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Deviant Party (WIP) by CrescentDream15 Deviant Party (WIP) :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 2 0 Molly Thomas by CrescentDream15 Molly Thomas :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 4 2 Passionate Mystery by CrescentDream15 Passionate Mystery :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 9 3 Animated Atrocities #136 Title Card by CrescentDream15 Animated Atrocities #136 Title Card :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 4 2
Steamed Hams Parody (Enter and Crimson)
One afternoon, Mr. Enter was at Crimson Mayhem's front door when he rings the doorbell. Crimson opens the door.
Crimson: Ah Mr. Enter, welcome! I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable luncheon!
Mr. Enter: Ah.
Crimson goes into the kitchen as Mr. Enter sits down at the table. To his horror, Crimson finds that his roast was burning in the oven.
Crimson: (gasps) Oh my God! My roast is ruined!
Crimson looks out the window and sees the Burger King in the distance.
Crimson: But what if... I were to purchase fast food and disguise it as my own cooking? (laughs) Delightfully devilish, Crimson!
Crimson opens the window, takes off his apron, and is about to leave when Mr. Enter catches him in the act. Cue title card that says "The Enter and Crimson Show".

Crimson with his crazy explanations,
Mr. Enter's gonna need his medication
When he hears Crimson's lame exaggerations,
There'll be trouble in town tonight!

Crimson: Mr. Enter! I was just... stret
:iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 7 0
Refresh by CrescentDream15 Refresh :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 7 0 Top 10 Worst Cartoons of the 1990's Title Card by CrescentDream15 Top 10 Worst Cartoons of the 1990's Title Card :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 6 5 Enigma a.k.a. Pony Enter by CrescentDream15 Enigma a.k.a. Pony Enter :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 6 0 90's Backdrop by CrescentDream15 90's Backdrop :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 3 3 Toon Reviewer Cats by CrescentDream15 Toon Reviewer Cats :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 9 2 Miracle Day Sally by CrescentDream15 Miracle Day Sally :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 8 0 12 Oz. Mouse Atrocity Title Card by CrescentDream15 12 Oz. Mouse Atrocity Title Card :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 3 3 Wolf Sally by CrescentDream15 Wolf Sally :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 4 0 Growing Around: Quest for Eternity by CrescentDream15 Growing Around: Quest for Eternity :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 4 0 Kirby's Super Abilities by CrescentDream15 Kirby's Super Abilities :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 11 0 Sally and Gumdrops by CrescentDream15 Sally and Gumdrops :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 5 2
Various drawings, writings, memes, etc. that I have done.


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So... in Dragon Ball Super, we don't see Videl very far into pregnancy, and yet we see Bulma pregnant much later (technically for the 2nd time). At least Vegeta is loyal to his waifu...
Finally completed my draft for a Growing Around episode. It does need some sprucing up in at least one or two places, but I think I accomplished something. (It COULD be around 20 minutes since it was at least 20 KB...)
Here is the link to that G.A. episode draft. Because it's a draft, I will admit it is a little clunky. Would also be unwise as a finished script. =P
Deviant Party (WIP)
Something for DA's 18th birthday. It's a work-in-progress, so I'll finish it later...



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Emily J./Emy
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am an autistic, brontophobic, misophonic, OCD human female who happens to have drawing as one of my hobbies.
It's time for a follow-up to this, where I tell several people I've known long enough what I honestly think about them. Before I begin, I will give shout-outs to 3 people who were mentioned in that previous journal to avoid repetition. The shout-outs go to pdutogepi, Benjamillion, and Nanihoo. And here's a shout-out to crystal-of-ix while I'm at it.

I also have messages for 2 more people. To VimmyVim: "I'm sorry your relationship with you-know-who didn't work out... at all, since he used you and lied to everyone. When you feel better, please consider coming back if you want to." And to Roman, a.k.a. Antisapien, or DA-PrinceAntiTheCD, or whatever you go by: "I don't know where you went, and it feels strange without you around."

Now with that, here we go.

:iconnatthepopcornfairy: I forgot to mention this last time, but your art style from your YTP days inspired my style greatly. Thank you for that.

:iconthe-commoners-ramen: We have known each other for over 4 years, and I hope we could have at least 4 more. :D

:iconjuliettapus: I read that you have a career now, and I wish you luck with it.

:iconemeraldoftheocean: I most definitely agree about what you thought about Seymour and Audrey's relationship. That was one of the reasons why Little Shop of Horrors is one of my all-time favorite movies.

:iconmrenter: I was apprehensive about inviting you to my Discord server, hence why I tried inviting Crimson first. And then you offered me to join your server, which I never expected. Of course, I joined because I care. I care quite a lot about how and what you feel. In fact, I really did almost cry when you mentioned having panic attacks 3 months ago, but the tears wouldn't come out at all for some reason... Sorry if I can't help how I am sometimes. Also, I'm curious to know if your project will succeed, and more (I hope the former at least happens). So, thank you... and keep moving forward. :huggle:

:iconthecrimsonmayhem: I decided to follow you on Twitter sometime ago, and I have seen some good tweets on there. By the way, did you get the invitation to my Discord server?

:iconfuzzypickles42: and :iconabwingz: Both of you have adorable art styles that do work for Enter's project. I still think you're lucky to be the main character designer, Rebekah. And Ava, I should find the time to see your comic strips and your other stuff.
(I forgot how to cap off this journal entry at the moment)


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