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✦ Trading Hub Guidelines ✦

The trading hub folder will be used for people who want to trade, sell, or gift away their Crederian characters! We would like to provide a place for people to advertise the sale or trade or gifting of their Crederians, so our focus is on journals for things like that, specifically.

✦ Title of Journal must include  "Crederia Hub::" as the first part of the title, you should then include the species name or "trading/selling" depending on your situation. (ex. "Crederia Hub:: Selling Bab, Leloko")

Crederian Hub journals may only include Crederian Species. Your "Crederia Hub" journal may not contain other species or you will find it rejected. "General Species" trading journals should not be submitted to this group; For example if you are trading a Mantibab and a non-Crederian species character, then this would not be the place to submit that journal! You could instead make a trading journal which advertises only your Mantibab to submit here!

✦ You may include what you are looking for in your title, i.e. "LF: [Other Species Name]", but remember, please do not include non-Crederian offers in your trade journal.

✦ We will not be accepting "seeking" journals, only "trading" or "selling" journals-- we'd like this hub to be a place for people to browse available Crederians for trade or purchase!

✦ We will not be accepting "tentative" trades, please only submit if you are actively looking to trade away a Crederian design.

Journal may be updated with more/different rules or wording, please check back if it's been a while!
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