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Soundwave x Reader (Prime Verse)
If someone had told any mech or femme within the Nemesis that there was a human on board, they'd laugh or order the demise of the fleshie at once. If someone had also said that said human was hiding away in Soundwave's private quarters at this very moment, they wouldn't know what to think. Unlike most other 'Cons, Soundwave did not hate humans. In fact, he was fascianted by them. Soundwave always kept to himself and hardly ever spoke in his own voice.
Many were too afraid or weirded out by the mech to even converse with him unless they needed to. Soundwave didn't much care for their opinion and preferred to stick to himself. His creations were enough to keep him company, and now he had you. While not on work duty, he spent his free time simply observing you. Humans were intriguing to him while they disgusted others.
Why did you have a whole bunch of very thin wires that hung from your head? Why was your armor plating so fragile and easy to break? How is it that your voice box could cre
:iconanimefangirl-peggy65:Animefangirl-Peggy65 222 44
Pickup Lines (Crosshairs X Human!Reader)
“Can you help me with my science assignment? I need to know how to get to Uranus.”
___ Yaeger stopped what she was doing to turn her head slowly and stare at the green mech whose shoulder plating she was currently perched on. That irresistible smirk worked it’s way onto his face plates, but he didn’t return the female’s gaze, choosing to stare nonchalantly out one of the broken stained glass windows as though he hadn’t said anything.
Her eyebrow raised, before she went back to what she was doing, cleaning the barrel of a pistol Crosshairs had made for her. A couple minutes of silence passed, during which time Tessa and her boyfriend had returned from stealing “necessities” and goods for their later mission of breaking into KSI.
Thievery and socialization was fun and all, but ___ preferred her perch on the trench coat wearing badass’s shoulder, so she had stayed behind and let her sister do the dirty work. After all, that’s wha
:iconthewriter9:thewriter9 73 25
TFA: Nichole's Story Chp.6
Part VI
I don’t know how long I just sat there and stared at the x-ray of my body. The majority of it was red, but there were parts of me — my right arm, some of my ribs — that were blue. Those spots weren’t muscle and veins, those spots were metal and wires.
And it was spreading.
“If my guess is correct, then this process began right after the Spark Fusion,” Ratchet had said. “When you were electrocuted, your heart stopped all together, I’m guessing, and prompted the AllSpark fragment to give you your own spark. Of course, for a spark to sustain itself it needs a robotic body, so it began creating one.”
All I could do was nod as he went over all this. It was a bit much to take in all at once. I mean, I was still getting over the fact that one of my limbs was robotic. Freaking robotic...! I did manage to catch the bit about my heart stopping though and had a mental panic attack. I had died t
:iconkira-karix-chan:Kira-Karix-chan 50 48
Chapter One: Behind Blue Eyes
Longarm Prime grumbled something under his breath as he ended the communications call. So, the space bridges were closed; this might proved to be a hindrance to his mighty leader’s plan. It would have to change; now he just needed to figure out how to do it.  He had already begun his plotting when a blue figure quite literally stumbled from the sky. His spark plused fastly as the small blue speedster tried to catch his breath. Wasn’t he supposed to be on Earth? How did he get back here without his knowledge? Well, it was actually quite obvious he had ran; it was what Blurr did best after all.  
"Blurr.." said the decepticon spy as he tried to conceal the surprise in his voice. "What are you doing here?"
Taking a deep breath, Blurr saluted his commander before going into the details of his latest mission. He didn’t bother to report about his ‘misadventure’ featuring the seek
:iconjazzbot8907:jazzbot8907 15 24
Overprotective|Darkiplier x Reader x Antisepticeye
"Darling, as much as I'm enjoying this little...adventure, I do not like the way these.... people are staring at us."
"Oh relax MCR, they're just jealous~"
"Maybe so but I don't like it one bit. And stop calling me that, Anti."
"But he has a point," you spoke up, giving the demon a kiss of the cheek. "I thought the great and terrible Darkiplier loved to intimidate others."
Dark blushed slightly from the kiss, but he shook his head and sighed. "I know, [y/n], I know. But not having my usual aura makes me feel...weird."
"But at least ye look like a normal person," Anti pointed out, frowning. "I look like I'm dressed for the freakin' winter!!"
You simply giggled, shaking your head in amusement as you three continued to walk.
It wasn't easy being in a relationship with two demons that didn't look....100% human. But you managed to, somehow, convince Dark to drop his scary aura that gave him his 3-D and black n' white effect, essentially making him look exactly li
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 344 77
The Rise|BATIM x Reader (Part 3)
The ticking of a nearby clock was the first thing you heard when you opened your eyes. With a slight groan, you rubbed the side of your head, before sitting up slowly. " I..?"
Glancing down, you realized you were in some sort of cot. 'How did I...get here..?' Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. 'Last time I checked..I was running from Bendy...and then..I saw Boris-'
And just like that, all of your memories came flooding back to you: The Ink Machine, the demonic Bendy, the Searchers, Sammy Lawrence, and...Boris.
You must have passed out earlier; whether it was from the shock of seeing the wolf toon alive or simply because you were so disoriented from the events that weren't entirely certain.
But regardless, you were grateful to be alive, though you couldn't help but wonder if he was the one who brought you here..
After getting up and stretching out your arms, you looked around to see you were
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 114 33
Dark LinkxReader-A Demon's love part 17
What kind of brother lets his own get killed?
Dark Link stared up at Link with wide red eyes. He heard the crowd gasp and mutter.
"Did you hear that?"
"Link said the demon was his brother!"
"But that's impossible!"
"Does that make our hero a demon too?"
"Maybe we should kill them all before they kill us!"
"Kill the demons!" The crowd began to chant once more and Link gasped as more guards began to subdue him.
"Let me go!"Link roared and pushed them all away before pulling Dark Link to his feet. Link then ran over to you, pushed the guards away and grabbed you. "Lets go!"
The three of you hopped off the stage and pushed your way through the crowd before running through the village. The crowd followed like an angry mob. They blocked off the way to leave the village and the way to the mountain. There was only one place left to go, the Graveyard.
The day was already cloudy and rain was beginning to fall from the dark clouds. The three of you ran into the graveyard and looked
:iconimpressheta:ImpressHeta 220 101
Dark LinkXReader-A Demon's love~Part 10
Link sat on the roof of the hut he was staying in at Kakariko village. He sighed and slouched a bit as he gazed up at the full moon, in his hands he held his small Ocarina.
He glanced down at the instrument that was no bigger than his own palm. Link was silent like the night, not like there was much to say anyway.
"Link."Came a voice. Link's head shot up and turned to face the large man that was climbing atop of the roof he sat on.
"Carl.."Link muttered. The large bearded man hurled himself upon the rooftop and sat down next to Link. The two sat quietly and stared up at the moon.
"Listen Link, I know you're worried about _______, believe I am too."Carl began. Link growled in annoyance under his breath. He knew what Carl would say, he would just tell him not to worry and that you're strong but Link knew that already. He knew that better than anybody else in fact.
"Carl."Link interrupted. "I know what you're gonna say and I know I shouldn't worry but I'm not just worried anymore. I feel
:iconimpressheta:ImpressHeta 223 34
Dark LinkXReader-A Demon's love~Part 5
"Link! Link wake up son! Wake up!"
"Ngn.."Link's eyes opened slowly and refocused on the face of a bearded man above him. "C-Carl..?"he mumbled. The man nodded and sighed.
"Oh thank the gods you're alright.."he said. Link stared at him for a moment before sitting up.
"Carl...where are we?"he asks.
"Kakariko village. We had to come here to seek refuge. Castle burned.."Carl says.
"That damn Dark Link.."Link growled. Carl sat next to him, a sad expression paved his features.
"Link..________..she's.."he began. Link looked away as if the thought pained him. Carl looked at the ground. "I see.."He began to sob."What..vile creature..w-would kidnap..such a sweet.." He couldn't go on. Carl stood abruptly and walked out of the room.
Link sighed and laid back down in the bed he resided in. He felt anger and guilt wash over him. How could he have been so weak? Why couldn't he have saved you? Why did it have to be you?
A lone tear ran down Link's cheek that he quickly wiped away at the
:iconimpressheta:ImpressHeta 275 119
Mature content
Office Dominance (Grell Sutcliff x Dom!Reader) :iconladynecrotic:LadyNecrotic 71 6
Grell x reader,Lucky girl,Part 1
"You think she's still alive?"
"I don't know.. We.. We have to get someone!"
I heard people talk,my vision was blurry and i could barely breath.
The taste of iron filled my mouth and i started caugh.
I held my hand infront of my mouth and saw a crimson red colour on my hand.
The two people helped me up.
My whole body hurts... I can't move.. And i almost can't see
What happened to me?...
"This isn't going to work"
I heard a voice of a man and suddenly i got lifted up.
My head leaned against his chest and he looked at me for a moment.
"Please hold on,we will save you" he gently smiled and i looked in his eyes with mine.
I nodded,after a moment we sat in a carriage.
My eyelids started to get heavier and my vision more blurry.
Not a minute later i closed my eyes and everything went black.
~Grell's P.O.V.~
"Poor little ________....
The fun part was about to happen..."
I grinned widely and held my Death scythe in my hand.
I only wanted to play some more. I already made ________ beautiful.
:iconjessicaxchen:Jessicaxchen 113 10
Grell/Reader - I'm Obsessed with You!
Grell/Reader One Shot - I'm Obsessed with You!
(Y/n) = Your Name
(L/n) = Last name
(F/n) = Full name
(N/n) = Nick-name
(H/l) & (H/c) = Hair length; Hair color
(E/c) = Eye color
I've got your picture on my wall.
I dream about you when I sleep.
I go out of my way, everyday, just hoping that
I'll catch you walking down your street.
I know just where you went to school.
I know the names of all your friends.
Oh God I've got it bad again,
An o-b-s-e-s-s-i-o-n.
I know your middle name.
I've got a lock of your hair.
I'm just a little bit insane,
Cause I think I see you everywhere.
My friends, they just don't understand.
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 574 98
Bravery and Fear: Pitch Black x Reader 2 pt.1
      You threw your weight against the door, barreling your shoulder into it as near to the frame as you dared. It gave, barely. You slipped through the crack you’d created, and immediately dreaded it. As soon as you were in the door, you were shoved back against it. The hindquarters of a large black horse forced your into the doorknob, making the small of your back scream in pain. Worming your hands out from between yourself and the horse you pushed on it with all of your might. The Mare whinnied, turning to look at you. Its golden eyes flashed. You met its glare with just as much anger and hate as you knew were directed at your. Its eyes widened and it backed away slowly, squeezing its way between the others nearby. A few more turned to look at you. Keeping the same steely glare, you turned to look at each of them, balling your fists at your sides. You growled. Then, through clenched teeth, whispered “Get-out-of-my-way.” Their heads tilted and their
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 35 9
I Dream of Nightmares: Pitch Black x Reader
It’s raining. It had rained all day. It’s a dark night. But it always is. Curled in a fetal position, you hug your knees and stare into the dark, sighing. You just can’t fall asleep. Turning on your back, you look at the ceiling, trying to make sense of the shapes in the shadows, trying to find something to dream about. Your eyes are quickly becoming accustomed to the darkness though. Groaning at the failing plan you flip onto your stomach, thrusting your face into the pillow. Then, an idea, images of a man flash through your mind. You don’t know who he is, but lately you haven’t been able to stop thinking of him. He is tall, lean, and his hair is spiked, the details becoming clearer as you sink further into the dream. Slowly, you drift off to sleep. Unbeknownst to you, a trail of gold sand slips into your room, making for you. It begins to spin above your head, indistinct human profiles forming and un-forming as it tries to make sense of the man in your h
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 160 52
Guardian of Bravery: PitchBlack x Reader 3 pt3
You and Jack had been out all day, running and flying around, making kids laugh and forget their fears. No one saw you, of course, because they didn’t believe in you, but that didn’t bother you. You got a rush from the experience. You now understood how Pitch felt when he felt fear. Feeling a child’s bravery was amazing. Your heart beat faster, your face flushed, and you could not dampen the brilliant smile that came over your face.
Jack worried for you, worried that not being believed in would wound you as it had him, but it didn’t. You were bravery, the thought bothered you, but you were not afraid of it. You did not fear an invisible life. You had the guardians, and you had Pitch, and that was enough.
When you and Jack finally returned to the pole, you were exhilarated. Jack however, was exhausted. You walked with him to his room, chattering all the while about what a wonderful time you had. When you got to his room, he smiled, gave you a hug, and went to fal
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 35 31
A Mission for Peace (Sans x Reader) Ch.19
It's early in the morning when you wake up. So early that the sun hasn't even risen yet. That's bad enough on it's own, let alone the fact you had a terrible night's sleep. Needless to say, you weren't very happy when you pick up your ringing phone. Though the screen looks blurry due to just waking up, it looks like it's Papyrus calling. Who else would call this early?
"What is it Pap?" You ask without trying to hide the drowsiness in your voice. It's too much work too early.
"I APOLOGIZE FOR CALLING AT SUCH AN HOUR, BUT THIS IS URGENT!" He shouts louder than normal, if that is even possible. In an effort to save your ear drums from bursting, you pull the phone away from your ear.
"What's so important that you call at this time?" You somewhat shout to make sure he can hear since the phone was a few inches from your face.
"SANS IS MISSING. HE ISN'T IN HIS ROOM OR..." Your mind wanders away from what Papyrus is saying. Did something happen to Sans while he was on the search for H.A.M.? I
:iconsanster-puns-master:Sanster-Puns-Master 17 17


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