Here you can find who and what entries has won out contests in the past.
Direkt link to both the artists' profile and what entry they won with.
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♥[2011] Halloween Contest♥

:bulletyellow:1st - Kotow's SP: Happy Happy Halloween

♥[2011] Summer Contest♥

:bulletyellow:1st - KyraTheHedgehog's Craig+Kenny Entry - Maybe (alt. link)
:bulletorange:2nd - x94u6bj3's SP- summer contest entry
:bulletblue:3rd - Xiik's Is your ass getting cold?

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♥[2010] Xmas Contest♥

:bulletyellow:1st - Leo-Kid's Top of your Christmas list
:bulletorange:2nd - Natsuki-Neko's .What would they give...
:bulletblue:3rd - katiejuby's Roses Rest Within the Heart of Hydrangeas

♥[2010] The Sound of Silence♥

:bulletyellow:1st - ChessLeChat's SP: The Sound of Silence p1 p2 p3 p4
:bulletorange:2nd - chadmuskalover280 (deleted)
:bulletblue:3rd - Control-Copy (deleted)

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