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[v2] AvE Gaming

I started the page from this pic:…


Inspiration: *zygat3r - *Andasolo

- Video player (custom):… &…
- CoD4 pictures :…


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Already sold sorry :) You'll need to commission a new one by email/note
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Very nice work, dark blue color + dark red for the focus view to mainnews ... with clean style PERFECT ! ;-)

have you created the coherent background itself or where do you get those textures (structures) ? ...
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Thank you very much ! :)

I used a pattern for the background, then I just worked on the light/shadow to get this.
I don't remember where I found it, there is this one where the second background is really close from what I have :)
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fiou t'es vraiment un fuckin' designer !
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Wow merci c: Content que tu aimes
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I'm impressed by this clean and well-structered design of yours. (:
Moreover, great color-scheme.
Love it! [:
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Thanks (:

Btw I have something decent for you, seeya in note
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You're very welcome!

I read it and thanks again, m8! *o*
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Gorgeous design, Really nicely done!
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Very well done! Keep it up
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Very well done! 
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This is fantastic. Clean. Sharp. Definitely a site I would want to have if I were a gaming company. Nice work! :D
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Thank you so much for your appreciation mate ! :) 
Very Awesome Design, can i buy a design like this add me skype : thommy.willems
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Awesome work, fantastic design.
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really nice work done
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