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GoldenGoose Kit Tryouts (OPEN) by CrescentRose3716 GoldenGoose Kit Tryouts (OPEN) :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 5 2
ThistleDoe - Flowers and Futures
Bullet; White Doekit CrescentRose3716
Bullet; Yellow Thistlekit Snow-Silver
Bullet; White Doekit was wandering around the camp before something caught her eye as she spotted some flowers in the camp's clearing. It was leaf-fall now but there were still flowers that bloomed in this cooled season. A thought then popped in her head as she remembered that it's been a bit since she last talked to her friend, Thistlekit. She wondered how he's been since she's seen him last. Did he like flowers? Nah... Not many toms show much interest for flowers but a small part of her hoped that he did so they could have more things in common that they liked. She didn't mind if he didn't as long as no arguments happened because of flowers. That would be saddening for Doekit if something like that happened.
Bullet; Yellow Thistlekit sat in camp on a rock, silently wa
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 0
MothBone - Dangerous Rogue
Bullet; White Mothgaze CrescentRose3716
Bullet; Black Bonedusk Llihxoa
Bullet; Yellow King (NPC Rogue) CrescentRose3716
Bullet; White Mothgaze looked through his herbal storage and gave a sigh, at least he was caught up for now. Just wait until leafbare hits the clan then he'll be a scattered mess. His ears twitched faintly as he moved out of the healers' den, needing a break and some fresh air. He flicked his ears towards the camp entrance, wondering if he could take a walk around the territory for a bit. He probably needed some time out of camp anyways without him trying to gather herbs or just... do anything work related and relax. It's been moons since he's had time to himself to just relax.
Bullet; Black Bonedusk had been watching Mothgaze from afar. He felt odd about it but he couldn't help it. He w
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 1
Pumas Hide Well in the Dark
My eyes opened when I noticed that it was sunset. Foxdung! Snowdaisy usually does training by sunhigh! Did I fall back asleep after the dawn patrol? How did I sleep in so late? I scrambled around and managed to get out of the apprentice den before I ran into the fluffy pelt of the cat that was my mentor. I looked up at him rather sheepishly but he didn’t appear to be upset. “I figured you would sleep until sunset… you always enjoyed being out at night.” His tone seemed amused. “I spent some time with Mosscreek and let you sleep during the day.” He mewed with a small smile as I managed to roll my eyes at the affectionate tone he spoke in whenever he spoke of the chocolate pointed she-cat. I only knew of her because she’s Vinepa- forgive me, Vineleap’s sister. I almost forgot that Vineleap got his warrior ceremony not long ago. I was happy for him since he did have a sister to catch up with while I didn’t really have anyone waiting fo
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 3 0
Morning View by CrescentRose3716 Morning View :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 1 Irises that Bloom in Winter Shine Brightest by CrescentRose3716 Irises that Bloom in Winter Shine Brightest :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 3 0
MoonlightPuma - Nonsense
Bullet; Blue Moonlightpaw SkyRiverProductions
Bullet; Yellow Pumapaw CrescentRose3716
Bullet; Blue It was Leaf-bare, and in true fashion to the season, it was pretty much miserable. The ground underfoot was frozen, the skies up above were gray, and instead of snow there was a light sprinkling of rain, cold enough to make a cat shiver in their coat, but not cold enough to have become that iconic white winter snow. Any apprentice or warrior sentenced to the dawn patrol on such a day could expect to be running through the borders and checking the markers as quickly as possible before shooting back into their dens to dry off and warm up before their paws froze off.
Moonlightpaw, however, did not notice the melancholy of the weather. In fact, though it was true his coat was soaking and his paws were numb and sore, he didn't even notice. He'd gotten permission from his mentor to l
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 1 2
I once thought I was a selfish cat growing up but now that I think about it, if I’m so selfish like I claimed myself to be, why is it difficult to think about just myself in the past? I wasn’t lonely. I had a loving family surrounding me and I even had friends, where at the time, I didn’t like to claim the idea of the word of seeing these cats as ‘friends’. I don’t know why I came up with that idea, I was just a kit thinking I was above the idea of friends.
I changed my views pretty quickly as time changed. I lost my family, bit by bit. First it was Tigermoon and Servalkit, then Lynxkit, and finally… the grief of it all took my mother away. I became distant with the cats I came to know when I reached my apprentice moons. Of course, Snowdaisy did his best to help me through it. I questioned how he could handle a stubborn and aggressive cat like myself. I was grateful to him because as a mentor, he didn’t give up on me.
I eventually found o
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 0
Hearing your voice your words call out to me

Searching for love’s warm tender light

My eyes snapped open as it was another busy day in the life of a healer, my choice, my path. My brother left then my sister. I have Harebellsky but even now he seems conflicted on staying as well after Chervilheart left his mate and their kits then Callawolf just left with Iciclewind to do who knows what. My pale blue eyes watched the sunrise as it stung the eyes of many who didn’t appreciate the beginning harsh lights of the day. I gave a small smile as I watched the sky, it was beautiful as it reminded me of the days I get to spend with Beechlight. A cough interrupted my thoughts as I snapped my gaze towards the she-cat I was just thinking of. Only one word could pass through my mind as the days passed and she got worse. ‘No…’
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 1
Ancestry Headshot Compilation by CrescentRose3716 Ancestry Headshot Compilation :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 5 0
Run! Run! I need to run faster! How am I in this situation again? Hello? Anyone? Is anyone there!? Help me! Someone help me! I swear that I was somewhere and cats saved me. Why can’t I remember anything about it? Why is it so hard now? I can do it again, right? These cats will help me, right? I yelled out in fear as the large creature was chasing after me. I managed to continue running until I found some roots to hide under. It was dark so maybe I could blend in underneath. No, no, no, that wouldn’t work at all! That… that thing could still smell me!
I managed to reach the roots and squeeze myself under the large tree. I now saw the creature that was chasing me… It was a large grey wolf! It had red eyes that stared down at me with hunger and fury. It was the hunter and I was the prey. I didn’t want to be prey! I wanted to go home! Why did I leave home? My twolegs must be worried about me.
Wait, what if… what if this monster killed them! No! Not them
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 1 1
NettleBirch - Comfort
Bullet; Green Nettlepaw CrescentRose3716
Bullet; Yellow Birchpaw WildAnimeKittyKat
Bullet; Green A mostly white tom with brown, striped paws and tail and a brown rosette streak down his back padded around camp as his deep leaf green eyes wandered around curiously. He sat down before he started grooming the spiked tuft of brown fur on his chest, trying to smoothen it down despite the fact that his pelt was just naturally quite spiked but oddly soft. Maybe this was the reason he was named Nettlepaw? Bah, he didn't care anymore honestly. He glanced around bored. Despite being as antisocial as he usually was, it got pretty lonely without anyone to talk to at least.
Bullet; Yellow Like she had done since the news of her siblings reached her ears, Birchpaw was sat alone in the most secluded part of  the camp, her head on her paws as she stared a
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 1
Cuddling Melts the Snow by CrescentRose3716 Cuddling Melts the Snow :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 9 Why Hello There | Sequoia Secret Santa by CrescentRose3716 Why Hello There | Sequoia Secret Santa :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 3 1 GoldenGoose Secret Santa by CrescentRose3716 GoldenGoose Secret Santa :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 6 1 Stargazing with a Cherished Friend by CrescentRose3716 Stargazing with a Cherished Friend :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 1
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Ancestry, the First Gathering: Part 1/2
The night of the first gathering in Star’s Pass…
Area One: Merlinspark (Bluff,) Dappledheart (Crab,) Mintpaw (Bluff,) Shellmask (Bluff,) Lightstorm (Crab,) Pip-paw (Timber,) Mountainloom (Bluff,) Coralmoon (Crab,) Birchpaw (Bluff,) Stormjaw (Bluff,) Vineleap (Timber,) Vixendawn (Bluff,) Mintpaw (Timber)
Merlinspark did walk forward with everyone else, but the deputy kept her distance somewhat as well, making it her task to watch the other factions and see what they might be like- strengths, weaknesses, possible rivals and possible allies- these were all things to keep into consideration as a deputy. She had on her normal dull expression, her yellow eyes flat and staring.
Dappledheart Felt a bit nervous being at the gathering, but that wouldn't stop her from participating as much as she could. Being the deputy meant she had to put aside her own feelings sometimes. So when Apples
:iconskyriverproductions:SkyRiverProductions 3 1
Ancestry, the First Gathering: Part 2/2
Meanwhile, somewhere else in Star’s Pass…
Area Two: Moonlightrose (Timber,) Pumathorn (Timber,) Bug that Buzzes in Ears (Tribe,) Tip of Sharp Peak (Tribe,) Crow Who Sings at Dawn (Tribe,) Howl that Sounds at Night (Tribe,) Vixen Growling on High Hills (Tribe)
Moonlightrose eagerly padded after his clanmates, and though he was excited to be there, he was also excited to be there with Pumathorn~! He had spotted Vineleap there too, and so he was excited to meet cats of other factions, he was also looking forward to being with his friends. "What do you think of the other clans then, Pumathorn~?" Moonlightrose asked the tabby molly, grinning cheesily as he always did.
Pumathorn blinked as he padded into the gathering area with Moonlightrose before she glanced at him with a tilt of his head. "They're... okay... I guess...?" She mewed as she blinked at him before she gently nudged them
:iconskyriverproductions:SkyRiverProductions 1 1
RP APP } Mantis that Rests on Thorns by Gentle-stream RP APP } Mantis that Rests on Thorns :icongentle-stream:Gentle-stream 2 5 {JC} 'Cause I can't breathe without you near by apple407 {JC} 'Cause I can't breathe without you near :iconapple407:apple407 7 1 Celebration of Love [TimberClan] by Giieko Celebration of Love [TimberClan] :icongiieko:Giieko 16 8 Ancestry,Festival of Stars: Celebration of Love by SkyRiverProductions Ancestry,Festival of Stars: Celebration of Love :iconskyriverproductions:SkyRiverProductions 8 9 Journey by Daisynner Journey :icondaisynner:Daisynner 15 1 Burn 6 Different Ways by DreamAngelflight Burn 6 Different Ways :icondreamangelflight:DreamAngelflight 4 3 SS | Mothgaze by Daisynner SS | Mothgaze :icondaisynner:Daisynner 11 1 i really cant stay... by KittyCassanova i really cant stay... :iconkittycassanova:KittyCassanova 14 4 [SS] The last of the real ones by l3luey [SS] The last of the real ones :iconl3luey:l3luey 5 4 Calla by Daisynner Calla :icondaisynner:Daisynner 8 1 Event | Celebration of Ancestry by Daisynner Event | Celebration of Ancestry :icondaisynner:Daisynner 12 1 Celebration of Kin [TimberClan] by Giieko Celebration of Kin [TimberClan] :icongiieko:Giieko 15 2 TWT | NPC Kit Auditions (Open Till 25th December) by eternal-mysteries TWT | NPC Kit Auditions (Open Till 25th December) :iconeternal-mysteries:eternal-mysteries 4 8 EVENT | Celebration of Past by Daisynner EVENT | Celebration of Past :icondaisynner:Daisynner 14 0


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States


Relationship Status: "I'm engaged to Kuro-Uta"

What do I do for a living?: "I'm planning a wedding that'll happen on May 4th, 2019. I also roleplay, write short stories, and sometimes draw as a hobby."

My characters :heart:

Mosscreek (mate: Snowdaisy)
Timber | Wait wut by Daisynner
Art by Daisynner
Shrewpoppy (ship: Prey [with Squirrelflame])
Pumapaw (ship: Night [with Moonlightpaw])
Crescentpaw (ship: HAH! You're funny!)

Shellmask (ship: Outsiders [with Lichenwhisker])
Nettlepaw (ship: You're joking, right?)
Doekit (ship: Too Young For This!)

Mothgaze (ship: MothBone [with Bonedusk])
Stormspirit (mate: Ashfeather)
Sleetshade (ship: SleetPoppy [with Poppyseed])
Morningpoppy (ship: BlueMorning [with Bluepaw])
Goldenripple (ship: GoldenGoose [with Goosepaw])
Leatherpaw (ship: LeatherThistleAnt [with Thistlepaw & Antpaw])
Milkpaw (ship: Nope!)
Jasperpaw (ship: Nah...)
Fernkit (ship: No...?)

Calla (mate: Icicle [Frozen Lilies])
Cypress (ship: Too Young)
Wasp (ship: Too Young)

Hailkit (ship: None)



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