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Jane Carter of Mars

The artists: :iconsuthnmeh::iconviolette-aner:

Guess who's played too much Femshep.
This happened thanks to a conversation with *drawanon, where after having watched John Carter, we were saying how John Carter should have totally stayed with Sola, and she gave us the idea for a female version, like in Mass Effect, Shakarian style. So the name Jane comes of course from there. And her appearance is Taylor Kitsch without his Y chromosome.
Enjoy the alien fluff (not referring to just Tars's jeddak furs).

John Carter of Mars copyright Edgar Rice Burroughs and his descendants (and maybe Disney or something). We hope Andrew Stanton likes it...
and that Mr. Burroughs is not rolling around in his grave.

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God it would be amazing if Bioware made a game based off of this world (a choose-your-path game, where what you do affects the future/what happens later down the line), except the player is the key persona, or at least, a helper/assistant/family member of John Carter (or perhaps a native of the planet trying to hold back incursions/is a personal assistant, maid, or friend of the "Princess") that gets thrown into the same world and has to survive/protect people/go on missions to get in good with the inhabitants. There could be SO much romance between human/mars/etc. etc. just like in Mass Effect. Squeeeeee~ 
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We approve of everything you just said. Please write to bioware XD
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Like they'd listen, lol. Probably address the adoring public with something like, "We'd have to shell out too much money to use the characters. No, thank you."
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Just scrolling along through the "Tars Tarkas" tag and I see this beautiful picture and think to myself "Gosh, that looks like a suthnmeh collab, I should check." YEP. You guys have such a distinct style. I love it!!!
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Maaan, Tars looks smug as all hell about having something curvy and kick-ass on hs shoulder. This is such awesome crack and where can I get more?
Seriously, I've loved genderbender fanart and fanfics for... I don't even know how long. Or why. Plus I have a thing for cross-species romances too, and with the bromance John and Tars had going on in the movie, this could only be just that.
Point is that this is hitting me in all the right spots. Thank you.
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Heh heh heh! Look at those fine green Abs!
Awesome! I love this! :clap: from tarp
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I had an infatuation with sola since I read the first book XD no sola in this drawing, awesome drawing regardless :D
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This is an awesome piece! The drawing itself is amazing, but also the textures and the wonderful Martian landscape and atmosphere! Excellent work! Tars was my favorite character in the movie, and you've done him justice here. :happybounce: Especially drawing all of his arms and posing them naturally. Great job, keep up the good work! :D
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Lol don't worry, Mo. We know the moons are not like that. They're not even like they appear in the movie. But screw it, this was more fantasy than science fiction anyway XD
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Course, Mars doesn't have two giant round moons... but I can still enjoy it and the effort that went into it, cuz you ladies do a damn fine job together.
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The appearence of two moons is what is usually called an "artisitc licence" the moons look better this way that how they are in real life especially when one of them is like a deformed potato XDDDDDD It's our touch of fiction in this fantasy/sci-fi scenario :D
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It works! Trust me, it is awesome. And there is no such thing as too much Mass Effect.

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Thank you!:aww::hug: the look of the pic is also inspired by Frazetta's painting of John Carter so, I hope science can forgive us all XDDDDD

INDEED! OMG that last DLC! was AWESOME! all the sweet Garrusness and all the time spent with the squadmates, I wanted to hug them all! but especially Tali and Jack and Wrex and EDI and Joker and Traynor and Javik (you're so cool Javik!) andandandand EVERYBODY! I love these guys! I love them all! And THAT fricking appartment was SBGSLGSHFFSLS UNBELIEVABLE! I want it!
I think it's my favourite DLC, the clone storyline is kind of silly, but fffffffffffffffghhg I DON'T care! I love the jokes and the camaraderie, and GARRUS! Jebus! all the sweet fluff :icongarrusplz::heart: ALL the glory! Love it
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I will post a hearty OMG SO MUCH INDEEDY YUS and leave it at that. :iconnewlaplz:
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:icondurrhurrplz: all the ME awesomeness! :iconlachoirplz:
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:icondurrhurrplz: all the ME awesomeness :iconlachoirplz:
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