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Prompts are currently the primary method of earning Coins which can be spent in areas like the Prize Boutique! Prompts can be completed with drawn or written entries, and you can find the prompt rules at the bottom of this journal.


✦ Requirements ✦
✦ --

Reward: -- Coins!
Detailed/Involved backgrounds gift you and extra 2 Coins!

Bonus Coins: ✦ 1 extra coin will be rewarded for every fully drawn Crederian in this prompt! (max 6 extra characters/coins!)  ✦ 1 extra coin may be rewarded if you choose to include a min. 500 word paragraph about how your Crederian is feeling during this experience! ✦

Deadline: -- @ -- PM (PST)

✦ Prompt Rules! ✦

✦ Each user may submit up to 4 prompt entries per prompt!

✦ Please fill out the following form in your prompt submission description:

✦ Prompt ✦ {title of prompt}
✦ My Crederian ✦ {name of your Crederian used in prompt}
✦ Prompt Description ✦ {brief description of what's going on in your image for drawn entries}
✦ Predicted Earnings ✦ # {# of coins expected to earn}
✦ Registry Sheets ✦
{link to registry sheet of each Crederian included in your prompt, including your own!}

✦ Drawn Entries ✦

✦ Please include the prompt title in your submission title!
✦ Entries must be completely your own work, please do not collaborate with another user!
Entries should include at least 75% of the Crederian/s depicted, lined, colored, shaded, and include at least a limited background
A limited background means the character is placed in an environmental background of some kind. Background elements should be identifiable and not ambiguous. If your entry canvas is not a usual rectangular shape (like a circle, for example), please be sure the background encompasses the vast majority of the characters! A tiny background with characters placed mostly outside of it would not fit this requirement. Example of an acceptable limited background: Worth the Effort by papyrsatyr
✦ To earn the background bonus coins, your entry must include a detailed background.
A detailed background means that the character is placed in an environment which is clearly defined, with at least 3 kinds of major background elements. The sky and ground don't count, though! Examples of major background elements are: boulders, trees, shrubbery, bodies of water, etc. A good example of an acceptable detailed background would be this prompt entry by papyrsatyr; the major background elements included are trees, shrubbery, and the large puddle!
✦ You may choose to do lineless entries, but in that case please be sure your work is still shaded with all features of the character clearly depicted
✦ Entries must include a written description of what is happening in the image!
This rule was apparently always in place, but we will be enforcing it more strictly now! Just to give us a better understanding in case we are unclear on everything you've drawn!
✦ Prompts must be submitted on-time to the Prompts folder. We cannot accept late entries!
Remember to include the registry sheet of every Crederian used in the description of your prompt!

✦ Written Entries ✦

✦ Please include the prompt title in your submission title!
✦ Entries must be completely your own work, please do not collaborate with another user!
✦ Entries should at least somewhat describe the environment in which your Crederian is having their experience
So please no dialogue-only entries!
✦ Prompt entries must be 1500 words minimum to earn the base prompt entry coins
✦ To earn the usual bonus coins, an added 1000 words should be added (2500 total)

I'm too tired to continue this right now but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask us! I tried to make these as clear as possible but I'd believe I fudged it up in some parts ;w;

Blank registry sheets can be found Here!

Registered Characters can be found here!

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can we have multiples of our Crederians receiving their gifts in one prompt? or is it one gift per prompt