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Elemental Glyphs - Oath of Veins and Orange Dread

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Published: February 14, 2015
I have managed to create a new version of the 15, now 18, elemental glyphs of Oath of Veins and Orange Dread. Took me 3 hours to complete this on Manga Studio and finally executed a glowing effect flawlessly on each glyph.

Earth - Earth is the first element of the natural realm in the world that consists of stone, rocks, mountainous formations and everything the planet we live on is made of, it is a subtopic of the higher right temperament Phlegmatic. People who are believed to be of this element are known to have great logic, huge amount of strength and know how to make the best walkthroughs for their own problems. Since Earth is said to be the barricade to Water, its only downside is being an easy target for Electrical. The people found within subcultural societies that are born with Earth are mostly hippies, geeks, nerds, hipsters, athletes, gangsters, cybergoths, otherkin, soul junkies, male hosts, steampunks, rockers and gyaru; country, reggae, rap, dub and 60s are the following music genres that embody the Earth-like feel. The godmother of reggae, Marjorie Parkinson, is the Elemental Mastermind of Earth.

Water - Water is the second element of the natural realm in the world that conducts the customs of the oceans, environment and biodiversity alike, for controlling emotions it serves as the element for the lower right-wing temperament Melancholy. It also serves as the most significant beverage of all life, without it we would dehydrate like vampires would grow weak without consuming blood off the living. Water-elemental individuals usually know what real beauty is and just paint a better picture for it; most hairdressers, tailors, mechanics and beauticians are known to have a watery aura within them. Water can fade away fires (even sacrifice itself if it is ice) but one thing to block it is earth. Lots of individuals within the lolita, gyaru, juggalos, athlete and emo subcultures are surveyed as being born under the water element, all seapunks across Japan are basically water elementally; ambient, blues, calypso, dancehall and Traditional Hawaiian seem to have a watery feel due to either a seaside theme or a mellow feat of waves. The godmother of ambient, Kotone Hirasawa, is the Elemental Mastermind of Water.

Electrical - Electrical is the third element of the natural realm in the world that produces the atmosphere, thunder and lightning, it is also seen as a key element for the higher left-wing temperament Sanguine. Sharing a similar purpose with water, we require air to survive on our planet otherwise we would all asphyxiate from the lack of it and just die. Electrical-born people have a sporty path or a immense passion for travelling. Being dim-witted or shy is their only disadvantage. Air is somewhat good at conducting electricity and can strike down the earth with ease just like a good game of rock, paper, scissors however it can choke on the smoky essence of Fire. Most athletes, steampunks, ravers, geeks, gyaru, chavs and gangsters have traits that embody the Electrical element; following music genres adult contemporary, all types of indie, electronic, Arab pop, bubblegum pop, electropop, electronic rock, Iranian pop, mariachi, new romanticism, Turkish pop, electro and electro-industrial give listeners an airy vibe. The godfather of electronic, Guillaume Belanger, is the Elemental Mastermind of Electrical.

Fire - Fire is the fourth element of the natural realm in the world that makes warmth for everyone and functions whatever kind of machinery that needs it as a power source. Since it can cause harm towards anybody or the environment, it is a representing icon of the aspects of the lower left-wing temperament Choleric. People who are born under this element have a strong heat factor meaning that they can be easily warm although the majority of them complain about winter, look for jobs that are hard or somewhat quite dangerous for them if warnings are not heeded. What is discomforting is that most fire elemental people can have a very short fuse and get really violent. Fire is a silent killer for air, leaving water to be able to loudly slay it. Most metalheads, punks and bikers are born under the fire element; punk rock, hard rock, heavy metal, Chinese rock, grindcore and rock and roll are the only music genres that embrace hot feelings. The godfather of heavy metal, Jonathan Wechsler, is the Elemental Mastermind of Fire.

Light - Light is the primary element of morality. It embodies positivity, passiveness and liberty. Light often preserves authority for the world and individuals of this element swear an oath to protect others and serve justice. Although too much authority can mean a new world order uprising. The moral social ability of Light is charm which people can be able to persuade into progressing whatever they go through. The light atmosphere can commonly be found around highly religious homes, churches, cathedrals, monasteries, sanctuaries and sanctums. Within Christian extremists and holy organisations, all half-angels are of the light element. Light is always the distinct opposite of darkness and most Christians openly oppress it. Most preppies, yuppies, glammies, goths, soul junkies and lolita embody light; classical, R&B and all forms of music with Christian backgrounds are the only genres of music that represent the goodness of light. The godmother of bossa nova, Isidora Silveira, is the Elemental Mastermind of Light.

Darkness - Darkness is the secondary element of morality. It embodies negativity, aggression and prediction. Darkness is comprehensively seen as a preserver of evil and this is often true but in hundreds of philosophies it can always be good for something like rewarding the guilty with penance. Dark individuals can spread horror, misfortune and also be frequently sarcastic about whatever deed they have done that is not appropriate for law.  Darkness can also preserve stealth, the proper use of irony and humour with a hint of extremity that can never be taken too seriously with ease. The moral social ability of Darkness is intimidation which an individual can intensify their target person with fear. Dark atmospheres can often be found in homes resided by ones living a hardship, goth hangouts, haunted houses or castles, prisons, asylums and caves. Darkness is the distinct opposition of light, although some people say that they can support each other with their personal aspects. All darkness-elemental members of black metal, punk, geeks and goth subcultures are half-demons who are left-wing. While most of the members of the four aforementioned subcultures are born under Darkness, there are also delinquents who are known to be dark elemental; ethereal wave, deathrock, post-punk, darkwave, gothic rock and neoclassical are the kinds of music found out to give the listeners the dark atmosphere. The godmother of gothic rock, Sythera, is the Elemental Mastermind of Darkness.

Natural - Natural is the right-wing element of mortality which represents life of all other organics that nature provides habitat for biodiversity, plants and trees, peace and optimism. The natural element provides exotic environments such as rainforests and jungles. Since many are fascinated by it, the natural element serves as the pinnacle of natural beauty that wild animals desire to reside with. When wild represents all things wild and lively, deathly gets to make it depressing with lifeless gloom. Most hippies, geeks, delinquents, glammies, soul junkies, rockers, punks and the entirety of the otherkin and kigurumi associate with this element; new-age, bossa nova ambient, enka, Taiwanese pop, Cantopop and easy listening are the types of music that bring the purity of nature. The godmother of new age, Rochelle Rhydderch, is the Elemental Mastermind of Natural.

Deathly - Deathly is the left-wing element of mortality that just represents death and pessimism. Only the element of wild will keep it from not breathing; death metal, emo and screamo are the only types of music that portray death in their own ways. The godfather of emo, Frankie Dewberry, is the Elemental Mastermind of Deathly.

Wind - Wind is the element of gas that comes from the atmosphere. It consists of breeze, typhoons, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and other types of formations. People who are born under Wind are usually aware, highly agile and react quickly. Wind can blow anything even it can make Aether disappear effectively. Many members of the geeks, hippies, athletic, delinquents and glammies are of the windy background; new wave, speedcore, Flamenco, samba, tropicalia, mandopop and onkyokei are the powerful music types that creates the background of Wind. The godmother of house, Hideko Tachibana, is the Elemental Mastermind of Wind.

Aether - Aether is the element of spiritual essence that supports all existence throughout the universe. If it was not for it, we would not exist as well as time. Aether-born individuals are often very calm, mostly silent, flawless, emotionless and follow a spiritual path. If aether can be the element of the spiritual realm, wind would be the element of the atmosphere. Most cybergoths, goths, geeks, hippies, glammies, soul junkies, ravers and gyaru are known to be born under the sigil of aether; acid house and ambient only possess the calmer feel of this element. The godmother of house, Liling Guo, is the Elemental Mastermind of Aether.

Radioactive - Radioactive is the element that represents mutations and nuclear decay. Though it is mentally harmful as considered, it some people who are affected with this may call it a special gift of power to them. It is considered the worst element by ecologists and environmentalists due to its severe effects of mental retardation. None of the subcultural societies are born under this element and only a living being could be created for it, however over in places like Fukushima that have nuclear power plants, there has been many claims of punks, cybergoths and emos who have been affected by nuclear reactions and have acquired the powers of radioactivity; sludge metal and thrash metal are known to give off a nuclear aura to listeners. The godfather of thrash metal, Nigel Hogarth, is the Elemental Mastermind of Radioactive.

Time - Time is the element which represents history and pacing. It is considerably the counterpart to the element Psychic due to thinking requiring some timing.

Explosive - Once part of Fire, the Explosive element is a power source for anything that just explodes and dangerous weapons that provide collateral damage in a minimal amount of time.

Sound - Sound is the element that preserves music which has now become a popular source of power for those who are experts at fighting with instruments. It is also commonly known for disrupting the minds of some which means it can be oppressive towards psychic elemental characters.

Physical - Physical is merely what represents standard strength done from the alien's body, mainly their fists and feet. Since it serves as brawn, it is directly opposite to the Psychic element and is quite weak towards Explosive.

Psychic -  Psychic is the element that masters all that is part of the universe. This might be the possible counterpart of the Physical element due to a common brain being over brawn. Nerds, cybergoths, soul junkies, dekotora drivers and delinquents are only known to possess the element of Psychic; space rock, space age pop, techno and chiptune are the most recognised music genres that contain the essence of the Psychic theme. The godmother of chiptune, 18GD, is the Elemental Mastermind of Psychic.

Divine - Divine is the element of good and the heavenly realm. It is only one of the rarest elements for anybody to be born under unless one could become a demigod. If someone has earned so much greater reputation for the world, then they may be bestowed the element change for divine if they wish to thus becoming the half-angel. Since Divine is the heavenly element, it is the nemesis of the Devilish element. The only subculture that has many divine elemental members are the soul junkies; Europop, J-pop, disco, funk, new jack swing and soul are always said to contain Divine flavour. The godmother of acid jazz, Funanya Onabanjo, is the Elemental Mastermind of Divine.

Devilish - Devilish is the element of evil and hell. This is possibly much more rare than divine due to leaders of Satanism having the element however all members can be a part of it. Committing the 7 deadly sins will definitely make the individual automatically Devilish elemental. The Devilish element is the immortal enemy of divine. Lots of black metalheads, (which are entirely from Norway, Austrian, France, Italy and Iceland) that are under the Satanist agenda all possess the Devilish element and they are half-demons; black metal is considered a form of Devilish elemental music due to having songs which the lyrics always has to do with Satan, sacrifices, eternal damnation and the rest of the things that represents it. Doom metal and viking metal are also part of the Devilish element. The Elemental Mastermind of the Devilish element is claimed to be Otto Jorgensen, the godfather of black metal who was last seen in Oslo before he was shot dead by Norwegian police for trying to annihilate Vatican City for the sake of Satanic purity. Despite his death, there has been rumours spread across the world about his bandmates and fanbase planning a scheme to revive their beloved "god".
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