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MK Ninjas Color Version - Line Art by DJOK3

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Lineart and layout by :icondjok3:
Colors and slight edits :iconcrescentdebris:

Original line art by DJOK3 can be found here

I saw the drawing and thought it was pretty badass. I read a lot of comments asking for a colored version but he said he wasn't sure if he'd get around to it. So I messaged him about doing the colors. He sent me the drawing and here you go. I scaled it down to the same size as the original for the sake of consistency. Seemed like a good size. Hope you like it.
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Awesome!!! please do female ninjas as well. Kitana, Mileena, Jade, Tanya, Skarlet and Frost.
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Want as a poster.
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cool noob is like "now attack them" reptiles like "don't make me acid ball your head" rains like "flying water kick" ermacs all "rise RISE" while smokes just "time to hide" and sub zeros likeDevilish Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. Fear the katana! Ninja Battle!  and scorpion like "aaaataaaack 
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This is an outstanding piece of work. Nicely done.
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Fantastic! My favorite are Smoke, Noob Saibot, Ermac and Scorpion!

Noob Saibot is so damn dark, that his left eye is covered. Dual wield swords ftw for Scorpion. Smoke woo hoo! Ermac beast! DAT special move from Reptile! Rain, things get heavy rain! SubZero!

"Fear me!" - :iconnoobsaibotplz:

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Thanks. Glad you like it!
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So much badassery!! You two did a fantastic job!!
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Hehe, you're welcome!! PARTY HARD 
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Nice work u two!!
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This is freaking awesome!!!
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This is some of the most amazing MK fan art I've seen. Your coloring really gives life to ~DJOK3's line work. Well done.
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I appreciate it. Thank you.
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