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Marcela Guirado

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:iconguiradopower: The beautiful Marcela Guirado

:icontikillanes: Original photo by: Tiki Llanes Lopez

Original photo [link]
Done in GIMP 2.4 with a Genius tablet

I don't use photo references very often but I've been practicing faces and getting better at drawing what I see both in terms of detail and proportions. I thought I'd try another portrait from a photo reference. And what a beautiful face to get to look at while I work :love: I got real picky about making it look like her so I spent a lot of time tweaking little things that were off. I'd say total time was about 10 hours.

Download version is 900x1100

So I just noticed today that this image, is THE first thing to show up when doing a Google Web search for Marcela Guirado. Seriously. Number 1. Not official photos. Not stuff from her acting (which I just found out about). Not the photo I used as reference. Not the hundreds of other photos. Nope. THIS one.

Its also been used on bio pages. I had no idea. Maybe people think "Hey look, a drawing... that's not like... copyrighted like photos right?" I really don't mind. In fact, I think its great. Marcela is absolutely beautiful, and the fact that the ONE drawing I did of her has become the number 1 image is, for lack of a better word, an honor. Or should I just say, "Its freakin sweet!"

Thanks to all of you for the views and favs. Thanks to Tiki Llanes for giving me permission to draw his photo and being the reason I even know who Marcela is. Seriously check out his page. He does some great work. And thanks to Marcela for being so insanely gorgeous.
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beautiful portrait. subscribed
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Awesome. Thanks a lot.
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Wow great work, she is a beautiful model.
thats a great quote ...that makes a lot of sense actually. you should copy right that.
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Thank you! She is beautiful indeed.
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Wow, this is great stuff. Nice touch with the eyes.
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Great Work, Thank you very much ..
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You're welcome. Thank you for sharing your beauty with the world and taking up half my FAVs folder.:hug:
..tell me about it...smh, she got me sprung too ♥ lol.
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Wow, very supurb. She is beautiful, as is the drawing. Wow!!
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Thank you very much =D
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Amazing!!!!! Great Work Mate!!!!! I Love it... :) Cheers!!!!!
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Thank you sir, that means a lot! :highfive:
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That's great! Quite realistic, good work :)
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love the hair! really realistic!
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