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Is it really just me or is Luna "Loony" Lovegood the only person who makes any sense when she talks and never goes off topic? Well I can only think of one or two other people who can make sense, but...lets not go into that.....


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I adore Luna. ESPECIALLY in the books. Fun fact: to this day she's the only good character I found with dirty blonde hair.
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Luna is the be character. But I like her better in the movies than the books. I just love how she's always so centered and polite to everyone even when they're not polite to her. Her nature makes it seems as though she's really going through life as if in a dream.  Many of her lines are the best out of anyone's.

"I've never been on this side of the castle before. Not awake at least. I sleepwalk you see. That's why I wear shoes to bed."
Luna Lovegood :levicorpus: 
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LUNA!!! LUNA IS THE BOMB! For some reason, now I'm thinking the song "Judas" but the word Judas is replaced with Luna. Luuuu-NA Lu-NA-A-A, Lu-NA, Luuu-Na-A-A!
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Hehehe I know what you mean :D
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this is soooo awesome ^^
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"Hungry, i hope there's pudding....."

shes so cute she is my favorite!
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Sadly, I have to agree with you about that. Listen to her, and things make sense...a strange sort of sense sometimes, but sense...
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oh who??? i mean who other then her makes sense? and yes shes amazing and actually makes sense :) one of my fav characters
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Well there's Fred n George for starters
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lunnaaaa~ is amazingg, and so is this :3
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YESSSSSS!!!! Luna is the BEST and makes a whole bunch of sense. A true Ravenclaw, that girl.
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:nod: best girl there is :D
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Definitely. I adore her.
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XDDD I a gree!
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yeah she always says things on topic and it makes sense to me XD
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as she does with everyone :3
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haha I love luna she's not afraid to be different and truly doesnt care
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Nope, though they don't have to call her "Loony" all the time
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yes.. it is degrading >.>
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