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Fairy Bear by creeper23 Fairy Bear :iconcreeper23:creeper23 2 0 Doom Valentine by creeper23 Doom Valentine :iconcreeper23:creeper23 1 3 Spider-Man Valentine by creeper23 Spider-Man Valentine :iconcreeper23:creeper23 0 0
Unexpected Occasions
She lay beside him, her breathing slowly relaxing after their initial tumble in the bedroom.  He smiles and awaits her little habit, usually a mocking quotation from a romance novel that had been all the rage amongst the young kunzite when they'd been chuunin.  'Oh, Aburame-kun,' she'd coo, 'your bed is ever verdant with our love.'  She'd laugh and he could never resist laughing along.
The quote never came though.  Instead she sighed and turned over on her side to face him.  "I think I may, may, be pregnant."
His eyebrows raised at that.  
"Oh don't look at me like that.  You had to know your…seed would eventually bloom."  This is real. She always pauses when it comes to speaking seriously about anything even remotely sexual.  Another habit she picked up from Guy, he thinks, but then again Tenten is incredibly shy when it comes to certain topics.  Its attractive to him, though he's
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Secret Santa for :devchima: by creeper23 Secret Santa for :devchima: :iconcreeper23:creeper23 0 0
Only Skin
Tenten sat quietly by the riverside, her eyes half closed as the warm sun lulled her to sleep while her hand half-heartedly held onto a  cane fishing pole.  The sound of approaching footsteps brought a smile to her face, though the touch of his fingertips to her shoulder brought a slight jump to her heart.  "What brings you down here, Shino?"
Shino only gave her a look in response, as if to say, 'Do you have to ask?'
"Keep at this and the villagers are going to talk," she said with a coquettish grin.  "A ninja and a kunoichi by themselves on a spring day.  Surely some torrid affair must be taking place."
"I've only come to check the fishing conditions," he said matter of factly.
Tenten frowned at his unwillingness to play along .  Carefully placing her fishing pole to her side, she turned to look at him.  "You know, you can be honest with me, Shino.  You don't have to make up excuses.  We're past
:iconcreeper23:creeper23 3 5
Pairing: Nejiten
Category: Slice of Life
Words: 492
Prompt: "The Clothes Make the (wo)Man"
"It's just for a few days, Neji," Tenten repeated for the fifteenth time as she placed the unfamiliar cap on her head.  The mission was a simple one: infiltrate the Village Hidden in the Wind, blend in and find what information they could glean from the local leaders and villagers alike on their hierarchy and customs.  The village was young in comparison to many of Konoha's allies and enemies, but there was promise if the Village Hidden in the Wind's recent dealings with Konoha's merchants were any sign.
"I don't feel comfortable in these clothes," Neji groused, though Tenten ignored it.  The clothing was simple and made of much hardier materials than those found in Konoha. Then again the climate and terrain were much rougher here too.   Nights that dropped down to twenty and days that only got up to fifty in the summer.  
"You look so cute i
:iconcreeper23:creeper23 7 6
Seasons with Shino and Tenten by creeper23 Seasons with Shino and Tenten :iconcreeper23:creeper23 10 9 Day 7: No One Needs to Know by creeper23 Day 7: No One Needs to Know :iconcreeper23:creeper23 2 0
Beach House 'Zebra'- You Know You're Gold
Tenten is Autumn in the way she enters his room without the slightest disturbance.  Absent one minute, there a second later with a notice from the Hokage in hand and a small knowing grin on her face.  She's only been to his apartment a handful of times, but never once do her eyes wander about the room as if trying to decide what sort of person he is.  They are always on him and in some ways he wished she were like everyone else.  It would make him feel more comfortable.
"A mission," he says as he leans forward to take the scroll from her hand.
"Mmm-hmm," she says in a way that walks a tightrope between playful and deathly serious.  He's long since chalked it up to her choice of friends and most importantly, her mentor, Maito Gai.
He peruses the scroll, taking in the important details and doing his level best not to look and see what she's doing while he reads.  Even with his training h
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The Littlest Fury by perpetual-insomniac The Littlest Fury :iconperpetual-insomniac:perpetual-insomniac 68 16 Ravaging Shadow by JoJoesArt Ravaging Shadow :iconjojoesart:JoJoesArt 2,538 190 Persona - KanRise - SALUTE by shinolover55 Persona - KanRise - SALUTE :iconshinolover55:shinolover55 17 11 Beak and Angel by yunni Beak and Angel :iconyunni:yunni 28 21
Memories of a growing love
     This was the day, but it was only one of many.  Shino finished writing on the last page of his journal and opened the chest he kept under his bed.  Each journal was a volume of a year in his life.  For obvious reasons he had been unable to write the first five journals, so his mother had done those.  He would often turn to those when he was in need of strength.  The entries in the older journals did have embarrassing events, but his mother recorded her hopes for his life, lessons that would help him once he was old enough, and a great deal of common sense and advice.
     Each day was a gift, there was always something important happening, and Shino never wanted to miss that.  For a moment he thought about his beloved team mates, Inuzuka Kiba and Hyuuga Hinata.  They each had remarkable powers of observation, but at times he felt their vision and senses limited.&
:iconmistermadigan:mistermadigan 9 9
Commission: Marvel DC Drabbles
Commissioned Marvel and DC drabbles
Mister Bones/ Power Girl(Kara)
It had haunted him for years now, the fact that he had no grave to visit, nor even a name. An odd smile crossed his face as Bones looked across the cemetery. Dead leaves crunched beneath his footsteps as he walked, his eyes trailing from stone to stone. Name to name. This had to be some kind of irony. A living skeleton wandering among buried corpses, looking for answers. Of course he wasn't really a skeleton. Just as pale as one and his face was unmistakably that of a skull. Not that he minded or spent time grieving his appearances like others. This was just how he was and had always been. Perhaps not what he was supposed to be though.
That was why he found himself wandering tombstones now in Harlem. It was a fool's errand, but he couldn't help hoping that some name might spark something inside of him. He had to at least know his real parent's name on a base level. At the very least his m
:iconinnocent-rebel:innocent-rebel 2 2
Jubilee 1-26-11 by mikemaihack Jubilee 1-26-11 :iconmikemaihack:mikemaihack 265 53
Commission: Marvel Drabbles
1. Poison
Working in the medical unit, Physique had come to know her fair share of poisons and even aided in inventing some for use against renegade mutants and heroes. She knew about the side affects, and that the best course of action was always to go to the introduction site, and keep the infected still, lest the poison spread and kill them faster. Even knowing this though, there were still some kinds of poison that seemed to force the patient to keep moving in hopes of spreading the affects and still some where moving was their only hope.
That's how she felt now. As if moving was her only chance of survival and at the same time, completely trapped from doing so, her eyes narrowed as she watched. Jealousy was another type of poison and one she wasn't used to dealing with. But she felt it when she saw him offering a slight smile to another woman, and more self conscious than she ever wanted to admit. When it came to aspects of physical beauty, she knew
:iconinnocent-rebel:innocent-rebel 3 5
AT- Red romance by NicoLin AT- Red romance :iconnicolin:NicoLin 5 8 Bleach Pairings by tarkheki Bleach Pairings :icontarkheki:tarkheki 2,909 930 P4 - KanRise - How. by shinolover55 P4 - KanRise - How. :iconshinolover55:shinolover55 41 27 GD: Close to you by DrCrafty GD: Close to you :icondrcrafty:DrCrafty 65 72 Green Detective: Dynamite by DrCrafty Green Detective: Dynamite :icondrcrafty:DrCrafty 53 32 girl walking octopus by somefield girl walking octopus :iconsomefield:somefield 2,538 122



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Marvel and DC drabble commission   InnocentRebel  did this for me recently and they are awesome!
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