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Deviant Party (WIP) by CrescentDream15 Deviant Party (WIP) :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 2 0 Molly Thomas by CrescentDream15 Molly Thomas :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 4 2
Passionate Mystery by CrescentDream15 Passionate Mystery :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 9 3 Animated Atrocities #136 Title Card by CrescentDream15 Animated Atrocities #136 Title Card :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 4 2
Steamed Hams Parody (Enter and Crimson)
One afternoon, Mr. Enter was at Crimson Mayhem's front door when he rings the doorbell. Crimson opens the door.
Crimson: Ah Mr. Enter, welcome! I hope you're prepared for an unforgettable luncheon!
Mr. Enter: Ah.
Crimson goes into the kitchen as Mr. Enter sits down at the table. To his horror, Crimson finds that his roast was burning in the oven.
Crimson: (gasps) Oh my God! My roast is ruined!
Crimson looks out the window and sees the Burger King in the distance.
Crimson: But what if... I were to purchase fast food and disguise it as my own cooking? (laughs) Delightfully devilish, Crimson!
Crimson opens the window, takes off his apron, and is about to leave when Mr. Enter catches him in the act. Cue title card that says "The Enter and Crimson Show".

Crimson with his crazy explanations,
Mr. Enter's gonna need his medication
When he hears Crimson's lame exaggerations,
There'll be trouble in town tonight!

Crimson: Mr. Enter! I was just... stret
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Refresh by CrescentDream15 Refresh :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 7 0 Top 10 Worst Cartoons of the 1990's Title Card by CrescentDream15 Top 10 Worst Cartoons of the 1990's Title Card :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 6 5 Enigma a.k.a. Pony Enter by CrescentDream15 Enigma a.k.a. Pony Enter :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 6 0 90's Backdrop by CrescentDream15 90's Backdrop :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 3 3 Toon Reviewer Cats by CrescentDream15 Toon Reviewer Cats :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 9 2 Miracle Day Sally by CrescentDream15 Miracle Day Sally :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 8 0 12 Oz. Mouse Atrocity Title Card by CrescentDream15 12 Oz. Mouse Atrocity Title Card :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 3 3 Wolf Sally by CrescentDream15 Wolf Sally :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 4 0 Growing Around: Quest for Eternity by CrescentDream15 Growing Around: Quest for Eternity :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 4 0 Kirby's Super Abilities by CrescentDream15 Kirby's Super Abilities :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 11 0 Sally and Gumdrops by CrescentDream15 Sally and Gumdrops :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 5 2 Senshi and Samurai by CrescentDream15 Senshi and Samurai :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 13 10 Lovely Sailor Moon by CrescentDream15 Lovely Sailor Moon :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 3 1
Lack of Neutrality in a Nutshell
In another time, another place...
An organization watches everything we do and forces their rules upon us. The result is a dry well of upsides and many downsides. One guy couldn't finish or even pass an essay because he couldn't access any links offered to help him. One girl wanted to tell her crush how she felt about him with an email, but it was exposed and she lost her nerve. Another guy couldn't buy the specific DVD of a movie, so he had no choice but to get an inferior version that had a scratch. Another girl attempted to upload a video addressing her stance on a subject that irked her, only for it to be blocked 5 minutes later.
What is this horrible time and place? This could have been the near future if net-neutrality isn't supported. To make a long story short, a small group of companies are trying to violate the 1st and 4th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, said Amendments being the original entries back in the 18th century. If they were to succeed, this
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Crossover Pairing Meme: Clemont and EG!Rarity by CrescentDream15 Crossover Pairing Meme: Clemont and EG!Rarity :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 3 2 Enter Chibis by CrescentDream15 Enter Chibis :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 20 11 Boy of the House (Growing Around) by CrescentDream15 Boy of the House (Growing Around) :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 2 1 Cartoon Hero by CrescentDream15 Cartoon Hero :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 3 0 MLP Scorecard 4 by CrescentDream15 MLP Scorecard 4 :iconcrescentdream15:CrescentDream15 3 1