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WILL DO: humans, real people, humanoids, fanart/OC, bloody/tragic/macabre/cute/fantasy themes, fantasy creatures and landscapes, anthro, furry...
WON'T DO: mechas, pron, explicit yaoi/yuri, sci-fi envioraments 

Tarot/Dragon age style cards :35$

(OCs, real people, creatures)
Ferendiel by creusa  Gwendolyn Valleau by creusa DriRose by creusa Fabriss Trevelyan by creusa


Fullbody character: 25$ (+5$ action pose)
CoupleS: 60$ 

 Com: couple by creusaSelfie by creusaCom: Raul by creusa


Comission6 by creusa Commission by creusa Kyrie by creusa Commission Tango by creusa 

Illustration :60-100$

(price based on characters and BG, estimated time of delivery: 1-2 weeks)
  Forest by creusa Commission Aiyana by creusa 

Comic page (b/w): 40$

(script required)
  Winter by creusa Monday Morning 5 by creusaMonday Morning 3 by creusa

How to:
- Reply to this thread or Note la note me with all necessary visual links (references) and order description.
- I will inform you about estimated time of delivery (usually from 3 to 12 days). If you're ok with that, I will ask for payment.
- I accept PayPal bullet  paypal only. All prices are in USD and you have to cover the fee
- I will send you a sketch for approval before adding colors.
- I will also provide you at least 1 more wip If the commission will take me more than 4 days.
- I will send you a 300dpi full resolution JPEG or PNG.

Not really much to say about terms of agreement, those are standard ones: just for personal use, no crop or remove signature etc. For commercial work, please feel free to contact me in private (via note or at You can also surf my portfolio here: 

No unavoidable things will happen to me until summer. The slot list will be always updated, I can be found on my deviantart page, on twitter , skype (frisacreusa) or permanoobs (Creusa). 


Pirate-Reaper Empyrean-Sentinel madhatterkyoko GabrielLightz
Aldarch Zakuro-Kona witchbite danisjarofstars TheElvishDevil 
GabrielLightz purenai danisjarofstars Edricane GabrielLightz
Empyrean-Sentinel Micalf5 AlySedai Shamica Willikesart unicornbar 
grahamward Vampire-Sacrifice Aldarch 
Ppp4321Ac GabrielLightz TheOnlyJero Polka-Pot
Yngir87 GonzoDX danisjarofstars TheOnlyJero 
Wings-Unfurled illusionaryennui Giulia Mazzola MAYGUSTA Alli 
hadsvichreykjavik Ca55tamere Little-Imp-Rin
triaged DriRose Vogelfreyh triaged 
FaiaHae Apple-And-Cinnamon Vogelfreyh CookieHana 

Max (paid) done triaged (paid) done
Ariana (paid) done

triaged (paid) coloring 100%

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Any idea when will you reopen commissions again? :) I love your work, by the way.