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Gears of War

My entry for the Gears of War 3 art contest being held here on dA. The locust appear on the left in the form of a Brumak and Reaver. They are a bit darker, both to fit in with the dark feel of the original game and also to be more subtle as they are, for the majority of Gears 3, sort of "in the background". There's a new threat. That's where the focus is. So Marcus is looking their direction. You'll see the stalks, a drudge, and a drone busting out of the ground which I liked a lot on Gears 3. It's like the Grub Hole Express.

As for Marcus himself I put him in cover, which is obviously a huge part of the series. His right boot has bloodstains thanks to the almightly "curb-stomp". And lastly, to contrast from all other promotional material for the game, I chose not to feature the Lancer or Retro Lancer as the star weapon. The Longshot has always been a fan favorite and I think it needs some love.

Technical: 100% done in GIMP. Default Round Brush. During the final polish I took some photos of metal, gravel and bricks around here on some "Overlay" layers for a bit more texture.
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dayum son the fucking detail beautiful

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hey no problem dude :)

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Gears Of War amazing game but most importantly amazing character that is Marcus Fenix beautiful work :)
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I can't wait for more details on the new one coming out!
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I love gears of war 
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Just epic *-* As epic as The game. Nice Job *-*
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wow you are a great artist and i love your art style
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Thank you very much =D
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you are very welcome
This is awesome. 5/5.
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Lambent, they explode
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omg snipes are meh fav people yell at me on da mic for it though cause i kill them to much o-o
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Very awesome! It definetly captured my attention to see the Longshot.
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