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A Weapon of Preference
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Published: January 14, 2012
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Whew, I finally finished my first comic strip ever! You know, I'm rather proud of this. In the middle of doing this I got a ton of other ideas I wanted to draw, but I tried so hard not to get distracted. In the end it paid off...BECAUSE I'm gonna do some MORE comics! Woot!

This is a continuation for the Equestria Daily's ATG Mock War. This time it's Day Two! What fun. Yeah, I'll admit that I ended up being lazy toward the end and didn't want to include Apple Bloom's military boots. OH WELL. At least I threw in Diamond Tiara for laughs...even if she's without the tiara.

MLP FIM belongs to Lauren Faust and Hasbro
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Comments (23)
Obeliskgirljohanny's avatar
Obeliskgirljohanny|Student Digital Artist
right on applebloom XD!!!!!!
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i-love-daisy's avatar
diamond tiara's eye derp
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odst116's avatar
Looks like she*Puts on shades* just got apple pie'd YAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!
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batosan's avatar
batosan|Hobbyist General Artist
PULL! (bang!)
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Tempestwulf's avatar
Tempestwulf|Hobbyist General Artist
Next thing Apple Bloom pulls out a potato bazooka from under her shirt and annihilates D/T. This I would like to see xD
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Teddiursa3892's avatar
Teddiursa3892|Hobbyist General Artist
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Senthai's avatar
It fires delicious fruit!
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Dontbow's avatar
Dontbow|Student General Artist
Thus started Diamond Tiara's descend towards the Hatred side.
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sonamy-666's avatar
sonamy-666|Hobbyist Digital Artist
How do you like them apples Diamond Tiara?
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dragonfire238's avatar
as soon as I saw apple bloom with a gun I knew that it would shoot apples lmfao
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dragonfire238's avatar
oh and love how you gave her DAPS as part of her body armor.
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RemedyofRevenge's avatar
Idk how she even loads those apples into the gun, they're probably to busy.....BEING DELICIOUS! XD
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AnneHairball's avatar
AnneHairball|Student General Artist
We need apple guns to win the war.......

.....against hunger.
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crazyseandx's avatar
somebody must make a shot of Diamond's face in that last panel an icon for derp to come...

wait...maybe i could....

...G** D****T!!!
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Telaros's avatar
win. MUCH red delicious WIN. xD

(poor DT... that was LOW Applebloom)
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cleverscreenamehere's avatar
cleverscreenamehere|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That face
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fernindt's avatar
Oh god, AB's expressions XD
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GeneralRex's avatar
GeneralRex|Student Digital Artist

finally the gun is drawn to actually look like a pony can fire it =D

lol, that final panel was so great ='D
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CapnFabulous's avatar
"POW! Right in the kisser!"
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From the makers of Party Cannon.
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