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Creepypasta-Misery: A little Original Character Bio Sheet for the Proxies/Pastas out there.  (mainly for people like me who can’t draw their Reference Sheets because I lack the talent :tears: ;-; but anyone can use this)


Full Name:

Meaning of name:


Creepypasta Name:

How Did They Get This Name and Why:



Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:


Native language:

Languages spoken:

Orientation/Sexual Preference:

Zodiac Sign:


Occupation (before becoming a Pasta):

Are They Dead:
If Yes, How’d They Die:

Date of Death:

Place of Death:


Blood type:

Mental Disorder:




Powers/Special Abilities:




Hair color:


Eye color:



Scars/Weird Marking(s):







Physical Disorder/Disability:

Never Seen Without:







Most Prized Possession:


Pet Peeve:

Worst Way To Die:
Best Way To Die:

Worst Way To Kill:
Best Way To Kill (how they kill):

Targets To Killing:



Crush/Greatest Love:

Love Song:

Theme Song:

Battle Song:

Favorite Season(s):
Least Favorite Season(s):

Favorite Food(s):
Least Favorite Food(s):

Favorite Drink(s):
Least Favorite Drink(s):

Favorite Color(s):
Least Favorite Color(s):

Favorite Number(s):
Least Favorite Number(s):

Favorite Holiday(s):
Least Favorite Holiday(s):

Favorite Animal(s):
Least Favorite Animal(s):

Favorite Music:
Least Favorite Music:

Favorite TV Show/Movie(s):
Least Favorite Show/Movie(s):

Favorite Flower(s):
Least Favorite Flower(s):

Favorite Smell(s):
Least Favorite Smell(s):

Favorite Flavor(s):
Least Favorite Flavor(s):

Favorite Meal:
Least Favorite Meal:

Favorite Place(s):
Least Favorite Place(s):

Favorite Song(s):
Least Favorite song(s):

Favorite Video Game(s):
Least Favorite Video Game(s):

Favorite Subject(s):
Least Favorite Subject(s):

Favorite Shiny Thing(s):
Least Favorite Shiny Thing(s):

Seiyuu (Voice Actor/Actress):


Hair Style:
Hair Color:
Eyes Color:
_ View On Him/Her:

~Best friend~
Hair Style:
Hair Color:
Eyes Color:
_ View On Him/Her:


Other Pasta’s Thoughts:

(Feel free to add, I just put the ones that first popped into my head)
(Also feel free to delete this part if your OC doesn’t know them)

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him:

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him:

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him:

Offenderman (aka Smexy):
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him:

Ticci Toby:
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him:

Lost Silver:
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him:

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him:

Glitchy Red:
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him:

Eyeless Jack:
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him:

Laughing Jack:
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him:

Smile Dog:
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him:

Jeff the Killer:
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him:

Homicidal Liu:
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him:

Ben Drowned:
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him:

:iconimfabulousplz: I needed a Bio Sheet for Creepypastas, they only had reference sheets....  Since I can't draw, this Bio Sheet was made!  Anyone can use this, just link back here so others can use it... if they want.

Please send me your link if you use it, I'd love to read it :meow:.

This belongs to ME :iconcreepypasta-misery:Creepypasta-Misery
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Height: 5,8

Weight: 36,7

Hair color: Dark brown.

Hairstyle: Medium volumed waves and curls.

Eye color: Dull blue eyes.

Piercings: None

Tattoos: One on her ankle. ( A moon and a rose)

Scars/Weird Marking(s): 3 Long claw marks on her back

Birthmark: Located at the back of her thigh

Skin: Normal.

Clothing/Style: Black crop top hoodie with a moon symbol at the back, ripped denim jeans and a pair of black and white converses.

Plus: A white mask with a chesire grin on it.

Mask: The mask has a small moon symbol in the middle of the forehead piece.

Jewelry/Accessories: Two moon shaped earrings, two silver bracelets at each wrist with one sapphire located on each of them.

Scent: Blueberry XD

Weapon(s): A Pair Black Tupperware Kitchen Scissors that convert into knives. ( breaks apart from the middle and is able to re-attach.)

Physical Disorder/Disability: None.

Never Seen Without: Her scissors, her bracelets, her favorite black & white all-star converses.

Other: Has freckles. 


Overall: Sassy, Sarcastic, Smart ass.

Likes: Hanging out with Hoodie, moons, hoodie crop tops, scissors, quiet, cold water.

Dislikes: Toby,Ben, being bossed around, interacting, strangers, the word slave, pizza, hot water.

Hobbies: Skiing, art, martial arts.

Most Prized Possession: Her scissors.

Flaws: Anger issues, anti-socialness, bad at cooking, bad memory, bad at paying attention.

Pet Peeve: Loud people.

Worst Way To Die: Falling to death.

Best Way To Die: Getting killed in a fight with Zalgo.

Worst Way To Kill: Slitting their throats, and leaving.

Best Way To Kill (how they kill): Stabbing them in their stomachs and in their legs. Stabbing the scissor knives into both arms and trapping them. Taking out their eyes and feeding it to them, taking out their organs ( taking some home for EJ) and doing her signature move. ( Its up there, I’m too lazy to write it down here again ;-;.)

Targets To Killing: Her parents, her bullies, her teachers.


Motto(s): “I’ll be the last light you’ll ever see."

Crush/Greatest Love: Hoodie.

Love Song: None

Theme Song: Roots

Battle Song: Immortals

Favorite Season(s): Winter

Least Favorite Season(s): Summer

Favorite Food(s): Pasta

Least Favorite Food(s): Pizza

Favorite Drink(s):Frappucino ( She disguises herself to by one from starbucks.)

Least Favorite Drink(s): Coffee

Favorite Color(s): Blue and black

Least Favorite Color(s): Pink and yellow

Favorite Number(s): 36

Least Favorite Number(s): 8

Favorite Holiday(s): Halloween

Least Favorite Holiday(s): Thanksgiving ( I know she is a muslim, and they don’t celebrate these holidays but since she lives in the slender mansion they force her to.)

Favorite Animal(s): Wolves and eagles.

Least Favorite Animal(s): Cats and birds.

Favorite Music: Pop

Least Favorite Music: Rock 

Favorite TV Show/Movie(s): None

Least Favorite Show/Movie(s): None

Extra: She doesn’t watch TV that often.)

Favorite Flower(s): Roses.

Least Favorite Flower(s): Daisys.

Favorite Smell(s): Lavender scent.

Least Favorite Smell(s): Wet dog smell.

Favorite Flavor(s): Vanilla.

Least Favorite Flavor(s): Coffee flavor. ( LET THE COFFEE BURN )

Favorite Meal: Salad. ( That is a meal don’t judge her. )

Least Favorite Meal: Pizza. ( Pizza is dead to her.)

Favorite Place(s): The slender mansion.

Least Favorite Place(s): London

Favorite Song(s): Un dos tres and solo.

Least Favorite song(s): Waka-waka

Favorite Video Game(s): Mario-kart.

Least Favorite Video Game(s): Legend of Zelda. ( you know why ;-; ) (Hint: Drowning)

Favorite Subject(s): Art

Least Favorite Subject(s): Math

Favorite Shiny Thing(s): Jewels.

Least Favorite Shiny Thing(s): Leg bracelet thingys.

Seiyuu (Voice Actor/Actress): Me, I guess?



Name: John

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Hair Style: messy

Hair Color: black

Eyes Color: brown

_ View On Him/Her: John is Lu’s abusive father. She hates him for using her, and acting likes she is his slave. She hates his guts. He just hates him XD Thats it.

~Best friend~ 

Name: Brynn

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Hair Style: Down to the middle of her neck.

Hair Color: Orangish red

Eyes Color: Emerald

Extra: She has more freckles than Lunar.

_ View On Him/Her: Lunar loves Brynn, she is always kind to Lu, and always comforts her when she gets angry or anti-social. Brynn always laughs at Lunars sarcasm and Lunar is grateful for that.

Pet(s): Wolf dog. ( That is a thing xD )

Other Pasta’s Thoughts:

(Feel free to add, I just put the ones that first popped into my head)

(Also feel free to delete this part if your OC doesn’t know them)


(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: Lunar loves slender man, he understands that Lu doesn’t like to get bossed around because of her past. So, he kindly asks Lunar to do her tasks. She doesn’t get creeped out by his nonexistent face :D.


(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: Lunar likes Splendor, she just doesn’t show it. Whenever he visits he always tries to make Lunar happy. Lunar, being the quiet, angry, sarcastic asshole she is tries to ignore him. But, she still thinks splendor has a kind heart.


(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: Lunar dislikes Trender. ( He tries to make her wear something more “ Fashionable “ every time he visits.

Offenderman (aka Smexy): 

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him:  He. Is. A. Fucking. Jerk.

Ticci Toby: 

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: Lunar doesn’t like how Toby always tries to annoy the shit out of everyone, she always thinks that people deserve personal space and respect. Toby knows not to mess with Luna because of her anger issue.

Lost Silver: 

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: Lunar likes Silver, she reads him bedtime stories.


(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: Lunar likes BRVR, because he gets along with her pet. ( Nightshade )

Glitchy Red: 

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: Asshole.

Eyeless Jack: 

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: Lunar likes to hang out with EJ when she needs some quiet, alone time. EJ, is quiet as hell. Sooooo…...

Laughing Jack: 

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: Hates him.

Smile Dog: 

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: Loves him.

Jeff the Killer: 

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: Lunar surprisingly likes Jeff, they like to make sarcastic remarks and tease their friends. 

Homicidal Liu: 

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: Lunar likes Liu but when his other side is out…. Hell rises.

Ben Drowned: 

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: Perverted little dipshit.


Lunar likes Masky since they both like to hang out with hoodie.


Lunar likes Hoodie because of how of a gentleman he is, oh and don’t forget that he is dead inside. Hoodie can be quiet but he sure knows how to get Lu to laugh. Poor little Lumoo has a crush on Hoods. But, hoodie doesn’t know yet :3

notveryoriginalsorry Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018

Creepypasta OC Bio Sheet

Creepypasta-Misery: A little Original Character Bio Sheet for the Proxies/Pastas out there.  (mainly for people like me who can’t draw their Reference Sheets because I lack the talent 

 ;-; but anyone can use this)




Full Name: luna mitchels


Meaning of name: moon




Creepypasta Name: luna the psycopath


How Did They Get This Name and Why: she's insane


Gender: female 


Age: 16 


Date of Birth:09-08-2002 


Place of Birth: arizona 




Native language: english


Languages spoken:  english


Orientation/Sexual Preference: female


Zodiac Sign: aquarius


Religion: none


Occupation (before becoming a Pasta): art


Are They Dead: 

If Yes, How’d They Die: no


Date of Death: /


Place of Death:/ 




Blood type: AB-


Mental Disorder:depersonalization disorder


Phobia(s): pain


Allergies: none 


Habits:biting fingers 


Powers/Special Abilities: none




Height: 5'4


Weight: 117 pouns


Hair color: red


Hairstyle: half short other half long  


Eye color: blue


Piercings: none 


Tattoos: none 


Scars/Weird Marking(s):side arm -small scar on her cheek 


Birthmark: none 


Skin:light pale grey


Clothing/Style: formal pink dress and hoody


Jewelry/Accessories:ring around middle finger 


Scent: old perfume


Weapon(s): nails or knife


Physical Disorder/Disability: insanety -depersonalization


Never Seen Without: bruses


Other: has one eye




Overall: happy bubbly insane


Likes: cake


Dislikes: being alone 


Hobbies: drawing /art 


Most Prized Possession: sister


Flaws: bruses and scares covers her body


Pet Peeve: screeming


Worst Way To Die: alone

Best Way To Die: suiside


Worst Way To Kill:boring death 

Best Way To Kill (how they kill): the most grusem ways


Targets To Killing:doesnt kill children 




Motto(s): just kill as much as you can


Crush/Greatest Love: none


Love Song: none


Theme Song: discord


Battle Song:im gonna show you crazy 


Favorite Season(s): autum

Least Favorite Season(s): summer 


Favorite Food(s): cake/eyes

Least Favorite Food(s): kidney


Favorite Drink(s): water

Least Favorite Drink(s):blood 


Favorite Color(s): red

Least Favorite Color(s): blue


Favorite Number(s):4 

Least Favorite Number(s): none


Favorite Holiday(s): holloween

Least Favorite Holiday(s): easter


Favorite Animal(s): rat

Least Favorite Animal(s): mouse 


Favorite Music:none 

Least Favorite Music: none 


Favorite TV Show/Movie(s): none 

Least Favorite Show/Movie(s): none


Favorite Flower(s):lilly 

Least Favorite Flower(s): none 


Favorite Smell(s):cake(she loves cake 

Least Favorite Smell(s): rotten flesh


Favorite Flavor(s): cake duh

Least Favorite Flavor(s):rotten flesh 


Favorite Meal:just guess 

Least Favorite Meal: none 


Favorite Place(s):home 

Least Favorite Place(s): none 


Favorite Song(s): none

Least Favorite song(s):none 


Favorite Video Game(s): none

Least Favorite Video Game(s): none


Favorite Subject(s): none

Least Favorite Subject(s): none


Favorite Shiny Thing(s): none

Least Favorite Shiny Thing(s):none 


Seiyuu (Voice Actor/Actress): me





Name: martha

Age: 7

Gender: female

Hair Style: short

Hair Color:red brown 

Eyes Color: blue

_ View On Him/Her:everything


~Best friend~ 

Name: katie

Age: 15

Gender: female

Hair Style:long 

Hair Color: dyed purple

Eyes Color: green

_ View On Him/Her:was a good friend


Pet(s) none


From <…>


Other Pasta’s Thoughts:



(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: doesnt think much of him


Ticci Toby: 

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: a okay dude


Eyeless Jack: 

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: discusting


Laughing Jack: 

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: anoying


Smile Dog: 

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: cute wants to keep him


Jeff the Killer: 

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: cool 



Ben Drowned: 

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: cool

notveryoriginalsorry Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018
love this(i used it ;p thx)
lilshot2405 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2018

Full Name: james kater

Meaning of name: none

Nickname(s): white rabbit

Creepypasta Name: jumping blood

How Did They Get This Name and Why: beacause he stitch rabbit ear on victim and well hes a walking rabbit

Gender: male

Age: 16

Date of Birth: 2001

Place of Birth: uknown

Race/Species: walking rabbit

Native language: american

Languages spoken: all

Orientation/Sexual Preference: straight

Zodiac Sign: libra

Religion: jesus 

Occupation (before becoming a Pasta): america

Are They Dead: no
If Yes, How’d They Die:

Date of Death: none

Place of Death: none


Blood type: o

Mental Disorder: 1000 voices in his head

Phobia(s): none

Allergies: none

Habits: eating tounges

Powers/Special Abilities: teleportion telekinesis illusions


Height: 6,6

Weight: 140lbs

Hair color: white

Hairstyle: fuir

Eye color: red

Piercings: none

Tattoos: none

Scars/Weird Marking(s): none

Birthmark: none

Skin: white

Clothing/Style: ted hoodie with black jeans

Jewelry/Accessories: none

Scent: blood

Weapon(s): claws

Physical Disorder/Disability: has 1000 voices talking when hes not killing

Never Seen Without: dying

Other: has 3 glowing red eyes and two white horns


Overall: crazy

Likes: blood muder

Dislikes: peace

Hobbies: killing

Most Prized Possession: a head that he calls father

Flaws: none

Pet Peeve: none

Worst Way To Die: by a trick
Best Way To Die: by being eating by bunnys

Worst Way To Kill: fighting
Best Way To Kill (how they kill): using his illusions to torcher his victims before using telekinesis to choke it

Targets To Killing: ?

Others: ?

Motto(s): to kill zalgo

Crush/Greatest Love: none

Love Song: none

Theme Song: death punch

Battle Song: let the bodies hit the floor

Favorite Season(s): winter
Least Favorite Season(s): summer

Favorite Food(s): human flesh
Least Favorite Food(s): pizza

Favorite Drink(s): blood
Least Favorite Drink(s): soda 

Favorite Color(s): red
Least Favorite Color(s): pink

Favorite Number(s): 2405
Least Favorite Number(s): 0

Favorite Holiday(s): holloween
Least Favorite Holiday(s): valantimes day

Favorite Animal(s): bunnys
Least Favorite Animal(s): hawks 

Favorite Music: dubstep
Least Favorite Music: jazz

Favorite TV Show/Movie(s): none
Least Favorite Show/Movie(s): none

Favorite Flower(s): daisy
Least Favorite Flower(s): rose

Favorite Smell(s): blood
Least Favorite Smell(s): rose

Favorite Flavor(s): blood flesh
Least Favorite Flavor(s): soda pizza

Favorite Meal: blood and fesh
Least Favorite Meal: pizza and soda

Favorite Place(s): hell
Least Favorite Place(s): heaven

Favorite Song(s): death punch
Least Favorite song(s): x gone give it to you

Favorite Video Game(s): none
Least Favorite Video Game(s): none

Favorite Subject(s): anatomy
Least Favorite Subject(s): reading

Favorite Shiny Thing(s): claws
Least Favorite Shiny Thing(s): greas

 (Voice Actor/Actress): me


Name: none
Age: none
Hair Style: none
Hair Color: none
Eyes Color: none
_ View On Him/Her:none

~Best friend~
Name: ben
Age: 21
Gender: male
Hair Style: elf
Hair Color: blonde
Eyes Color: red
_ View On Him/Her: cool


Other Pasta’s Thoughts: he is cool

(Feel free to add, I just put the ones that first popped into my head)
(Also feel free to delete this part if your OC doesn’t know them)

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: cool

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: cool

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: cool

Offenderman (aka Smexy):
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: cool

Ticci Toby:
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: cool

Lost Silver:
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: hates him

(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: hates him

Glitchy Red:
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: cool 

Eyeless Jack:
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: cool

Laughing Jack:
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: hates

Smile Dog:
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: cool

Jeff the Killer:
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: cool

Homicidal Liu:
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: cool

Ben Drowned:
(Name)’s Thoughts On Him: cool

Clockwork :
(Names)'s Thoughts on him : likes
notveryoriginalsorry Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2018
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This is gonna sound harsh, but this sheet has become influential, so this is warranted:
1) Remove the spaces in between the categories.
2) Drop "Overall" in favor of "Archetype(s):" & remove "flaws", replace it "Traits:", place it as second category within "personality".
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I used it! If you could, would you give me some feed back?…
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I used it^^: creepypasta oc Ezekiel
tell me what you think if you read it:)
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Created an OC with your template. If you'd like to read it, here it is. Hope you like it. Thank you for letting others use the template, it's amazing! Creepypasta OC: Karma Sweating a little... 
sirinu-chi Featured By Owner May 6, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I used it!: creepypasta oc: Dos Grady
It would be great if you could tell me what you think of her^^ (only if you want too of course)
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ShadowGaming12 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
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if ya want i can credit you
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I'm working on a picture of her
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What do you mean by 'Worst way to die' and 'Best Way To Die'?
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[Creepypasta/Horror OC Ref]: Double by Hooded13
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Yoyo - Creepypasta OC by Siena1923

Also tagged you in it :)
I just felt like you should see it, and how I used it :)
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Did it^^: Creepypasta Oc Diane Underwood by LuanaSim
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I did it: Creepypasta oc: Dakota (new) by sirinu-chi
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here: creepypasta oc: oscar by sirinu-chi
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