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(Insert ship name here)
Is it so wrong for me to ship these two~
The name is a work in progress and I would love ship-name suggestions down below.
Usually I don't like taking real-life people and shipping them with fictional people( and out of all the people I shipped Speedy with it HAS to be the one who tried to kill him) but really I'm just shipping thinknoodles MASCOT with MVB,so, it's ok, right?

(Speedy Catfish x MVB ;3)

Speedy Catfish does NOT belong to me, he belongs to ThinkNoodles
(Here's his channel, He makes awesome poptropica walkthroughs/livestreams and other videos like Robloxs,Minecraft, ECT. -->… )                                                                                  
The evil twin from another world
or Poptropica Worlds!Happy Stomper paying a little long overdue visit with Poptropia!Happy.

Sweet turns sour real quick.  Stay tune for Poptropica Worlds!Happy bio sheet ;).

Arcadia: The Moxie of Explosions

Real Name:  Alison Sweeto

 Age: Late teens

 Ethnicity: African America

 Sexual Orientation: Asexual

 Home Town: Nomadic

 Power: Explosions/Implosion

 Ability: She can use the explosions to jump to higher heights and she has more body resistance then most human.

 Affiliation: None at the moment.

 Weakness: When using her powers, it’s sort of like it gun, it always bucks back, now imagine the buck 10x more powerful and the longer in use the explosion will become less powerful and begin to feed off the user energy to keep going.

 Cause of Death: She had a bomb forcefully strapped on her chest and exploded taking her and a handful of other bystanders with its detonation.

 Goals: All she really wants to know is who she was, how she died and who she left behind to understand better of who she is now.

 Personality: Before she'd died she was a very rude person in life. She would often put her personal needs first before other people and make herself the center of attention (She was basically a mean girl). Now in death she forgotten everything about herself all besides the piece of personality that stayed with her, her fears/timidness she kept well-hidden over layers of makeup and snarking remark. She's now shy/quiet and sensitive to the people and world around her but above else, she is confuse, she feels like a major part of herself was missing and it bothers her to insanity.
Why were they chosen as the Moxie of:  Stanley saw It was entertaining to see the process of the bully girl get push off her pedestal by a very gruesome death and he was impressed about how many people she was able to wrap around her fingers. He decided to give her the title mainly out of irony. She was deemed useless when Stanley discover she lost all of her "fun" quirks.
What does her voice sound like: Moriah Rose Pereira (Poppy)

 Theme Song: ???

Fun Facts:
- Her right eye pupil is permanently blown and bloodshot. A sort of reminder of her death.
- When she doodles she would subconsciously doodle items and peoples face from her living life.
- (More to add)


Real Name: Locus Hamilton

 Nickname: Wolfe, Wolfman of Wallow dale, leu

 Age: Unknown; by physically looks to be earlier 20s

 Ethnicity: Caucasian; Canadian

 Sexual Orientation: Asexual (He/Him Pronouns)

 Species: Leach

 Home Town: Unknown but current location is in Wallow dales forest.

 Occupation: Wolfman of Wallow dale, eater of children.

 Affiliation: None; Unaligned

 Goal(s): There goals remain unknown but it looks like he doesn't have one at all.

 Personality: Locus is  unpredictable and slightly bipolar; his emotions range of pure psychotic "wants to tear your face and slurp it down like noodles" to wanting to help and joking but most of the time he acts like "smarter/talking" version of Ed(Lion Kings).

 What does their voice sound like: Curtis Armstrong(Dan - Dan Vs.)

Go check out there DA and learn more about there upcoming(or already came) Web series!!! ::

#1 Fan
Hey, look who's back and in color!
This probably won't be permanent but I wanted to try it out.
I have also decided to have Happy Stomper a fan of blazingangel123 oc: Bashful Sword!
without them I wouldn't had the guts to post things on my DA and come back to the poptropica fandom. 

So, go watch them. They have awesome poptropica fanart and other artwork! :…
Alice N' Doldrum(Remake)
Lol, guess who isn't dead and got better! After years of my absence, I was trying hard in the arts of "arts" or in its native language! "Uwa, anata wa suimasen".



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dalittlewagh Featured By Owner Edited Jul 3, 2018
Hey CB. I just wanted to say that Black hat is one of my favorite villains and I'm flattered you think DB is a nice equivalent to hi.

P.S sorry for saying this in the comments, I for what ever reason was running out of character room I couldn't write very far past what I said in the note anyway thanks for pointing it out!

also happy early independence day  :flagofusa: 
Creepingbear11 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018
Its ok man, I totally understand how that could happen! 
and your welcome! I really do like your character, especially now that I know how to draw him in my own version of poptropica style! (I have been improving~)

Also happy Independence day back at cha'!
dalittlewagh Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018
Thanks for understanding, I'm not sure what happened.
I'm glad you enjoy my character enough to draw him, and I realize I'm repeating myself here but I friggin love your style!
your improvement on your already great style shows keep up the wonderful work! :) (Smile) 
13foxywolf666 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for the watch!
Creepingbear11 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018
Hell yeah man! I love your style of art and the concept you produce. Keep up the great work!
13foxywolf666 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
dalittlewagh Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2018
Happy early B-day buddy, just thought I would beat the crowd, I hope you enjoy it my friend! Party Party PARTY HARD Blower fella (Party) Day128 - Happy Birthday Birthday cake  icon 
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Creepingbear11 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2018

definitely beat 'em alright!!
dalittlewagh Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2018
No problem CB, again I hope you have a great birthday!
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