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Going Postal Comic: Pg 1

I've been wanting to do a sort of graphic novel in a sort of Disney's Robin Hood style of one of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. Only problems are 1) I'm seriously afraid I'm going to get a message any day now threatening me with a lawsuit for putting them up on the internet 2) I don't think I'm good enough to depict one of my favorite books accurately and well enough to do it justice and that it's almost sacrilege to do so in this manner (I find the Discworld novels almost holy with Terry Pratchett as my God) and 3) (the biggest reason) I'm way, way, way totally completely and utterly far too lazy to have the actual commitment to follow it all the way through.

But after having tossed and turned in bed all night not getting any sleep because the urgent voices in my head were becoming too loud, I relented and figured I'd do it anyway.

Originally I wanted to do Guards! Guards! but then I read Going Postal again and I thought it was too good to put aside. Then I thought it was actually so good, that I WOULD put it aside, and that I'd do The Truth instead. But then I was inevitably drawn back to Going Postal like a moth to a flame.

This is page 1, but there's actually a couple prologues in the book and I plan on adding them in at some point, but those clacks towers are a bitch to draw.

And buy Going Postal, terrific book. It's in a series, but this book stands on its own, no previous knowledge of the books needed.
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Very interesting take. Postal is one of my favorite DW books and now I simply must read your comic.
I hope you'll eventually complete this awesome comic  :)
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That's a really fun idea. :) Nice work - looks really good! Moist makes a very good fox. Very apt.
KiwiLombax15's avatar
oh my god, this is so cool!
rg116's avatar
Wow, this is awesome, where are these books sold. Maybe you can give me advice on how to improve my comics since yours are far superior.
SpamDragon's avatar
Oh, awesome!!
I can totally see Moist Van Lipwig as a fox.

Guards! Guards! is by far my favorite Pratchett, and it's a crying shame it hasn't been turned into a big budget movie. I'd love to see more of your Going postal!
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This is a fantastic first page. :D

Hey, you're putting disclaimers up and you're not making money from it, so I think you should be fine legality-wise?
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Hi Crewwolf! I started drawing bits of a competing Going Postal Graphic Novel, before discovering yours. Excellent job! Your character design and species matching has been excellent, and I love your color and layouts. You are very good my good sir! Take a look over at mine if you get the chance, I'm trying to get the rights to do an official full length adaptation. Mines got peoples instead of animals, but I do an anthropomorphic animal comic too (they're mostly birds in it, ostriches, penguins, cassowaries and owls)
MistressDizzy's avatar
Going Postal is one of my favorites. I've started re-reading it recently, and found this comic quite by accident. Interesting take, to say the least.
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Gaaaaaah. Love Going Postal. LOVE. And under ANY other circumstances I would be overjoyed to see anyone else drawing stuff from it... but a furry comic? Really? REALLY? I mean, WHY?
mutantarachnid's avatar
This is really interesting :)
Tafreer's avatar
I'm really excited about the possibility of more of these!

Just one question, though. Is there any way you could place links in the comments section to make it a little easier to browse between the pages?
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so long as you put a disclamer on and don't get paid your in the clear
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Just finished reading through your comic, I have to say that I'm pretty damn interested in that book. I hope you continue the comic, it's a cleverly thought out project!
Lance-Foxx's avatar
I wanted to comment on page one even though you're up to page seven already. I wanted to let you know that I am loving this and I think you're doing a great job. I haven't read the book and I know it's hard to fit everything into a comic, but I'm loving the artwork and the poses.

One word will protect you from being sued... Just remember this is "Satire." That's why you made the characters animals, right? >;]
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Thank you =) I hadn't thought of it being a satire, although I think a preferable word for it would be something more of a "caricature". Calling it satire makes it sound like I'm being sarcastic when I think I'm being more...ironic ._.
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After seeing this ... I want to check out that book!
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