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pfd business cards v3

EDIIIIIT! Changed once more, thanks for all the feedback from people, really appreciate it.

These are the final two options I've decided on, now can we have a vote left or right ;)

Oh yeah and for anyone wanting a cheap alternatie to buiness cards, go check out moo's mini cards:


100 cards for a tenner! mat laminate and you even get a funky little leather holder. Certainly different idea fo business cards.
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This is beautiful.
are these for sale or download somewhere?
Your awesome work is featured here
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nice work, i love it :)
Freshbusinesscards's avatar
wooow greate one !!

i add to my website to inspirations
and link to you !!
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simple but stylish
nice work there
If you don't mind I have posted this on my blog under inspiration. Check it out when ever you have a chance.I have also linked back to you.
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Nice one, thank you! Really appreciate it, there's some slick work on there so means a lot being up with that level of work!

Thanks for letting me know too.
no problem keep up the great work!
which did you use for the 'logo'?
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erm neither. My hosting company didn't bother to tell me my domain was due to expire and it was sold. So it's all gone now :(
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Left one is my favourite, I think having the logo set to the green and the information set to the black creates a much more striking look and just makes sense :)
i cann't vote...they are both attractive and eye catching
Left or right.. hard to say.
On the card one on the left will be easier to read.
But personally I will vote one one the right - more attractive. - Just change "email", "tel" etc. as u did on the left.
P.s. repost it to get "right or left" result.
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From my experience with gradients on business cards in print, unless you are printing on glossy paper, I would NOT recommend using them. Just make the black solid, not a gradient. Otherwise, great design.
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great design :clap: ... :+fav:
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i think these look nice. curious as to how your samples print as far as readability at a glance. whats ur smallest font on this particular layout?

nice over all though.

i like right. logo really stands out on black. isnt as impactful on the green. however i like the arrows on the left that lead u to flip the card.

good work.
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hi, cheers. text is fine to read when holding it, but on the front it's meant more for the logo to stand out with the info on the back.

Had the same thought about the arrow my self last night... hence the update AGAIN!!
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