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~May You Find Some Comfort Here~ by CrescentRose3716 ~May You Find Some Comfort Here~ :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 7 0 ~That was When I Ruled the World~ by CrescentRose3716 ~That was When I Ruled the World~ :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 9 0 ~Rewrite the Stars~ by CrescentRose3716 ~Rewrite the Stars~ :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 4 0 TMV Hypo Set by CrescentRose3716 TMV Hypo Set :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 4 0
KoiWave - Water Fight
Bullet; Blue Wavepaw CrescentRose3716
Bullet; Red Koipaw DaisyDragonSiren
Bullet; Blue A blue tabby she-cat padded out of her clan's camp and headed around the territory. She was glad that she was finally able to enjoy being outside of camp for once with the whole rogue problem going on. Maybe she could find a nice spot to nap at. The borders sounded peaceful as there was the sound of flowing water along the border with Brookclan. Hm... she could feel herself dozing off somewhat. She shook her head as she needed to focus since she didn't want to fall asleep before she even got there!
Bullet; Red Koipaw was just down the stream, his eyes on any possible fish as he smirked, his paw, quick as a fish, dashed in and out, a fish in claw. He paused, smelling Meadowclan. Great.
Bullet; Blue Wavepaw gave a soft
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 0
RowanLily - Strange Herbs and Cuddles
Bullet; Yellow Lilypaw CrescentRose3716
Bullet; Green Rowanpaw kauboikodomo
Bullet; Yellow Lilypaw laid in the apprentice den as he was trying to sleep but once again, found it difficult to fall asleep. He couldn't bother Palenight again, that wouldn't be fair to him but that was probably just Lilypaw overthinking things. His ears twitched as he glanced at the entrance of the den before he lowered his gaze back to his paws, tail curling against his side before he closed his eyes with a soft sigh on his breath. Why couldn't he do a simple thing such as sleeping? It couldn't possibly be that hard, right?
Bullet; Green Rowanpaw padded into camp, his pelt ruffled as he had left the camp once again. He was thinking of his Dad. He scoffed, he didn't deserve to be called that. His paws dragged across the camp floor as he groggily entered the apprentic
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 1 0
RowanLily - You Are Strong
Bullet; Yellow Lilypaw CrescentRose3716
Bullet; Green Rowanpaw kauboikodomo
Bullet; Yellow Lilypaw shifted awkwardly as he couldn't bring himself to sleep... for very long at least. He has been plagued with nightmares of Koi since he became an apprentice and it's just made it difficult for him to sleep. It helped that Ravenstar became his mentor since it lifted a weight from his chest but he couldn't help the dreams that continued to bother him. He lowered his gaze to his paws as he closed his eyes a bit tiredly... until angry yellow eyes flashed in his vision, he let out a yelp and scrambled away from the spot he was sitting it, laying on his side as he watched the spot and noticed that there was nothing there. He took a deep breath before he did his best to calm his breathing.
Bullet; Green Rowanpaw had been out of camp as he wanted to blow o
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 1 0
SootGecko - Warriors Together
Bullet; Orange Geckokit Daisynner
Bullet; Green Sootkit CrescentRose3716
Bullet; Orange Geckokit padded out of the nursery entrance and into the clearing. She blinked her eyes twice before sitting down and sighing. She was bored and she wanted something to do. She sat back on her haunches as she used her front paws to groom her chest.
Bullet; Green A fluffy, spotted tom padded out of the nursery and glanced around before he spotted the she-kit that headed out around the same time as him. "Hey there!" He mewed as he wasn't really sure whether approaching her was the best idea or not. She was a kit that was born on the outside but Featherwhisper said he should at least give them a chance since only his littermates were born in the clan. "Want to... uh... play... play a game...?" She asked with a sheepish smile as his head tilted to one side.
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 3 1
GooseStone Kit Tryouts by CrescentRose3716 GooseStone Kit Tryouts :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 10 19 Call Me Maybe by CrescentRose3716 Call Me Maybe :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 8 0
Playtime Between Littermates
It was another day for the kits of Crowfeather and Mothgaze as they were having another day of playing together. Jasperkit didn’t seem too keen on the idea of playing as he actually wanted to relax but he was outvoted since both Smokekit and Raccoonkit both wanted to play a game. Jasperkit could only give a sigh at the two grey kits of the litter. “What do you want to play today?” Jasperkit mewed curiously with a sigh as he flicked his ears faintly at his littermates, looking between them with a calm expression.
Raccoonkit grinned as he wanted to do something that would make both Smokekit and Jasperkit happy as Jasperkit didn’t seem like the active type but Smokekit seemed insistent on all of them playing together. “How about a game of hide and seek? It seems like a game all of us would enjoy.” He mewed with a small smile as Smokekit jumped up and down excitedly, offering to be the seeker for the start of the game. “Great! Make sure you count t
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 4 2
Stony Gifts from Sootkit
There were many stones scattered around the camp’s clearing as Sootkit stood in the camp with a soft hum, studying the many stones with a critical gaze. Some cats seemed to find the territory annoying cause it was so hard and tough and not very soft like the grass and dirt. At least it didn’t get muddy in camp so Sootkit found something positive with the stony camp floor. It was also cool in the caves when it was hot out and during leafbare, it was warm and enclosed so it wouldn’t get too cold either! What was wrong with stones?
Sootkit decided to see if he could prove to his clanmates by showing that there was more to stones than what cats claimed since they could be and awesome too, right? He flicked his ears faintly as he hummed softly under his breath, glancing over at the many stones scattered around the camp’s cool stony floor. He gave a soft hum as he decided to gather stones and collect them for his denmates to make them feel more welcome in the clan. He
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 4 1
A Wolf Stands Proud Against Her Thorns by CrescentRose3716 A Wolf Stands Proud Against Her Thorns :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 7 1
SleetPoppy - Times of Healing
Bullet; Green Poppypaw Llihxoa
Bullet; Blue Sleetpaw CrescentRose3716
Bullet; Green The ginger and white curly furred she-cat trotted into the medicine cat's den, she was carrying some moss and cobwebs and goldenrod. After the all injuries that happen at the battle between the rogues Poppypaw usually stayed out of the medicine cat's den most of the time spending her time in the apprentice's den and out looking for herbs. Featherfur didn't seem to mind but at the same time she was always busy. The she-cat sighed trotting quietly to the storage that had most of the overpowering herb scent. Though Poppypaw didn't seem to mind one bit.
Bullet; Blue Sleetpaw was trying to relax in the medicine den an honestly he was grateful that his friend, Lynxpaw, and his mentor, Ashfeather, weren't hovering anywhere nearby anymore. Honestly, he appreciated t
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 4 1
~Some Flowers Bloom at Night~ by CrescentRose3716 ~Some Flowers Bloom at Night~ :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 6 0 ~Small Morning Time Lilies~ by CrescentRose3716 ~Small Morning Time Lilies~ :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 5 0
Stuff to Do:
~Relax before I start my full time job (start date is currently unknown)


[TMV] Barkfawn Kit Try-outs by nerdycatinatophat [TMV] Barkfawn Kit Try-outs :iconnerdycatinatophat:nerdycatinatophat 11 9
Pineclan Medicine Cat Try-outs! CLOSED

Kestrelsong (XxAsk-FluffyxX) is officially stepping down from his medicine cat position due to the stress of being medicine cat. Kestrelsong will become a warrior and a new medicine cat will take his place. The cats will be familiar with the switch, it will be as if Kestrelsong really did step down and someone new was chosen. Try-outs will be hosted until a new medicine cat is found. If you are selected as medicine cat you will be asked to make an app ASAP.
In order to become medicine cat you must be active, have experience, and be able to use discord. If you are already in the group, you are allowed to use your pre-existing cat. You are simply required to change their rank.
When trying out, please fill out this form below!

Cat Name:
Cat Age:
Reason why you want this role:
How many days can you be active before going off?:
Past experience(?):

That is all for now, good luck to anyone trying out!
:iconthe-mountain-valley:The-Mountain-Valley 2 5
Free Cat Lineart by Soulphur Free Cat Lineart :iconsoulphur:Soulphur 162 13 japanese bobtail lineart base by NekoMangaka japanese bobtail lineart base :iconnekomangaka:NekoMangaka 19 12 Juniper | Caught in the rain by Daisynner Juniper | Caught in the rain :icondaisynner:Daisynner 14 1 Milkkit's Sibling = Mosskit by Llihxoa Milkkit's Sibling = Mosskit :iconllihxoa:Llihxoa 6 6 Poppypaw's Healer Assignment by Llihxoa Poppypaw's Healer Assignment :iconllihxoa:Llihxoa 6 1 Then They Got Married by kauboikodomo Then They Got Married :iconkauboikodomo:kauboikodomo 12 1 Heatherkit Application by team-shiny-pokemon Heatherkit Application :iconteam-shiny-pokemon:team-shiny-pokemon 11 2 Juniperclan's Tournament sheet by Daisynner Juniperclan's Tournament sheet :icondaisynner:Daisynner 8 0 Are you tired of me yet? - Rabbitkit | CaveClan by StargazingSweetheart Are you tired of me yet? - Rabbitkit | CaveClan :iconstargazingsweetheart:StargazingSweetheart 8 1 Broken(kit) - CaveClan Ref Sheet by RockyDoesArt Broken(kit) - CaveClan Ref Sheet :iconrockydoesart:RockyDoesArt 11 1 Its the puzzles missing piece by XxAsk-FluffyxX Its the puzzles missing piece :iconxxask-fluffyxx:XxAsk-FluffyxX 9 1 Viperkit - CaveClan by StargazingSweetheart Viperkit - CaveClan :iconstargazingsweetheart:StargazingSweetheart 9 1 ' Our love story... ' | Milk-Kit | CC app by Creampop1 ' Our love story... ' | Milk-Kit | CC app :iconcreampop1:Creampop1 12 1 Grey kit ((CC Application)) by SadSqueaker Grey kit ((CC Application)) :iconsadsqueaker:SadSqueaker 7 1


CrescentRose3716's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States


Relationship Status: "I'm engaged to Kuro-Uta"

What do I do for a living?: "I'm planning a wedding that'll happen on May 8th, 2019. I also roleplay, write short stories, and sometimes draw as a hobby."

My characters :heart:

Fuzzyleaf (crush: Stormtail)
My Lady by InfamyCry
Art by InfamyCry
Juniperdove (mate: Silverwillow)
Moonkit (ship: Too Young)

Mosscreek (dating: Snowdaisy)
Timber | Wait wut by Daisynner
Art by Daisynner
Shrewpoppy (ship: Prey [with Squirrelflame])
Pumapaw (ship: NEVAH!)
Crescentpaw (ship: HAH! You're funny!)

Shellmask (ship: Er... I honestly don't have one... XD)
Nettlepaw (ship: You're joking, right?)
Doekit (ship: Too Young For This!)

Jasmineivy (mate: Silverspark)
Mothgaze (ship: Not Interested)
Stormspirit (ship: AshStorm)
Sleetshade (ship: What's this...?)
Callawolf (ship: Cold Lilies [with Iciclepaw])
Morningpaw (ship: BlueMorning [with Bluepaw])
Goldenpaw (ship: GoldenGoose [with Goosepaw])
Milk-kit (ship: Nope!)
Leatherkit (ship: N/A)
Jasperkit (ship: Nah...)

Sootkit (ship: EW GROSS!)

Tulipbloom (Mate: Sunhawk)
Pepperspot (ship: Meh)
Carnationpaw (ship: Harebell [with Mountainpaw])
Lilypaw (crush: Rowanpaw)

Wildrunner (ship: None)
Brownspice (ship: BrownStorm [with Stormshadow])
Clovermist (mate: Ashensky)
Lionkit (ship: EW)

Berryshade (mate: Hollyfrost)
Daylilycloud (ship: None)
Wavepaw (ship: KoiWave [with Koipaw])
Velvetkit (ship: Petunia [with Frostkit])
Beetlekit (ship: None)


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