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Lora Palmer

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Digital painting of the beautiful Lora Palmer :iconlonelypierot:

Original photo by Lora Palmer: [link]

Done entirely in GIMP with a 6x8 Genius tablet.

See a time-lapse video here: [link]
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Amazing work ! you are impressive gimp artist.
Nolthon's avatar
Incredible work!!!! 10 dots
LJFHutch's avatar
Amazing work! The details are awesome, and you use Gimp! I'm not alone, Gimp-five!:D
xxxecil's avatar
I secretly hate you for being better than me.
CrescentDebris's avatar
Oops... you weren't supposed to tell. It was a secret.
noomxbass's avatar
Very nice work :)
Nrekkvan's avatar
Kickass work man.
Scheherazade2c's avatar
Amazing work, as I already said on youtube. I'm going to submit this to a gimp group. It needs more exposure.
shorty1013's avatar
I barely know how to make GIMP work and you made THIS using GIMP... you are my hero, man!
CrescentDebris's avatar
Haha, thank you. Its not so bad really. Just setting up the panels and hotkeys to fit your needs is the main part. I just use the standard circle brush. X to swap between colors, use the slider to adjust brush size, got my hotkeys for Paintbrush and Erase right beside each other so I can quickly toggle between them and Ctrl to use the eyedropper real quick. And lots of CTRL+Z =D I use a tablet to so... this isn't MOUSE ACTION or anything!
LonelyPierot's avatar
Very beautifully and talently. Thanks
CrescentDebris's avatar
Much appreciated but the beauty is all you.
chouquinet's avatar
:) Wow! I love the detail around the eyes!
CrescentDebris's avatar
Thanks, funny thing is that out of the whole image the eyelashes were the things that took the most effort. Its tricky to not over define them. I found it worked much better to use a low opacity and build them up over multiple passes.
chouquinet's avatar
That's a very good tip! I might try that with my next piece. Thanks ^ ^
assyn's avatar
Amazing job! Congratulations
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