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RUN LLAMA RUUNNN 1st llama by:  Former user SgtGerim (I hope you make a new account and come back, I'd be your first watcher!) RUN LLAMA RUUNNN 
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Thank you to all who had given me llamas!
:iconsunset-xxx-sky:Sunset-xXx-Sky 2 0
Lazy Mornings || Link x Male!Reader
The warm sun shone from the window above, the rays tickle the arms and feet that were not covered by the thin blanket. Link scrunched his face slightly as he felt cold feet slightly cuddling up his leg and he gave a sigh. The coldness was a nice contrast to the constant heat that was a bit too much sometimes and that he seemed to radiate all the time.
There was a small mutter and a whimper that followed and the body in his arms curled up into his chest, seeking for more warmth and obviously being cold. Link buried his nose in the hair that tickled his chin just seconds ago and closed his eyes, giving one hum before snuggling closer as well.
And there you were, the son of a rich merchant who decided against all odds to come with him and join his journey. Well, wanted to but your sick body was not the best to support this decision.
And your dad, of course, was against it as well.
The thought of his only, sick son leaving the house to help a random stranger that they had taken in for a so
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 424 34
''Just Friends'' Spooning by Sapphiresenthiss ''Just Friends'' Spooning :iconsapphiresenthiss:Sapphiresenthiss 59 45
FE:A (Gaius x Reader--Cravings)
Fire Emblem: Awakening (Gaius x Reader--Cravings)
Gaius cursed himself for not replenishing his stash of sugary goodness when he had the chance. He had a bad craving for some candy. Knowing it would only get worse if he didn't tame it now, he began searching for someone who'd have sweets of some sort. The pick-pocket went to Chrom first, hoping he'd have some lemon drops or hand pulled taffy. Chrom sent him to Lissa, who might have a piece or two still. She apologized for eating the last of the peppermint sticks. The princess suggested Ricken, who referred him to Henry, who jokingly pointed him in Frederick's direction. The Great Knight offered Gaius an apple in place of candy. Gaius twitched in frustration. He took the fruit with a grunt, but didn't eat it; he gave it to a nearby horse when Frederick wasn't looking.
Growing desperate, Gaius resorted to his old tricks. He snooped through tent after tent, carefully placing things back where they belonged. After five tries he was ready t
:iconautumn-maple:Autumn-Maple 191 51
puppies. | henry
henry x fem!reader
    [Name] yawned and put away her Arcthunder tome. The day was coming to an end and fatigue was over the whole camp now. The Shepherds fought a whole pack of Risen right before turning in. Almost everyone just rested up, forgetting about the bear stew that Cherche had cooked ever so kindly.
    “Psst! [Name],” Henry cooed from behind her tent. “I want to show you something!”
The tired tactician’s eyes were heavy from exhaustion. She turned her head and looked at the dark mage with annoyance and slight… fear. Or maybe she was used to his unusual behaviour by now.
    “It’s not another...disembodied Risen arm, is it?”
    “Nya ha! Nah, ‘course not. I got rid of that thing. It’s something else,” Henry held out his hand for her to take, which she reluctantly complied to.
:iconsleepyheroprince:sleepyheroprince 155 42
Henry x Reader |Unexpected|
Everything has been so crazed as of late.
You've found yourself the center of all this insanity. Battle plans, strategies, dos and don'ts, and simple chores that needed to be done -- all on your shoulders. Whenever your workload began to thin, it felt like even more was added only moments afterwords.
The dark circles under your eyes remain a testimony for the countless hours of sleep you've lost. All of this strain you've put your body through is starting to come to light; no matter how many caffeine filled drinks you consume.
Needless to say, you're in way over your head.
Currently, you're holding a bag of cold assortments to your shoulder. In training earlier, Lon'qu accidentally managed a direct hit on your shoulder. The blame is mainly yours, since your health has fallen in a spiral downwards. Lon'qu was apologetic, but you waved him off, explaining that it wasn't that big of a deal through clenched teeth.
The red swelling on your shoulder says otherwise. A quill remains in your do
:iconattackonfanfiction:Attackonfanfiction 163 41
Real Grill Glove | Reader x Dave
A/N: Warning, cursing and a silly crack-fiction is ahead! \(•◡•)/"Are you fed up with using primitive instruments to properly grill decomposing body parts?"
The sun shone brightly above as a gentle breeze tickled your skin.
You sat at a large wooden picknick table with Dave Strider standing before you laying meat on the hot, sizzling grill.
On his left hand was a large red colored glove. With his hand he carefully place meat on the grill, as he done so he continued to advertise his cooking utensil.
"Dave Sullivan here, and this bitch is the grill glove."
Ever since you've agreed to go on an outing with a male, you never suspected such a funny twist.
Each time he'd display his glove as if it was a well earned trophy, you'd snicker to your self and giggle.
"If you've ever wanted to put your entire hand in a nipple, this is the product for you." Dave stated in a monotone voice.
You laughed once more, almost tearing up from your own amuseme
:icontimaeus-godhead:timaeus-godhead 104 27
Sheltering Home: Apple Juice Part 4
Sheltering Home (Dave X Reader)
Apple Juice
Part 4
You glanced at the mirror again and bit your lip. You had showered and dragged out your favorite dress for the date. You weren't too great with makeup, so you had kept it simple. You really wanted the date to go well, so you were a bit more nervous about your appearance than normal.
Dave watched you fidget with your hair and sighed. Once again he was left wishing he was human. You were pretty everyday, but now you were simply gorgeous. It was killing him to not be able to tell you this.
He fluttered to your shoulder and nuzzled into your neck, earning a giggle from you.
"Guess that means I look alright to you, huh?" you chirped.
A muffled caw confirmed your suspicions. You smiled and carried Dave over to his cage. He didn't even bother protesting as you locked it. You sighed in relief and grabbed your purse.
"Behave, everyone! I'll probably not get home till late. No parties while I'm gone!" you joked.
You stared at the restaurant
:iconascendingdecendant:ascendingDecendant 200 77
Movies and Kisses {Kurloz x Reader}
She walked into the living room with the bowl of popcorn in hand, the tv remote on the other and with a much happy attitude to make the Saturday night even more happier than ever. Her face is that of pure happiness as she enters the living room to her shared apartment with the Vanta's. On the couch sat Karkat and Kankri talking about something she couldn't quite hear. To their right sat Kurloz with a much bored expression on his face, he was tapping his fingers on the couch as his purple eyes watched his younger brother, Gamzee who sat in the floor surrounded by all types of Faygo, staring into the tv which was currently off.
All eyes, except those of Gamzee, land on her as she makes their way towards them. Karkat frowns and crosses his arms over his chest. He was clearly displeased by the fact ________ had taken so long in getting some popcorn done. So without a word, she hands the popcorn bowls to Kankri who takes it without a single word.
"What took you so fucking long bulgelicker?"
:iconprincesssakura1221:PrincessSakura1221 605 66
Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 218 by Sapphiresenthiss Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 218 :iconsapphiresenthiss:Sapphiresenthiss 533 751 Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 215 by Sapphiresenthiss Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 215 :iconsapphiresenthiss:Sapphiresenthiss 517 660 Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 208 by Sapphiresenthiss Adventures With Jeff The Killer - PAGE 208 :iconsapphiresenthiss:Sapphiresenthiss 523 754
Stay The Night - Noiz x Reader x Aoba
Stay The Night
Noiz x Reader x Aoba
Y/N sighed, putting down her notepad that was covered in scribbles. The young girl rubbed her temples, the irritation of having no inspiration catching up to her. "Goddamn authors block..." Grumbling, she picked up her pen again, her hands still aching from the cramps. Quickly taking a sip from her iced mocha, she messily wrote down some ideas from the top of her head.
She hear the faint sound of the door bell ringing, signaling a new costumer, but she paid no mind to it. "Oi, Y/N? Is that you?" Said girl picked her head up from the paper pad, and saw a familiar blonde standing next to her booth table. "Oh, Noiz. What're you doing here?" Y/N murmured, setting her pen down on the smooth marble glass table. Noiz grunted, sitting on the opposite side of her; staring at her confused expression. "What's that supposed to mean? Should I not be here or something?" Raising an eyebrow, he watched
:iconshewolfplayer:SheWolfPlayer 150 16
Getting along || Noiz x Male!Reader
Patchwork families are most of the time a very difficult thing. A new parent, maybe a new house and the worst of all are the new siblings that you get even if you don’t want them.
That was exactly your case.
Your dad had gotten himself a new woman after your mother had decided to spread her wings and go out with another guy.
Boy, you had never seen your father so angry before when he had found out about the affair that had been going on for six months and you honestly had been very angry as well.
Your father hadn’t even bothered arguing and fighting over it; just a few days later he had pressed the divorce papers into your mother’s hands with a slight, shit-eating smirk.
He had gotten you and your little, 13 years old brother and was happy about it.
From time to time you would see her.
Of course he still hadn’t forgiven her.
At first your father refused to go out with others but after a while of assuring him that it was fine and that he really sh
:iconfeeniecchi:Feeniecchi 819 131
NOW CLOSED: Gifts from Dreamland Charity Collab
I am sending Christmas gifts to underprivileged children in this project!! Help me send lots!!

**Collab is currently CLOSED! Thanks for all joining!!**

:+fav:'s spread the word and makes a difference!
Hello there my fellow deviants! :la:
I bring you the next collab theme!
This collab was the first collab I ever ran and I was overwhelmed to have 166 people!! I was a Gallery Moderator (Community Volunteer) at the time and tried lots of failed experiments with the community. When I failed all those times I learned more what the community likes and then came up with the idea to draw Kirbies to celebrate their 20th anniversary! I would like to walk back in time and draw Kirby again for charity!!
Examples from the First Collab!!

:icontommygk:TommyGK 91 604
Mature content
Sebastian x Male! Reader Chapter Sixteen :iconthanatos-mors:Thanatos-Mors 170 27


I missed yall don't be sad I'm back and sorry for not being active I'll post some of my drawings some day

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