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Sinosaurus Grunt



This is a male. Females have lighter skin, no nose horn and short spikes. These are the great dominators of planet Sinus. 

Name: Sinosaurus (Sigh-no-sore-us)
Meaning: Sinus Reptile
Height: 2 storeys tall
Weight: 8 tonnes
Population: 6 billion
Leader: Cheirus
Life expectancy: 700 million years
Misc: Very common (X), Common, Near threatened, Vulnerable, Endangered, Critically Endangered, Extinct.
Where found: Planet Sinus, Worldwide.

We all know Cheirus looked very different and shit. In his position he was mutated and doubled in size. Sinosaurs are the Third largest species alive on Sinus.
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So Sinosaurus means Sinus Reptile is just different work, But in real-life, they have a real name for this Dilophosaurid from China which is the simiar place as Dilophosaurus from North America. This is the name for Sinosaurus Triassicus or "Chinese Reptile from Triassic period."