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SoulBlade - MITSURUGI (1P)

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Mitsurugi from Namco's 3d weapon-based game SoulEdge (Arcade - 1995) / SoulBlade (PSX - 1996)

Cast Preview:…

SoulBlade - ROCK (1P) by CrescentDebris SoulBlade - TAKI (1P) by CrescentDebris SoulBlade - SOPHITIA (1P) by CrescentDebris SoulBlade - SIEGFRIED (2P) by CrescentDebris SoulBlade - SEUNG MINA (1P) by CrescentDebris SoulBlade - LI LONG (1P) by CrescentDebris

MAXIMUM THUMBNAILS: Here are links to the rest of the cast:


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That series could become another great addition for the SoulBlade Tribute on Game-Art-HQ, I guess you are going to draw all the characters?
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Yeah man, I did the SoulEdge one for it but decided to draw the whole cast when I saw there wasn't a big turn out. There were characters missing from the final folder (Hwang and Rock) and non-Edge/Blade characters from later in the series. Was going to message you once I had them all. If you'd like to add them that would be awesome. Do you need me to sub them to Featured or do you send a request to have them added straight into the folder?
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Are you going to draw the post SoulBlade characters as well, like creating a whole SoulCalibur cast series?
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I plan on drawing several fighting game casts. Will it happen for sure?.. I don't know, but I'd like to. Mostly ones that I like the entire cast of or all but a couple. There are quite a few games that meet that requirement in the pre-SoulCalibur IV games, SF, MK, and KI series, possibly some less popular games that I like such as StarGladiator or MACE. I'm a fan of the Tekken series and the original VirtuaFighter. Might see some other randoms like the odd SNK character or LeiFeng and Hayabusa from DOA but I don't like enough of the cast of games like KOF, DOA and some others to do a whole series. BUT, SoulCalibur & II, SFII:CE, MK, MKII, and KI are basically required. How long will that be, I can't say. But when and if those happen, I'll make sure you know.
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Alrighty ^^

Maybe a series of really fun but almost forgotten characters  of very different designs could be something cool for you as well. Take a look at the cast of the first Clayfighter game as example