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Youtube|Redesign - Fun project.

Make sure to read the description before send to your feedback.


I'm glad to present you a new project which take me a fucking long time: my Youtube re-design. As you can see from the header which starring my favorite webdesigner: Andasolo :), because he really inspired me, and gave me the motivation to make this page.
It's just a "fun" project: no selling, no commercial use.

I hope u'll enjoy ladz and guyz. Don't forget to comment & fav' if you like what I do and don't forget to check out the Andasolo work, he really deserves it.

Finally, have a nice day.

P.S: Thanks for my beta-watchers for this project, and my friends who supported me. :)


Tool: Photoshop Cs6
Layers: +150
Final PSD size: 400Mo
Featuring: Markcrilley - Prodragon71
Textures: all textures are present in the "Photoshop patterns" DA part
Pictures: check out your favorite website game
Inspiration: Andasolo
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This is awesome!
Love the color scheme! :D
Crelcreation's avatar
Merci beaucoup Audrey, content que t'aimes :)
Nialixus's avatar
seriously? fun project? Thank you! Thank you! 
Crelcreation's avatar
Yeah it is :) I made it to test my skills ;3
slepylOw's avatar
yep ! Very nice work with great colours ! ;]
Like + fav ! ;p
Crelcreation's avatar
colorifer's avatar
NAVIDEZIO's avatar
It.s amazing specially that light effects
Crelcreation's avatar
Thanks a lot :)
Also thank u for your fav'
Matrix1389's avatar
How to make lighst like yours in footer?
Crelcreation's avatar
I used a flare like this one:…
then just create a white form under the flare and blur it c:
xArtl3ssx's avatar
That's one great design you've made, m8!
Well structered and clean.
I really like it! (:
Crelcreation's avatar
Thank you ! I'm glad you like it w00t! 
xArtl3ssx's avatar
Looks awesome! :dummy:
alisarikaya's avatar
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Thank you ! I'm really glad that a talented webdesigner like dat work ! :)
You also making a good work with a nice style !
alisarikaya's avatar
Youre welcome. Nice to meet you ;)
w3nky's avatar
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Andasolo's avatar
Hey mate, I'm very glad to touch persons with my designs and inspire them, too. I really really like your work, there's a lot of talent in it (: Just work a bit on the general contrast of the site, it seems a bit dark to me. Keep it up! :)
Crelcreation's avatar
Hi! Thank you for your comment bro ! Your style is probably the best i've never seen before, this page didn't exist without you ! :)Thx again to make the best webdesigns
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