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~Gentle Milky Waves~ by CrescentRose3716 ~Gentle Milky Waves~ :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 5 4 The Golden Ripples Of Primroses by CrescentRose3716 The Golden Ripples Of Primroses :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 3 0 Drop Pop Candy by CrescentRose3716 Drop Pop Candy :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 5 4
AshStorm - A Walk to Remember
:bulletblue: Stormpaw CrescentRose3716
:bulletblack: Ashpaw Daisynner
:bulletblack: Ashpaw stretches his legs out as he padded across the shallows. The sand between his toes felt weird but he strangely liked it. He sat down as he watched the tide ripple and wave pondering if he should go get him paws wet.
:bulletblue: Stormpaw trotted out of camp with a flick of his tail, humming softly as he padded out towards the shallows to relax. With everything that's happened, he needed some time to himself. His fluffy tail swished around gently as his vivid green eyes closed thoughtfully, letting go of his worries as his toes touched the sandy beach.
:bulletblack: Ashpaw flopped to the ground, his front paws touching the ripples of water as he watched the water. He closed his eyes as he let his long tail straighten behind him in the sand. He hummed softly to himself, pausing as he heard distant pawsteps.
:bulletblue: He flickered his eyes opened as he scented that someone else was here
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 1
SkullCalla - An Odd Bond
:bulletorange: Callapaw - CrescentRose3716
:bulletblack: Skullpaw - CatFoxLover
:bulletorange: A ginger tabby she-cat was resting the medicine den as she had cobwebs covering a deep scratch on her face and along her right shoulder that stretched along her side. She hummed softly as she shifted a bit, feeling uncomfortable that she couldn't lay on her right side because her deeper injuries were still healing from when she got attacked by a rogue. There was more to it than just a rogue attack but she refused to tell anyone what really happened and how she ended up outside of camp alone, despite being a newer apprentice. She was honestly too humiliated to admit what happened to anyone, as well as the fact that her pride would never let her tell anyone regardless of the fact that she trusted them or not.
:bulletblack: A solid black tom was mumbling to himself as he stepped into the medicine cat's den, a small mouse dangling from his mouth. Shadow was in the den due to picking a f
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 4 1
Scars and Pebbles ~ Juniperclan
:bulletgreen: Stormpaw - CrescentRose3716
:bulletblue: Dawnpaw - Rainbow--Falls
:bulletgreen: Stormpaw trotted in the apprentice den, stretching his aching muscles with a soft groan. "Puddlestrike is a bit of a tough mentor..." He meowed with a faint chuckle. "But... at least I can protect the cats I care about with this training whenever I do finish my training though..." He murmured gently to himself.
:bulletblue: Dawnpaw looked up from her nest in the apprentice's den, unsure if she should be in the den after her rogue encounter and scars, but the thought was gently pushed away as her half-brother caught her eye. She shot him a small smile, beckoning the tabby over with her tail.
:bulletgreen: Vivid green eyes turned towards a familiar she-cat, grinning widely as he trotted over to her. "Dawnpaw, you're back in the apprentice den! Are you injuries feeling better?" He meowed with a soft purr as his tail twitched lightly, tilting his head to one side as he looked over her sc
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 1 1
IcicleCalla - Stay With Me
:bulletgreen: Callapaw - CrescentRose3716
:bulletblue: Iciclepaw - Kuro-Uta
:bulletgreen: Callapaw was watching the rain fall from the sky as she stayed safe in the medicine den due to her injuries. What made her time even worse was the fact that she had to see Skullpaw everyday while she was stuck in the medicine den too! He was being punished for striking a healer from what she heard, the mousebrain. Her luck just couldn't get any worse, could it? It might since Skullpaw looked very similar to him. It was painful to see cats with black pelts and end up being reminded of him. She felt tears brim at the corners of her eyes. At least it was raining so she could blame her tears on the rain hitting her face... or something like that...
:bulletblue: Iciclepaw slowly ran out from the apprentice den.  He looked around for a moment before he turned and ran over to the medicine den. He looked around before his eyes landed on her. "Hey.." He mewed lightly. "How are you doing...?"
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 1
Berryshade siblings tryouts by CrescentRose3716 Berryshade siblings tryouts :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 4 0 ~Fifty Shades of Berries~ by CrescentRose3716 ~Fifty Shades of Berries~ :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 18 0
Kuro-Uta Acrostics
Duckpaw Acrostic
Darlings are sweet and kind but only fine with fighting and tracking
Under the trees like a sweet charcoal flower laying
Curled in the dens of apprentices that are training
Killing is not one’s habit but only a way of surviving
Pathways were carved and on the verge of growing
A heart of gold, shy but trusting
Will she be able to enjoy a new beginning?
Beechpaw Acrostic
Benevolent and kind, loyal and helpful
Even as her family is slow at growing, it is plentiful
Either she finds her own or finds herself trapped
Childish, she may be, but can be a bit jaded
Her will is strong but in her heart, she’s troubled
Pathways are confusing for her but can it be enough?
All the time she has spent training is tough
Will she enjoy the path she is searching for or will it be too rough?
Iciclepaw Acrostic
In the heart of a family feud, he lies sturdy
Calla liles are what make him fall for mercy
In the heart is also jealousy of the Bat
Can he win her hea
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 4 1
~Mist of Lucky Clovers~ by CrescentRose3716 ~Mist of Lucky Clovers~ :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 6 10
Tulip's Perfect Love
Wondering around the camp was a bit boring and she didn’t feel comfortable approaching cats today and the apprentices were busy with their training so she couldn’t really offer much advice. She really didn’t want to interrupt them anyways. She then noticed two figures that seemed to catch her eye. She vaguely recognized them but she remembered one of them being the medicine cat. His name was… Paleflight… no flight was her brother’s name she was thinking of. Palenight! That’s what it was! Her blue eyes then flickered over to the other tom that was in the clearing as well. Hm… well… his name was similar to her brother’s name. It was a bird name. Eagle, Falcon… what was it… Sparrow…? Sparrowshine! That sounds right.
She gave an amused hum as she considered the idea that they were as clueless with her name as she was with theirs. She tried at least since she did want to make a good impression on them considering
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 4 4
~Tulips Bloom with Perfect Love~ by CrescentRose3716 ~Tulips Bloom with Perfect Love~ :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 8 4 Batpaw's Structure by CrescentRose3716 Batpaw's Structure :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 1 Leatherkit ~Little Blossom~ by CrescentRose3716 Leatherkit ~Little Blossom~ :iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 3 3
IcicleCalla - Comfort
:bulletgreen: Callakit CrescentRose3716
:bulletblue: Iciclekit Kuro-Uta
:bulletgreen: Callakit rushed away from the group and dug out a hole under one of the trees in camp and huffed as she curled up inside. It was probably big enough for another kit but it'd be a bit of a squeeze. Callakit didn't really care since she wasn't expecting another kit to join her anyways so there was no point in making it bigger. She gave a soft sniffle as she buried her face in her paws, feeling hot tears sting her eyes.
:bulletblue: Iciclekit blinked as he quietly poked his head out of the nursery. He looked around and nodded when he didn't see anyone. He picked up Callakit's scent and quietly followed it. He blinked before he found her spot. He squeezed in, trying not to step on her before he curled his tail around her side. "It'll be alright" he mewed lightly.
:bulletgreen: She jerked her head up and looked at him with narrowed eyes. "Wh-What are you doing here!?" She rasped out with a faint
:iconcrescentrose3716:CrescentRose3716 2 1
Stuff to Do:
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Black Dahlia [Juniper]
:bulletgreen:Shadow trotted back into the camp, his head held high, pride glowing in his light green eyes. The solid black tom had just come back from hunting and had overheard something that made him feel extremely excited! The solid black tom looked around as he dropped off the small mouse he had in his mouth, he was seeing who was around in the camp.
:bulletblue:A pale tom had gotten done with his errands in the nursery before heading towards the medicine den. He had Ravenkit help him out this time like he promised the little she-kit. He gave a faint chuckle as he took note of the fact that the she-kit seemed interested in what he did. He wouldn't mind the she-kit being his next apprentice but that was her choice if she wanted to be a healer when she was ready. He also needed Lillypaw to be ready to rank up by then as well, but he wasn't going to rush her if she wasn't ready. He had his previous mentor, Poppyheart, take her out to do some field training since he couldn't do much wit
:iconcatfoxlover:CatFoxLover 1 1
Finding Them | Group Rp
:bulletwhite: - Snowstar (NPC)
:bulletblue: - Tadpoleleap (NPC)
:bulletblack: - Nightshadow (NPC)
:bulletorange: - Hare Pounce (Harebellkit) (Llihxoa)
:bulletgreen: - Lucky Fern (Chervilkit) (Rainbow--Falls)
:bulletyellow: - Fox's Storm (Foxglovekit) (Daisynner)
:bulletred: - Callakit (CrescentRose3716)
:bulletwhite: The white she-cat glanced at the three toms that she had brought with her back the camp as she, along with Nightshadow and Claynose, found the three toms waiting anxiously for the return of their parents and sister. She was grateful that they somehow managed to convince the kits to come with them without too much fuss but when she explained that they found their sister, there wasn't much to fuss over after that. Claynose padded close beside her, which she was grateful for his silent reassurance but she did her best to keep her distance from the tom that enjoyed cuddling a lot. She gave a nod to Nightshadow as him and Claynose went a separate direction. She glanced
:iconrainbow--falls:Rainbow--Falls 1 1
Adoptables | 4/6 OPEN by Daisynner Adoptables | 4/6 OPEN :icondaisynner:Daisynner 19 7 hey girl open your walls play with your dolls by ramenbork hey girl open your walls play with your dolls :iconramenbork:ramenbork 10 6 goldengoose doodle dump by ramenbork goldengoose doodle dump :iconramenbork:ramenbork 14 5 CrescentRose7716 (CM) by Cafe-Crazed-NekoChan CrescentRose7716 (CM) :iconcafe-crazed-nekochan:Cafe-Crazed-NekoChan 3 4 AF4||Catto Batch by Creampop1 AF4||Catto Batch :iconcreampop1:Creampop1 10 8 [JC] Mcsketchy for af by Rainbow--Falls [JC] Mcsketchy for af :iconrainbow--falls:Rainbow--Falls 13 8 too many mcfucking headshots by eternal-mysteries too many mcfucking headshots :iconeternal-mysteries:eternal-mysteries 4 6 Juniper | Ash's storm by Daisynner Juniper | Ash's storm :icondaisynner:Daisynner 16 1 Antkit Sibling Tryouts by Kuro-Uta Antkit Sibling Tryouts :iconkuro-uta:Kuro-Uta 9 1 i knew you once by ramenbork i knew you once :iconramenbork:ramenbork 6 2 theres a million billion trillion stars by ramenbork theres a million billion trillion stars :iconramenbork:ramenbork 7 1 Ill show you how to win by XxAsk-FluffyxX Ill show you how to win :iconxxask-fluffyxx:XxAsk-FluffyxX 8 1 Art Fight - GoldenKit by Libertas268 Art Fight - GoldenKit :iconlibertas268:Libertas268 7 1 Owlflight by Kuro-Uta Owlflight :iconkuro-uta:Kuro-Uta 8 0


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Relationship Status: "I'm engaged to Kuro-Uta"

What do I do for a living?: "I'm planning a wedding that'll happen on May 8th, 2019. I also roleplay, write short stories, and sometimes draw as a hobby."

My characters :heart:

Fuzzyleaf (ship: Cloud [with Stormtail])
My Lady by InfamyCry
Art by InfamyCry
Juniperdove (mate: Silverwillow - SilverJuniper)
Moonkit (ship: Too Young)

Sunstone (mate: Mistflower - Morning)
Timber | The curly family by Daisynner
Thumb by Daisynner
Lionsong (ship: Wild Cats [with Tigermoon])
otp chibi by rnousey
Art by rnousey
Mosscreek (ship: Snowy Moss [with Snowdaisy])
Timber | Wait wut by Daisynner
Art by Daisynner
Shrewpoppy (ship: {low key} Prey [with Squirrelflame])
Pumapaw (ship: NEVAH!)
Crescentpaw (ship: HAH! You're funny!)

Shellmask (ship: Er... I honestly don't have one... XD)
Nettlepaw (ship: You're joking, right?)
Doekit (ship: Too Young For This!)

Jasmineivy (dating: SilverJasmine [with Silverspark])
Mothgaze (dating: Flowers [with Dawnpetal & Bonedusk])
Stormspirit (ship: Uh... What's that?)
Callapaw (ship: Cold Lilies [with Iciclepaw])
Sleetpaw (ship: What's this...?)
Goldenkit (ship: Not yet...)
Morningkit (ship: *shrug*)

Sootkit (ship: EW GROSS!)


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