourself cameo-ed in "Avibus"! (Subject to a wait before appearing. Not guaranteed a speaking part.)

$25+ per month
* All that PLUS
* A free monthly Pencils-format commission! (You must claim/tell me what you'd like every month. Unclaimed commissions can carry over ONE month in the form of upgrading to flat colors. I will not begin these rewards until after everyone has been charged for that month.)

Now that that's out of the way:

I am... so sorry that I've let this gallery kind of stagnate as far as non-page submissions TwT I have a bad habit of finding things to distract myself with and consume my time. I plan to start getting to more fanart and such, as well as returning to my 100 Themes challenge that I've had to put on hold for a little while~
I should be finishing the new theme some time this week.
Also, keep an eye out for some sketching and concept work for a couple new projects I'm developing. I won't say too much about them yet, mostly because I don't have enough about them set TO say anything about, but let it be known that come January; There WILL be a new comic going up alongside "Avibus"
I'm just not sure which... >->

That's just about all for now~
To everyone returning to school; Good luck and do well!

I also have a shop on Society6!!
Come check it out and see what prints I have offered!
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
    In total, at least five years. But this account is just over a year old~

  2. What does your username mean?
    It's my name. First/Middle and Last. Casey R. Fahey

  3. Describe yourself in three words.
    Weird, Creepy, and Awkward.

  4. Are you left or right handed?
    Right handed.

  5. What was your first deviation?
    I no longer have the file of my first deviation EVER on this site, and I deleted my original gallery, but the first one in THIS gallery is this one: 
      Centaur Card by CRFahey

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
    Comics/Illustrations. Basically... Stuff with a story to it.

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
    Um... I don't know? Painting? SFX Makeup? Cinematography? I don't know...

  8. What was your first favourite? Find a Way Out! by khallion

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    Fantasy and Fanart >w> 

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
    I do not has just one!! a

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    I think most of my current friends that I speak to every day and have been there to listen during some really hard points in my life over the past few years have all been people I've met through DA. There are also things I'd never have learned to do, never would have discovered I liked, had I not been a part of this site. I probably wouldn't have ended up with the goals I now have for my life otherwise.
    And without the friends I've made up here, I probably would have come out of some pretty bad situations worse off than I did... Like... a LOT worse... I'm more than positive that I would have completely lost my grip a long time ago.

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
    As of now, I favor my Monoprice tablet and PSE. Also, good ol' pencil and paper~ (And Word, 'cause... writing is half of what I do)

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    Anywhere relatively peaceful (as far as personal life) where I have room to move around within my space. I can't function when I'm forced to tip toe around volatile situations. There hasn't been any one single location that's been more inspirational to me as much as a state of mind or living.

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    Pfsh, Damned if I know.:shrug: rvmp by Bad-Blood

Pretty much that. 
I was asked a while back to do a tutorial on how I color my comic pages, so I did a vlog process video.

I just forgot to link it up here... 

I actually really enjoyed doing it, but I've been having some trouble with my recording software lately that's keeping me from doing any of the speedpaints I've been wanting to do... BUT, if you have any questions or suggestions of things you'd like to see in the future, feel free to go ahead and let me know! I'll get right on them as soon as I have this software issue sorted out. ^^
This gallery's officially a year old!

And... wow, this summer is going by at a turtle pace... And yet, it's already July! Half the year gone already and only 26 days until my birthday and only a few more pages before my "Avibus" comic is a year old... I actually managed to keep one going for a year this time. O.O

Welp, tis time for another quarterly update~

Commissions are still open! Even if you cannot afford to commission me, passing on the word is greatly appreciated~

And also, Patreon~

I've spent the last month getting used to working keeping my Patreon page activities into my schedule and figure out all the kinks. So some things have slightly changed.
I didn't post that much info about it last month, but this time I'll go into more detail:

Patreon is a platform for creators to connect with their audience in an artist to patron relationship. Patrons can help support their favorite artists by pledging a by piece or by month amount, to which they can include a spending cap so that they never go past their allotted budget. These donations serve as a form of tips, helping to support your favorite artists and help them to continue to create the work you enjoy.
As a patron, you can pledge as low as 1 dollar per term.

My own setup is a by-month basis. Whatever amount you pledge would be deducted at the beginning of every month, and the amount of your pledge can be changed at any time.

ALL of my patrons get access to certain rewards for pledging, but the more you pledge the more you will have access to.

The way I set up my rewards are as follows:

$1.00 per month:
  • First access to compilations from my personal moleskin! Includes; fan-art, concept sketches, character studies, creature and people studies, and general doodling and designs!
  • Early access to finished illustrations for prose stories! You get to see them as I finish them rather than having to wait for the story to be posted!
  • Patron exclusive access to comic thumbnails! (Rough page-planning sketches that give glimpses of what's to come!)
  • Gratitude! So much gratitude!
$3.00 per month

  • All of the above, AND;
  • Early access to comic pages! I will post pages as I finish them onto Patreon, while the site and this gallery will be page per week!
$5.00 per month

  • All of the above, AND;
  • First access to "Avibus" character sheets and more developed concept material! Environments, characters, and the like!
$10.00 per month

  • All of the above, AND;
  • Yourself (or a character) cameo-ed in "Avibus"!
$25.00 or more per month

  • All of the above, AND;
  • A free monthly Pencils-format commission! (You must claim/tell me what you'd like every month. Unclaimed commissions can carry over ONE month in the form of upgrading to flat colors)
$50.00 per month

  • All of the above, AND;
  • A signed print mailed to you!

The way I shall be posting for patrons will be;
        Every week: Exclusive comic thumbnails, Moleskin Sketch Compilations, and the new Comic Pages that I finish ahead of posting~
        Every month: Collections of Character Sheets and Concept Images for "Avibus" and future comics~
        Illustrations for prose stories will be posted on a flowing 'as i complete them' basis~

More can be read about this and my goals on my patreon page!

Hey, guys!

So... Yeah, I'm on Patreon now >w<

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform that works on the idea of the relationship between patrons of the arts and artists. It's similar to Kickstarter, but rather than saving up for one big project or goal, it's an ongoing arrangement between a creator and their audience.
When you pledge, you are agreeing to give your favorite artists a 'tip' every time they either upload a new piece or on a monthly basis. You can set a monthly maximum to ensure you don't go outside of your budget~
Being a patron allows you to view and interact within your fav.artists' activity stream, seeing new posts or updates on their work. Also, for every donation level you pledge (as low as $1 a piece/month), you are privy to different levels of rewards.
This arrangement allows for artists to continue to create and share their artwork for free with you and with a wider range of people, and yet still earn something to help support themselves and their work. Therein allowing them the ability to keep doing work.

What am doing on Patreon?

I love sharing my work with you guys, especially since creating it is such a big part of what I want to be able to do with my life.

From the free-to-read stories and related drawings/illustrations based around shared characters and collaborated ideas on my other account (or soon to BE up there), :iconmistress0minx:
To the more themed/illustrated digital artwork, and fanart, and pages/concept artwork from my own independent projects that this gallery focuses on,
To my currently running webcomic "Avibus" and the ones to follow,

I want to be able to focus on my stories and my artwork as much as possible. However, I do have college loans, bills, rent, food, wifi, and the rest to pay for. Stressing on all of that takes away time I could be devoting to projects.

So here's what I'm thinking...
Commissions definitely help as far as having money in my pocket to pay for stuff like wifi and my phone bill, but I know that many of my friends and watchers can't always afford to commission me a bunch. On Patreon, you can pledge as low as a dollar a month, for mine is a monthly rather than a per-work campaign, and that helps towards my being able to spend more time working on current and future projects and less on a secondary job. More project time for me, means more content for you guys to enjoy!

As I mentioned, pledges get various rewards, including first looks at concept images, works in progress, early access to pages (as I finish them, rather than one per week) and more. Just have a look at my page to see~

Thank you guys so much for following me and enjoying my work!
That's all for now~
Happy June ^^
I have been out of college for a YEAR... I still can't believe it!
I am open for commissions! 

I'm still working out income right now and I'd like to be able to help out around my household a bit more than I do. So commissions would be a big help.

  • No porn.
  • I will not accept requests involving characters that belong to a third party unless you have permission from that person. (This doesn't extend to Fandoms)
  • Nudity yes. Porn no.
  • Horror elements possible, but again I reserve the right to turn away uncomfortable subject matter.
  • If you do not want me posting the piece to my gallery or using it in a portfolio, you must tell me so.
  • You may not request something with my characters unless we have previously RPed or exchanged characters in the past. (this is theoretically open for discussion based on the content of your request)
  • Pieces that may be intended for commercial use will be priced differently than personal requests.
  • If I have a lot on my plate, you may be subject to a waiting list. I will keep a record of this. I will provide a time estimate upon request.

My prices and categories are listed on my profile. I also accept PayPal. Any questions, feel free to comment or note me.
Thanks, guys~
  • Reading: Anne Frank; The Diary of a Young Girl
  • Watching: Iron Man 3
  • Eating: Fries
  • Drinking: Gingerbread Tea
Because that last first-post after the move was a bit blegh.

Happy New Year! Again!
I'm still excited about this, let me have it!

Okay, I'm done.

Basically, here's what's happened so far;

I moved out of my aunt's house in Las Vegas.
I moved back into my mom's house in North Carolina.
I'm jobless again.
Make that 'self-employed'.
And I'm loving every fuckin' second of it so far. Mainly because I'm really starting to feel better. Even after only a week.

I'm sleeping regularly again, even if not by any recognizable or reasonable pattern. My back pain is starting to go away. Along with my waist-down joint issues, even if I still have to slap an icy-hot on my knee from time to time. Oh yeah, turns out I had some weird crazy joint issues for a few days there after regaining access to a good bed and a desk rather than sitting cross-legged in front of a dresser for hours at a time. And while my brain's still working out some emotional sludge and stress-gunk, I'm generally calmer. I'm not rattling out of control and I'm able to take a breath and calm myself if I start getting irritated. Comes a lot with finally having a real place to retreat to again. Never again will I underestimate the value of having a door to close...
Also, car. Two of them. Well, sort of. My brother and I swap from time to time. Mainly depending on who calls the better sound-system first thing that morning, but I'm so happy to have wheels I don't have to wait and then check back five times for. I actually went to town today for no other reason than to get books and junkfood, and didn't have to text someone for a ride ONCE.


...That might have been a bit of an exaggeration, but damn it I'm giddy today. I played with a Lush Bath Bomb half the morning. No teenage boys I didn't know paraded through the living room without notice while I had my pants off (Yes, that DID happen in LV). It was fun.

Okay, to actual business;

"Avibus" updates! They will continue. Unfortunately, not last week like I'd said and I apologize for that... But I have one page in cleanup that I will post over the weekend on the comic site, and TWO pages will be put up by next Friday to get me back to where I wanted to be by then. Getting settled back into the house is just taking a bit longer than I expected... Mainly because I keep finding little menial tasks to do instead of actually getting work done. But I'm running out of those, so yay! Until I think of more!

100 Themes. Not exactly the top of anyone's list, but I count some of these as concept work for future projects. I originally thought about doubling up for a few weeks to catch up to where I would have been before I took my hiatus, but I decided to just pick up where and at what pace I left off. I may or may not start including rough snippets or explanations for concepts that have a bit more of a fleshed out idea behind them.

Fan Art. There will probably be a lot of it... Soon... I'm working on a pile of books and re-watching a lot of old shows I loved, so doodling in the meanwhiles is gonna be something I make a habit. To keep from falling out of drawing regularly. Some stuff on the list that I can't wait to get to: Artemis Fowl I-VI, Random Grimm Fairytales, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the Harry Potter books. Among a few. Also potentially some comedic renditions of Twilight, since I've taken it upon myself, when I get to it, to take a Red Pen to the whole series. Just for personal shits and giggles. And also because I haven't read them since I was in middle school and actually liked it and I kind of want to see if I can re-figure out why the hell I did.

Upcoming Projects. There are a lot of them... One of the menial tasks I've been procrastinating with has been listing them out and trying to find an order in which to work on them. Now that I have what feels like All the Time In the World... I might as well get to a couple. There's one about werewolves, a couple about witches, something with a little bit of dragons, and a brainfart gone mad about Gods. And that's just counting stuff in the realm of Solely Mine.

Kiriban! It's coming up! Rules are in the previous journal on the subject!

COMMISSIONS! I am open for them! Prices are back to full now. Reference chart is in my gallery. Widget on my profile. I am, as I've said, jobless self-employed now, so even just spreading the word a bit would be a big help. ^^ No really, I have to pay for part of the wifi just to keep my mom in a plan that alots enough GB per month.

I'm also up for Art Trades every once in a while if anyone wants to ask. But not too many.

And finally;

Patreon. ...I've been looking at it. Seems cool. Might be something I even do something with before the end of the next 12 months depending on how things go.