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Enter Chibis

Here it is, over 2 dozen chibis of MrEnter. It happened to be a few months in the making.

Row 1: Neutral, humored, annoyance, Potatoes!, fear, anger, sad.
Row 2: Overjoyed, hungry, Starmaker, confused, disappointed, headphones, enraged.
Row 3: Embarassed, crazy, G3'd, pink, tears of joy, samurai, despair.
Row 4: Advice, gratitude, phone, eye pain, glasses, literal mysterious, ponytail.

And yes, some of them are based on title cards or moments in various videos.
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You're welcome! Do you have any tips for drawing chibis? Like do they need to be X amount of heads tall?
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I actually have a couple of how-to-draw anime books, and according to one of them, chibis are exactly 2 heads tall. Also, I like to use them for emotions, which is why I made this.
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I still care for you Senpai. Please give me a second chance. :cries:
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They're so cute :3 !!
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Hey! I really like these drawings! Do you think I could use them for a later video? I will credit you, of course! :D
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If you want to, it's okay with me. Although I kinda want to change my username at one point...
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