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Published: September 11, 2016

✦ Crederia Group Information ✦

This is where you can find all general info pertaining to Crederia and its journals!

✦ Group Rules ✦

• To participate in prompts and events (excluding contests and spare change) you must own an official design from PhloxeButt or burrdog (must be one of the allotted species)

• If you have any problems with another member please let one of the mods know! We want this to be a kind and fun group!​

• Harassment, Spam, and Harmful actions are not allowed and will be monitored and taken care of as promptly as possible.

•Characters that you plan to trade or are not fully set on keeping should not be submitted to the group.​​ (this applies to characters you are currently trading as well)

•If you trade a registered character away you must notify the group so all of its achievements, companions, and trophies can be wiped clean.

✦ Helpful Links ✦

✦ Prompt Rules and Information ✦
In detail rules pertaining to prompts!

✦ Character Registry ✦
Rules that detail how to register your character and the requirements revolving around that!

Registry sheets, Magic, and other Community information can be found here!

Earn coins by just enjoying your character and reaching specific milestones within the group!

Will be updated regularly bi monthly with the current prompt!

Trade in coins to upgrade your character or get special bonuses!

Find a prompt partner, rp partner, or just find other people looking for character relationships!
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feltstickersProfessional Digital Artist
hi there i was wondering if ferragons are allowed to participate in Crederia? thanks
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burrdog Digital Artist
ferragons need to undergo a little updating before they can be allowed to join, but i was just talking with jawn about that yesterday- they're definitely at the forefront of our minds and we hope to make a number of species available for crederia very soon! 
feltstickers's avatar
feltstickersProfessional Digital Artist
ok great thanks so much!