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EDIT: idc use it whateverrrrr

haha it has my name on it... but it WILL BE free!
wow i havent made a blinking avatar with cheeks in a while. haha random. its really plain cuz im not actually done with it yet. that thing is supposed to be a strawberry btw.
man it looks so bumpy. rawrghh.

not for free at the moment cuz i need to fix it more. but give me feedback!
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send me a piece of cake~ :3
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Aww this is uberly adorable!!
I love how you drew the strawberry and the whole cake!
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ouuuuuuu very deliciuos
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I'd love to critique but .... I don't noes much about pixels, myself. XP

It does come off as the SLIGHTEST bit bumpy, however .....

STILL CUTE THOUGH! I could TOTALLY Tell that was a strawwwwberryyy<3
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I wanna eat that :C
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so cute~!!!xDD
you should put whipped cream on top~eue
and maybe put more detail on the strawberry???.o.<3
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I'll try not to eat it because it has a face. XD
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It's so cuteee~ x333
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awww, the cutest cake EVA! |D lol

but you should use it, it's adorable!
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