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Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

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Whooooooooo! A poster I designed! owo

I had a freaky dream after I drew the lineart for this. It was a mix between Kim possible, my current life, and Corpse Bride... o.o; there were zombie arms waving lighters! >w<

Victor and his lovely corpse bride, Emily (c) Tim Burton
Jhonny Depp (c)
Helena Bonham Carter (c)

( They copywrite themselves... I think... )
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A grave misunderstanding.....


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It's Johnny Depp not Jhonny but still really good drawing
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LOL! Victor! Stop being bi-sexual! Just take her hand! I would. LOL!
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A gay Victor LOL! Only a bi man would be afaid of a beautiful and friendly undead woman. Great art.
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da face is amazing and the whole thing is just FANTASMICAL!
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I love the way you've drawn victors face!
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Awesome!! I love The look on Victor's Face,He's like OMG *Faints*
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He's probably thinking Oh god, what the hell, what the hell what the hell, based on his expression.
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Victor's a little bit bi-sexual.
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Victor: ''Wtf?!
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He's a little bi-sexual.
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HA! Victor's face!
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He looks so freaked out lol XD
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Victor's afraid of the bone arm. He's a strange one.
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Ahh! I'm obsessed with the expression you gave him XDD It's priceless. Nice job!! :D
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I love his expression, it's perfect!
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*holy music* IT IT ITS FANTSAMGORICAL!! *dies*
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Love the attention to detail- for example- Putting the ring on the correct hand/finger- Lots of people actually miss that. Another excellent point is, of course, remembering the slogan, Victor's tie, and getting Victors hair to be pretty close! (I've tried drawing him- Its insanely hard...)
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For some reason, the look on his face reminds me of James, from Pokemon... Is that bad, considering that I used to have a crush on James and still have a crush on him?
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he's all like "HOLY SHIT!!! O_O"
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WOW!!! Victor looks REEEAAALLY good in that pic! Awesome job!
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omg the look on his face is PRICELESS!
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