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ICO fanArt - 'Desperation'

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Edit March 19, 2008:

Reader Art contest WINNER in "GameInformer" magazine (April 2008) pg 13


This is from the masterpiece and cult classic of the gaming world, "Ico" for the PlayStation2. Pretty much anyone that played it agrees that there was nothing quite as magical or that managed to make you actually care like Ico did. I found out about the game through a demo disc (PlayStation Underground JAMPACK - Summer 2001) that I bought for a Soul Reaver 2 pre-release demo. While the Soul Reaver 2 demo was a bit disappointing, this game Ico was amazing and sure enough, I picked it up on release day. If it wasn't for that demo, I would have been one of those people reading "Top 100" and "Best Games You Never Played" lists wondering what the big deal was.

I've wanted to do a fanart pic for quite a while but never had a concept that really worked. I wanted something other than just a stationary Ico and Yorda (the girl you help along the way and whose hand is in the drawing). For me personally, some of the most intense moments were when Yorda was taken away and carried into the black pools. Most times I was right there, but sometimes I was taken off guard and only managed to save her at the last possible moment. Thats what this image is supposed to convey. That sense of panic and desperation as you run like hell to make it to her in time.

I love how this one turned out. I wanted the colors to be very close to the game and intensionally refrained from "single pixel" detailing. I think the little bit of "painted" look fits the style of the game. I hope you enjoy the image. Much love to Fumito Ueda (the designer and director of Ico), Sony for publishing it, and you guys for checking out my fan art for it.

...And by complete coincidence, I have 999 pageviews at this very moment ... so heres to 1000 =P

EDIT: Done in GIMP 2.2 and 2.4 using the standard circle paintbrush tool. Only exceptions are smudge in a few places, the lasso to correct some sizing/angles, and the text and pen to sign my name.
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Is this new? I like it. ❤
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It's from 2008. But yeah I still really like it.
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Me. Every time I have to separate from her to look around for exits or anything else and she gasps and the camera shifts over to her halfway across the entire room I’m in and I have to haul ass to make it in time to pull her out xD
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I’m like goddamnit can’t you contribute!? Pick up the stick and HIT SOMETHING!! xD
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I still prefer her to pretty much any other escort character. At least I cared about her, unlike most characters you have to carry or protect. Pete from Earthworm Jim was great though!
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I do like Yorda a lot tho too
She’s pretty cute and I sort of feel a sense of “mama bear” when I’m having to protect her
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That "No! Grab my hand!" expression in Ico's face... and the gestures... Great job! You really captured that feeling of despair when you think you didn't reach Yorda in time.

GRAB HER ALREADY!! AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!! Undertale - Full of Angry Chara Screams Papyroos iz med Rage 
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Glad you like it!
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Amazeing job, just got the HD collection of Ico and shadow of the colossus so I'm very happy to play These amazeing games.
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Nice! I got bought games on release day on PS2. Loved them. I bought that collection on PS3 but haven't played through them. I did play them a bit though. Great games either version. And thank you!
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Oh No problem, I loveing these game so much.
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Ugh I discovered ico in a demo too
With shadow of colossus
I recently got the hd remake collection of the two have captured it
Well done good sir!
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No game has ever made me panic so much over the welfare of an NPC. very nice job!
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Thank you, and I agree.
omfg fucking ghosts i hate them :S when i leave her for 1 second ghosts come :/
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One of the moments we have to save Yorda.. Omg amazing game!!
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Indeed :) And I get to say "I loved it before it even came out!" thanks to a demo disc.
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