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Resident Evil

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Jill Valentine from the GameCube remake of the original Resident Evil... or REmake as I call it.

I wanted to capture the "fear" element of the game, not the gore. I wasn't interested in showing an action shot of any kind. I didn't want the detail of a zombie's decaying flesh to be the focus here. I just wanted to show an expression. Thats it. I felt that the shadow really served as both a tribute to the lighting in the game and it was a great way to have a zombie in the image without even actually showing him.

I hope you like the final image.
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What's wrong Jill, did you get scared of a little zombie?
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Excellent work with the coloring, too. You definitely captured the element of fear well here in Jill's expression- and the zombie shadow. :)
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Thanks a lot! I think it's held up pretty well for being such an old piece of mine! glad to see people still enjoying it =D
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Absolutely stunning artwork! I've just completed a walk-through for this game. I was wondering If I might be able to use this piece for the you tube thumbnail?
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Sorry for the late reply. Sure that's fine. A link back here or a simple credit would be appreciated.
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So amazing artsit keep up Wink/Razz  Heart 
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Ah, Resident Evil before it jumped the shark.
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Really nice work! Looks totally like the real Jill! :D Add to favourites!
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You're welcome. I love it <3 I going to cosplay Jill in the next time :)
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That would be great. I think you could pull it off. Let me know if you do.
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Thats awesome, nice work :)
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Truly beautiful work!
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I really like this image, it does exactly as you say, captures the fear and tells the story without even the need to show a zombie. I love how it tributes to the game too, the lighting, etc. Shame the films didn't have more of this kind of feel! 

Great work. :)
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Wonderful! It's great to see a more subtle take on the horror element of the game, rather than the "guns blazing" approach that is far more common now. Amazing work!
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