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Please Ignore this!! by PhloxeButt{Matchmaking} Please Ignore this!! by PhloxeButt

a place for you to post your registered characters and try to find various relationships for them! i know i have a hard time going to someone and asking personally so this is a more open space for those of you who'd like to throw your babs out there!

please keep talk in this journal revolving around character interaction. i'd like to avoid non related clutter, thank you for understanding! (keep things revolving around characters and that sort of talk! out of character conversations, compliments/praise, and such should be left outside of this journal!)

roleplaying is not required. i personally can't do it and know others have trouble as well, but if you're looking for rp partners this is a potential meeting spot!

please be sure to respect each other and your decisions. if someone is not comfortable with something please do not push them!

please note that within this world and as a whole the species found here are capable of having a multitude of various types of relationships and can love in many forms (from friends to family to romantic relationships. they can experience these types of love uniquely or all together, its up to you as the owner to decide what you want to do with them!) Please be respectful of others decisions concerning their character!

Please Ignore this!! by PhloxeButt{Rules and Guidelines} Please Ignore this!! by PhloxeButt

Registry Sheet: (Link or thumbnail to your character)
Looking For?: (friends, partners, rivals, love interests, family?)
Roleplay?: (do you roleplay? if so what are the types of roleplay you like to do?)
Prompts: (yes or no? if you do not want your character used in prompts you are free to express so)

Please Ignore this!! by PhloxeButtExample Please Ignore this!! by PhloxeButt

Registry Sheet: {Ref} - Mana by PhloxeButt
Looking For?: Friends and Partners (prefers babs with high energy! he goes a bit fast and is always on the move doing something)
Roleplay?: Skype preferably
Personality: Small and full of compassion, this bab is always on the lookout for others that need help! They are always willing to lend a hand.
Prompts: yes! but please ask me beforehand
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Registry Sheet:  Crederia Regisrty Sheet Mantibab - Violet by KenotheWolf
Looking For?: Friends (that I may draw in prompts)
Roleplay?: Sorry im not into rp that much anymore
Personality: Happy, Playful, Stubborn, Faithful, Mysterious, Cute, Optimisitc, Curious,.
Prompts: You can implement all my Mantibabs into your prompts without asking (or having them befriend with yours), until I say otherswhise on special characters.

My newest Mantibab will be added here under this comment as soon as I may post him.