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Published: January 2, 2017
Official ownership info added!

✦ Poffee Info Center ✦

Just about any and all info on Poffees can be found on this original ✦ species page: ✦ [Crederia Exclusive] :: Poffees by PhloxeButt but this journal will serve as the main info center and will be here in case you all have questions regarding poffees! PLEASE read the full information on the image above! It contains any and all info about creating and using your Poffee!

To create your own Poffee you MUST be a member of :iconcrederia: and must plan to participate at least once a month with your Poffee. This species is Conditionally Open and will be available to Crederia members ONLY.


✦✦✦ What are Poffees? ✦✦✦
Poffees are a small and intelligent species that inhabits just about every part of Crederia! They have existed and intermingled with other Crederian species for as long as their oldest members can remember. Poffees are very team oriented and have, since their creation, been a part of specialized Guilds that are exclusively for Poffees themselves.

These guilds are large and abundant, and when a Poffee reaches adolescence they are given a blank Guild Charm. This charm allows them to choose from several Guilds. In the end they decide 1 Guild to join and they stay with this guild for the rest of their lives. Once they choose, the guilds specific "rune" appears permanently on that Poffees forehead. This rune can not be changed and is permanent. (under very special circumstances a poffee can change their rune but it is not available at this moment!)

A Poffees guild basically becomes family. Guild members support each other and are always readily available to help partners in need. Guilds have no bearing on what a Poffee can do but Guilds often attract a certain kind of Poffee! (explanations later below)


✦✦✦ How to Gain FULL OWNERSHIP if your Poffee ✦✦✦

✦ You must have your POFFEE active for 6 FULL MONTHS

✦ A minimum of one prompt entry per month is required. spare change will NOT count

✦ You will be given one free penalty month where, if you fail to participate for a month, you can use up your penalty month to keep the temporary ownership instead of losing it and having to re-do the application

✦ If you have used up your penalty month or don't want to use it up then your character will be suspended for 1 FULL MONTH starting from the suspension date and 31 days later. (31 will be the standard regardless of the actual month days)

✦ You must send a note to the group with your date of suspension and re-send your poffee in with links to your current prompt entries. Once they match up to our info we will re add you to the temporary poffee list and you may resume your progress!

✦ After the 6th consecutive month of participating the POFFEE is yours and you'll be added to the Official Poffee Ownership list :3




✦ Poffee Registry Sheets:: ✦ [Crederia Exclusive] :: Poffee Registry Sheets by PhloxeButt | Visuals of the current poffee sheets. Please DO NOT use these for your Poffees. Once your Poffee is approved you will be linked to the actual full sized registry sheets that you can then sumbit to the ✦ ✦ Poffee Registry Folder ✦ ✦


✦ Poffee Treasury ✦ :: Actually the Crederia Treasury but at the very bottom you'll find the Poffee specific treasury! If your coin count is incorrect please let the group know with links to your entries! Please make sure to always keep coin count yourself just in case the treasury messes up.


✦ Poffee Limitations ✦
Due to poffees being completely free to apply for and design, there will be limitations placed on them for certain events within the group.

✦ Spare Change Limits ✦ :: Poffees will not be counted towards the character referral points! All other achievements will be counted. Spare Change Info!

✦ Contests ✦ :: Contests that require character interactions/stories/etc will not allow Poffees to enter! Explicit disclaimers will be posted on each contest if they don't allow Poffees.

✦ More to be added later! ✦


✦ Poffee Upgrade Shop ✦

With Poffees being a separate part of Crederia they get their own Upgrade shop!

✦ 3 Coins ✦ :: Add a Small MYO Accessory to your Poffee!

✦ 10 Coins ✦ :: A MYO Tailor Ticket :: This grants you the ability to make 1 MYO Full Outfit for your Poffee! (this excludes cloaks, armor, and crowns!)

✦ 10 Coins ✦ :: Edit/Exchange an Uncommon trait on your Poffee!

✦ 10 Coins ✦ :: Add an Uncommon Trait to your Poffee for the first time.

✦ 15 Coins ✦ :: Add an Uncommon Trait to your Poffee for the second time.

✦ 20 Coins ✦ :: Add an Uncommon Trait to your Poffee for the third time.

✦ 25 Coins ✦ :: Add an Uncommon Trait to your Poffee for the final time.

✦30 Coins ✦ :: Base transfer for your Poffee by PhloxeButt (Each single Poffee can be put onto each base once!)

✦ 40 Coins ✦ :: Premium Tailor Ticket :: This grants you the ability to get a Custom outfit from PhloxeButt for your Poffee (may have a max use in the future per Poffee)

✦ 50 Coins ✦ :: Add a rare trait onto your Poffee for the first time!

✦ Poffee Magic Shop ✦

Poffees will be getting a special shop that specializes in magical upgrades. These are rare due to Poffees not being able to use magic commonly!

--- nothing here now! ---


If you have any questions please feel free to ask here on this journal!
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The upgrades say things like uncommon and rare traits yet I can not find any info about what those traits would be.