:bulletyellow: If someone leaves the group, be sure to ask why since it happens very often that they leave by mistake. Remind them that the group is not about contributing, but to share your love for this pairing. c:
If they say that it's because they simply don't like Crenny that very much or some other reason, then so be it. It's their own decision, we just wanna be sure there were no mistake. c:

:bulletorange: Always check so that no one has put in the wrong folder.

:bulletblue: If someone isn't behaving, give them a warning. If they still don't behave, either kick them out or tell Yumikarp.

:bulletyellow: Don't change anything on the group without asking Yumikarp first.

:bulletorange: Accept any affiliate request as long as they are South Park-related. Also, only send affiliate requests to South Park-related groups.

If you don't want to be a Contributor anymore, just tell Yumikarp. ♥ c:

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