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Yu-Gi-Oh! Shipping Meme
Fan Art Mash-Up Challenge ~ Fast Food Follies
"It is elementary, my dear Watson. These french fried potatoes and this substance in the guise of meat is questionable at best." It was that sentence that alerted me to yet another of my friend's escapades. I merely attempted to dissuade him to simply never visit this restaurant called McDonald's again in the future. Alas, it was to no avail. I suppose that I stepped into such punishment by wanting something cheap to eat while on our way home to Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes' enthusiasm was that of one in queue to get a tooth extracted. As it was, this restaurant did not seem to fit London whatsoever. It certainly brought intrigue to people
A Bad Apple, A Loving Tree
It is said that a parent's love reaches to the ends of the Earth. For one father, there were times when he wished his love had a limit. His true name was not known by many, but from the rare few that he did make a brief acquaintance with, they had dubbed him The Faceless One. He had never felt scandalized by the name for he was the last of a magical race whose signature trait was the lack of a true face. A seclusive species who preferred to shy away from outside contact. He told his name to no one for he was much of a hermit even to his fellows. It remained so until he breached their code of conduct in the final days of his species' existenc
A Gift For Metterschlingel
Totem Pole
It was an average sparring match. Kyroh was once again 'training' Oraan to someday earn his Totem Piece. All Oraan believed was that the dark green nymph was gloating and showing off his awesome Phyre Blades attack. 'He always finds ways to rub it in my face.' the cyan nymph scoffed to himself. Kyroh loved to brag about it on a daily basis as well. He'd even hint at it in conversations with Meeza knowing Oraan was around. 'Well, there's no one else whose butt I can kick.' Oraan encouraged himself as he dodged a roundhouse kick and countered with a quick jab which connected with Kyroh's cheek. His childhood friend was good at heart, but had
A Secret That is Santa
A/N: A (very) short Christmas story starring my adopted OCs Anya and Anri. ********** "Anya? What is the point of Christmas if Santa isn't real?" the small blonde girl questioned the brunette teenager. That question alone had blossomed the cunning Anya's quest. Her young 8 year old friend wouldn't rest until she had solved the mystery of Old Saint Nick. Even though Anri was just a child, she was intelligent for her age and always questioned the adults' generic explanations in her mind. That was one thing that Anya loved about Anri. Her curiosity fed her mischief. Anya never cared for dressing up as a mascot, but she knew a simpler way t
Secret Santa: A Chibi OC
Does That Make Me Un-American?
Does That Make Me Un-American?
Snakes Are Not Poisonous. They Can Be Venomous.
Snakes Are Not Poisonous. They Can Be Venomous.
What if The Amazing World Of Gumball was an anime
What if The Amazing World Of Gumball was an anime
The shiny candycolored button
I love you, Submarine
Daily Paint 2458. Trading Cardinal
Daily Paint 2454. Sound Bearrier
Daily Paint 2452. Dog Days
Light Pollution
Tell me more about the moon. Teach me about the stars Why do we wish on them when they are so far? The stars are made of crystal and the moon is made of glass. And they may grant your wishes if you humble yourself to ask. There is a great something and a great nothing out there. But finding a place to see this majesty has become increasingly rare. As city swallows country, we cannot see past the street lights and the stars go missing as the moon grows pale and we may never again see the black of night. So, dream of the stars and moon. For it may be the only chance you can see. And in this impermanent world, something permanent is rare to
Technology is Not to Blame
You tick-tack on your keyboard the world at your fingertips. You sail on oceans of information Accessed with just a few clicks. You plug in your headphones and away you are taken on a melody from far off shores or an adventure podcast about lands, shaken Technology need not be demonized it was created by us, after all It should be a level field but it more resembles a wall There are those that are high and others are lower some climb to dizzying heights only to fall into the bottom drawer But it is humans, not technology that, for this, is to blame but this same system has existed for years has evolved but still remains the same
Celebrating 19 Years of DeviantArt!
Fella’s birthday decorations could use your personal touch! Celebrate DeviantArt’s 19th birthday by joining our Finish-What-You-Art Challenge, then comment on our journal to get the exclusive 19th Birthday Badge! Nineteen years ago on August 7th, DeviantArt was created in a big bang of art and heart, quickly becoming the leading platform to inspire the world. Whether you're just getting started on your creative journey or consistently challenging yourself to future greatness, we're honored to be your artistic home, and today's celebration is all about our gratitude that each and every one of you have helped make DeviantArt what i
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Ghost Trick - Our Time Has Come by Isi-Daddy  
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Lol saw you on a ATLA fanart of Toph and I just gotta say I love your signature quotes

(Also cool we both love sonic franchise and transformers and Mario franchise and etc :D)
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I know I'm late on this, but thanks! It's nice to see that other folks are of the same opinion too!

(Yay! ^_^)
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Np also don’t worry about being late, you’re much better than me at responding LOL

Also yeah one of the best things on the internet is finding people who love the same things

(I also love muffins :D)
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Thank you for the Watch!
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You're very welcome!