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Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

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Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver for the original PlayStation is still one of my favorite games.

Done in "The GIMP 2.2" with a Genius tablet

12-20 hours ... didn't really pay attention but it was about 3 to 5 hours over a few days.

Heres the concept version that I did originally [link]

And a glimpse at the process of Raziel
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This is so amazing! Raziel's my favourite character! Great job! :D:raziel: 
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Thank you!! Hahaha I forgot about that emoticon! :excited:
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I have one for PC.
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AMAZING draw dude :D, make more of raziel or kain :3
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Love the game and this amazing drawing!
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I love this game so much yo really did it justice
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Thank you very much
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My favorite game series. Fantastic work. I use GIMP too
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Awesome! And thank you
:O That is fantastic as a fan of the game and as a fan or art I want it and humbly request it as my new profile pic on Steam :D I'm newly dipping my toes into digital art for a module on my games course and am grateful for your links to show some of your process. Could you recommend me some great tutorials?

Having loved the original when I first played it and not playing it for years, I always wanted to get back into the game; having found it again via digital download it's so AMAZING and holds ups even today!!! Also since being on a games course, I have to do modelling. Would you consider drawing a front and side view of Raziel so that I can model him?
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Thanks. Sure, you can use a thumbnail for your Steam profile. Progress image here [link]

As for tutorials, someone I watch a lot is Feng Zhu. He does more environments and things than characters. He's a concept artist/designer more than an illustrator but he's very easy to listen to, knows what he's talking about and has some valuable tips to apply to any kind of drawing. [link] and watch related videos to. There's a lot of help to be found there.

You should invest in a Raziel action figure of some sort if you want to see the character from all angles. If you can't find one in a local store, check eBay or else just search for images of Raziel and you'll likely get what you need.
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This is a great illustration! Love the Legacy of Kain series!
I miss this game. Must go find. I think it's in my closet...somewhere. I liked Soul Reaver 2 as well, even though it was a bit more linear than the first one. Never did play Deception.
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Yeah, this game is so good! I try playing SR2 but the game always glitches when I obtain the dark reaver. I use it to leave the room and the door doesn't open. Instead, the door seals you IN and you can't progress any further. It didn't capture the awesomeness of the original but I did want to replay it but the game doesn't want me to. And Defiance... I'd have to play it again but when it came out I wasn't a fan of it at all.
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I like Defiance more than Soul Reaver 2 as I found 2 just tried to copy Soul Reaver 1 but they screwed up combat aspects making it frustrating, it was very linear and didn't really have all those cool secrets that the first had, and the game just wasn't as well made and satisfying as the first. Soul Reaver 1, on the other hand is in my top 10 favourite games of all time. I will play through Soul Reaver 2 if I want to play the three back to back to back (I have never played the Blood Omens), but I'll come back to Soul Reaver 1 all the time. Anyway,  happy gaming!!!
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Yeah, I LOVE the original SoulReaver. Don't really care much for the rest of the series. It's bizarre to me that they haven't made a new one in the spirit of the first SR though. The only problem is that I feel like these days they would insist on making everything painfully obvious. GO HERE. LOOK AT THIS. YOU'VE BEEN IN THIS ROOM FOR 40 seconds, ARE YOU STUCK? HERE'S A CLUE. And then Raziel says "Hmmmm, maybe I can push that to reach the ledge. Hmmm maybe I should check the spectral realm" That or the focus would be disproportionately on combat and less on exploring the world, obtaining new powers and figuring out how to beat each of the bosses. Those are the things I really loved and what was completely lost in Defiance from what I could stomach. And SR2 feel waaay less open. Very straight forward in comparison. I don't want a straight through beat 'em up with laughable puzzles. I want to get stuck or get lost now and then. But they won't let you anymore. "No no no, here, let me assist you." GO AWAY! Have a CAKE WALK BABYSITTER MODE if you want, but MFers... I want a mode where I can figure the game out for myself and I don't need my character talking to himself giving me hints on how to progress. I didn't need any help on SR1, I didn't need help on any of my games with the exception of Castlevania II: Simon's Quest which is well-known for missing the critical information you need to beat it. Apparently things were left out/messed up in translation. That aside, let me play my damn game by myself. I think SR1 is one of those games that won't ever get a faithful sequel.
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Well, I enjoyed Defiance as its own game as it doesn't play like Soul Reaver. I accept Defiance because it doesn't try to replace Soul Reaver. It'll never come close to Soul Reaver, but at least it doesn't try to mimic SR and fail like SR2 does. SR2 is not awful, but it's not a worthy successor to Soul Reaver.
You know, there is a reason why I say Soul Reaver is the best 3D Metroid game of all time. The use of new abilities to reach areas you couldn't previously is done better in Soul Reaver than Metroid Prime and hell, there are whole areas in Soul Reaver that you don't even need to find to complete the game. You don't need to get ANY of the glyphs to beat the game, but they make the game even more fun, to find, and to use. When people say they wish they remade SR1 with the content that didn't make it into the final game, I don't like that idea. For one, I love the original's graphics, sound, music, and voice actors and they would try to "improve" on them when really it'd be nothing compared to SR1. Also, I'm a fan of how the plot continued in the later games, which is really why I still like those games, but adding in said content would change the plot of the other games. The big reason is they are treating the game like it is short when really it's HUGE! I personally think the game is perfect the way it the combat is way too satisfying!!!

I get what you mean about games being too guided nowadays. It's because they ARE! Well, my favourite game of all time is the original Silent Hill. It is a game that actually makes you think, in a different way than Soul Reaver. The puzzles make you think about cryptic poems and messages, and the game also makes you think outside the box in order to get the best endings. To top that off, it's just a perfect game in my opinion. Perfect atmosphere, perfect visuals which I still say the PSX visuals favor SH's atmosphere, a twisted yet touching story, and the perfect soundtrack and sound design that brings it all together beautifully. Not to mention it still terrifies me to this day and I just fuckin' LOVE IT!!!!!!But Soul Reaver is definitely up there, as well. BTW, to anyone bitching about Silent Hill's so called "clunky" combat, it adds to the horror experience, and Homecoming fails because of the combat being like a 3rd person shooter like Resident Evil 4 when it shouldn't. Well, that and Homecoming is just bland. Sorry, I'm rambling.
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nice job, I love it <3
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nice dawing soul reaver 1 and 2 are my favorites
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