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Blanka - Street Fighter II

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TIME-LAPSE and MUSIC REMAKE video: [link]

Blanka from Street Fighter II (World Warrior/Champion Edition/ Turbo) when he looked and SOUNDED his best in my opinon.

I like my Blanka a little more :angered: and a little less :nana:

Painted in Gimp probably 1½ hours
Music Remake done in FL Studio ... probably 10 times that.
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Nice work, if you like i will add your take on Blanka to the fan art section of his gallery… on game art, including full credit and a link to your dA profile of course
Greets, Reinhold
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Sure thing. Thanks.
Blanka and Fei Long were always my favorites. Awesome art bud!
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My boyfriend loves to use Blanka in the latest SF and cheats the fuck out of him by using his little electricity move over and over. Actually, he just cheats in general.

Blanka still rules. Excellent rendering. :)
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This is one character that is very unsung
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funny coincedence, i just made a jornal about fan art related to the old SFII quotes a few days ago [link] :-)
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That IS crazy timing. Originally it was just going to be a picture of Blanka but then I figured I could fill the space with his quote. He has another which is "Now you realize the powers I possess", but I figured at the end of a time-lapse video, it would read "arrogant" to anyone not familiar with the quote. I also make sure I'm the first to say it before the comments start coming in that seeing my paint is a joke. And anyway, "Seeing you in action is a joke" is a much more entertaining quote. BUT if I was basing a design ON the quote, I would have done a much different image.
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