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My version of "Unknown" from Tekken Tag Tournament. The baddest mimic character out there in my opinion. I want you back!!... and TAG mode for that matter.


Approximately 12 hours in GIMP 2.6 with a Genius 8x6 tablet

No references used other than the PS2 in-game model.
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Excellent work! Her theme music used to give me the chills.
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This was/is an excellent work of you. What did you think about Unknown's return in TTT2?
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Thank you. Honestly, my favorite things about Unknown were, the Mokujin style play but with the extra ability of cycling with R3 instead of just changing each round. The wolf possessing her, and the purple goo for an outfit. Only one of those three remained. So, I don't like her nearly as much since I'm not really a Jun player.
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^^ More or less same here. As great as the effects on Unknowns body look in TTT2 ..but taking the Wolf away, giving her Jun's moveset + some specials took away her "it factor" with the swapping fighting styles in TTT. Who knows..maybe that will come back in a future Tekken. Something like swapping fighting styles like in the classic MK games with Shang Tsung could be very fun as well for her.
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quite the impressive unknown piece. really nice lighing
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I love this, especially the way the wolf looks.
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Makes her look like she should be in MK
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Finish Him!

-She grabs you with that one hand that drags you underground then blood shoots up-
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i've always wondered, is unknown an evil jun?
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I would ask your favorite search engine. I think initially the idea was for her to be related to Jun in some way but apparently Jun is the boss in Tekken Tag 2 and she turns into Unknown. So my guess is that originally no, then sort of, and now probably yes. As with all fiction, it's whatever you or the creators want to believe I suppose.
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New Desktop Background
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Cool technique and concept
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I LOVED HER SOO MUCH! This is cool :love:
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Me too. Sad Namco hasn't brought her back.
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Yes, sad indeed.
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Just superb work, mad props for this amazing artwork!!^_^
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