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Commission- Under the trees of Gallia



A commission for BazookaDre^^

Ike and Lethe from Fire Emblem- Path of Radiance (FE9).

Phew, that one took pretty long to be drawn, I mean I really love FE, but the designs are very detailed so drawing FE characters is always pretty time consuming.
Still I think it turned out nicely^^

Also I tried that effect of light coming through the leaves of the tree and making light spots on the characters for the first time. Guess I turned out well for a first try.

Btw. this motive is inspired by the Ike x Lethe support were Lethe asked in the A support (S support didn't exist back then) if Ike might want to be living with her in Gallia after the war is over.
Kinda cute story, since Lethe is pretty tsundere the most of the time :3
So it's a pretty big thing for her to ask something like that.

Anyways, hope you like it^^
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Ha! Adorable ending huh?! It could happened.