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This particular journal may be morbid/depressing to some, but I post these types of journals to vent/express my feelings. You are not forced or obliged to read them.

However, what if there was some outside party that forced you to read these against your will based solely upon their beliefs and morals? You wouldn't feel content with that would you?

I shared that with you because there are people that can and do force others to make life-changing decisions based on their belief system. Sometimes, they even get laws to enforce them. 

I'm talking about the right to end one's life, the right to not want kids, and the right have an abortion. 

In the past, I was of the belief that suicide was the coward's way out. I don't know what made me feel that way, but I just felt that it was wrong to commit suicide. But then thanks to some eye-opening stories and personal experiences, I felt that bull-headed, self-righteous fog lift from my mind. 

What right did I have to tell anyone that life would get better? How am I, a complete stranger, to relate a person's very severe problems that I couldn't possibly fathom? As I grew older still and I realized how badly humanity fucks up the world, I got yet another punch in the face thanks to reality.

Now, before anyone shoves the "not all humans are bad" mantra down my throat, yes, I know that not all humans are bad. There's also the "good outweighs the bad" and "our negative actions scream the loudest" and also "quit watching the news" arguments. Are they really screaming the loudest or is it just that they're larger in number than most would like to believe? Good people and deeds are indeed pleasant, but they are ultimately band-aid solutions to a much deeper problem. 

I don't watch the news for the sole reason that it's very depressing. It's pitifully easy to structure a story a certain way to warp the minds of the viewers. Not many would question it either. 
The very fact that there's tampering to begin with should be an alert of how fake everything is.

But back to the topic at hand, with or without the news, it's safe to say that humans have made a mess of society and as an end result, a mess of life. If we are such a benevolent species, why are there such things as income tax? Road rage? Insufficient funds fees? Why must we need money to do everything? If we have free speech, why do others want to silence those whom they disagree with? 

Those factors got me thinking: Is life really worth it when humans create all manner of ridiculous problems? It's not life by itself that is difficult, but human actions that make it difficult. (For the most part at least.)

That person who shot themselves or tossed themselves over a bridge, they deemed that their life wasn't worth continuing for whatever reason. Who is anyone to stop them? Why does it bother you if someone wants to commit suicide? Aside from immediate family members (if they have any that care or any left), it's no one's business what others do with their lives.

What about those who are terminally ill and/or in pain all the time? No one has a right to tell them how much pain that they have to endure. 

Selfishness is a very subjective term, but I disagree when stuffy folk say that not having children is selfish. 7.5 billion humans and counting. That's enough. There is such a thing as supply and demand. It's far more selfish to bring more people into an overburdened world. But the real question is, what does it matter if a couple decides to not have children? Their situation may not allow it or simply and bluntly put, they just don't want any. Their reasons are their own, not yours. It's infinitely worse when a child is raised in substandard conditions or worse, when the parents regret their decision and abuse or kill the kids. 

I now move on to another touchy topic: abortion. It's somewhat similar to not wanting kids.

A woman's body is her own. It's not yours. You don't know her situation nor do you know her health. She may not be prepared for a child or may not be healthy to carry one to term.  Whatever her reason is, it's not your call to make
I used to be on the pro-life wagon due to a somewhat religious upbringing. But once again, as I grew older and was exposed to how the world really is, I grew up a lot. 

What absolutely pisses me off is when these self-righteous pricks get lawmakers to enforce their beliefs on others. Like the abortion ban that happened Iowa. The governor signed a law saying that if the fetus has a heartbeat, the woman cannot get an abortion. If she knows the development of the fetus, she may be able to get an abortion before the third week of pregnancy.…

I believe the root of all of these self-righteous beliefs is arrogance and optimism. The arrogance of forcing someone to live by your code and the arrogant-optimism of believing that things will get better for those who have no other options to try.

Yes, optimism is a form of arrogance. Telling someone who is fed up with life and has tried everything that "things will get better" and that "life is good" is an insult to them.

For those who feel that abstaining from children are "selfish"? Deep down they want the freedom that they used to have when they were childless. Why else would they accuse the childfree of selfishness? How dare you be free when I'm bogged down all the time?!?!?


George Carlin said it best:

Rant over.....for now.
Attention to black people who love playing the victim. There's very little excuse for your behavior. You don't realize that you're bringing yourselves down. 

An intelligent Marine. Thank you, Michael Whaley. I salute you and your cause. Thank you for what you've done for this country. The ones who appreciate your words also appreciate you.

Do I really need to say anything further about his words? 

Too many black people play the victim, not taking responsibility for their actions within their community, have too many double standards to be taken seriously.

If black people are so oppressed in this country, why and how were Mr. Whaley, Colin Powell, Neil Degrasse Tyson, President Barrack Obama, Oprah, and Michael Clarke Duncan able to succeed?

Also, take it from Mr. Morgan Freeman.

Take it from Mr. Stevie Wonder:

There's no such thing as "White Privilege" either.

Even the rap artists see through the lies:

But I have very little hope of black people ever getting the message that the problem lies within themselves.
Black people need to be the change they want to see in the world. 

I am not proud to be African-American because I feel ashamed of the actions of my fellows and it's not getting better at all. But I guess I have that "White Privilege" though since my skin is so light I often get confused for a white person. LOL

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~Kurt Cobain
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— A professor from New Hampshire at Colorado State University on the subject of such laws.

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~Muhammad Iqbal
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"The real rulers in Washington are invisible, and exercise power from behind the scenes". ~Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, 1952

They only allow us to vote to keep us content. They already know who will be serving us, just makes us feel as though our say meant something.

"I have to add that I'm a political atheist. Politics is an illusion to appease the people to make them think they are accepted."


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On Space Travel: "Genetics ensures a random chance of violent offspring so whilst you might think you are perfect your offspring might be another matter. Leaving won't solve anything."

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Fireball PixelMoving Eyeballs Cake 50x50 iconVirtual Retro LED - BVirtual Retro LED - IVirtual Retro LED - RVirtual Retro LED - TVirtual Retro LED - HVirtual Retro LED - DVirtual Retro LED - AVirtual Retro LED - YMoving Eyeballs Cake 50x50 iconFireball Pixel 
 Pixel Icon: Broken Ink Heart (F2U!)Eye BnW 01Eye BnW 03Eye BnW 02Eye BnW 01Eye BnW 03Eye BnW 02Eye BnW 01Eye BnW 03Eye BnW 02Eye BnW 01Eye BnW 03Eye BnW 02Eye BnW 01Eye BnW 03Eye BnW 02Eye BnW 01Eye BnW 03Eye BnW 02Eye BnW 01Eye BnW 03Eye BnW 01Eye BnW 02Pixel Icon: Broken Ink Heart (F2U!)
                                                       Rainbow Letter: S (Static) Rainbow Letter: E (Static) Rainbow Letter: L (Static) Rainbow Letter E (Animated) Rainbow Letter: C (animated) Rainbow Letter: T (Static)    Rainbow Letter: A (Static)    Rainbow Letter: G (Static) Rainbow Letter: I (Static) Rainbow Letter: F (Static) Rainbow Letter: T (Static)
First Gift             Second Gift                 Third Gift                  Fourth Gift                Fifth Gift
Sixth Gift                                             
Seventh Gift                                               Eighth Gift
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