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Since i have noticed one hell of a rise of people drawing Stasy, or more, one to three people drawing a shit ton of her, i've felt this group is overrun with her art, so i had one of two options. Either make her her own folder so i didn't have to be annoyed every second with a wave of art, but that would be unfair for other users who would of course pester me about their own pasta getting a folder, or limit the amount of uploads. So from now on we will only be accepting 10 pieces of Stasy the Killer art a WEEK til her hype goes down.

Thank you for reading and i hope with this new rule in place that we will be able to see more pastas than just her here and i can finally have a break.
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Non-Cannon Relationships
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Collage Hodek brothers by StasyTheKiller
Hodek VS Woods by StasyTheKiller
A Job Well Done by IvyDarkRose
Goretober Day 31 by IvyDarkRose
Cannon OC Shipping
Aesthetic Love (Commission) by Rage-Rabbit
[Creepypasta] Chibi Ticci-Toby and Clockwork by JURINGO
(Slenderverse - BlackSheep) Dusk Dip by TheScarletCrow
(Slenderverse - Lionheart) Following by TheScarletCrow
Collab with Stasy the killer by Ronika-Jtk
OUT OF FOCUS - Page 72 by TheScarletCrow
Orig and OC Cosplay
Stasy The Killer (new Killer) by Ale-gotica12
(OPEN) Horror/creepypasta themed adoptable by MMD1lover1
Ask Us
Crime must die! YAY! by Ale-gotica12
Artist at work by Rage-Rabbit




The Basic Info~

Group Rules

:bulletblack: No rude comments or fights between each other.

:bulletred: If you have a tip, pointer, or request (example: a new rule) for the group, please note it instead of putting it in the chat box.

:bulletblack: If there is nothing that you can say that is either a complement, request, question, or something else that is nice, please do not comment.

:bulletred: If someone is doing something wrong, please note me, and I will personally have a talk with the person. Please do not try to handle it on your own if the problem is about the group.

:bulletblack: Please... have fun. :) If you need to talk to someone about something that is bothering you, I am more than ready to help you with your problem.~

:bulletred: Please submit to the correct folder.

:bulletblack: Misc. is for random things that doesn't fit anywhere else. MMD or SFM also fits in this category.

To submit to Canon Pastas, please make sure that the character is on the list below:

- Slenderman
- Jeff the Killer
- Laughing Jack
- Eyeless Jack
- BEN Drowned
- Masky
- Hoodie
- Ticci Toby
- Sally Williams
- Splenderman
- Sexual Offenderman
- Trenderman
- The Rake
- Jane the Killer

Make sure the art only consists of these characters and no one else to be posted in that group. If not, please place in OC Drawings or Groups






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