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Published: October 1, 2016

Quick Update!

Hello! Burr here with a quick update! While the group isn't opened yet, there's starting to be some work going on behind the scenes! For meee personally, my old method of keeping up with the treasury was horrendous, and way more work than it should have been, so I spent a few hours putting together a new spreadsheet for myself that will hhhhopefully! be a better means of keeping track of everything!

Another little update, the Poffee Treasury no longer exists! It's been absorbed into the default Crederia Treasury, as we've decided to go in a different direction with our plans for poffee traits & how they'll be earned >:0c Don't be alarmed if you scroll all the way down only to find you've poofed, your username should be placed in its appropriate alphabetical spot in the big treasury list!

That's all for now, thank you!

Treasury is now being updated with each submission's acceptance into the group!* If your image was accepted but your coin count is not reflected here, please let us know! *Monthly prompt entries will be counted once the prompt is over like most prompts until we can get a more efficient system down ;;


✦ Crederia Grand Treasury ✦

Hello hello, welcome to the Crederia Grand Treasury! This treasury will keep log of all currency earned by members! At the time, the only currency available to be earned is Coins !

✦If you think one of your entries hasn't been counted please do comment with them and one of our mods will get back to you!
✦Currency will be counted at the end of each event

✦If you trade away your character its exp, bonuses, items, companions, etc will be wiped clean.
✦Currency is tied to your account and not your character, so your currency will stay the same.

Names are listed alphabetically starting with #

Username: # of coins
Registered character: EXP/Other

✦ #✦

404msg: 6
5019: 74
61px: 3

✦ A ✦

Aekaitz: 5
AgentCorrina: 3
Aheniru: 2
alarmed-dingoes: 8
AliLV: 2
Amarisil: 11
avokiss: 5

✦ B ✦

T1mberline: 3
Bronwyn--Leblanc: 37
BitsAndStitch: 5
burrdog: 33 (ignore me im here for fun)

✦ C ✦

catcalled: 6
Celloco: 18
Chairiel: 12
CherryTrabbit: 32
CloverCoin: 23
Coffee-ARPG: 10
CrackACoolCola: 3
cyndaoli: 17

✦ D ✦

dayne-doe: 9
DevineDrawings: 12
DRD-FunTime: 13
dweebasaurus: 7

✦ E ✦

earthcult: 14
EBZi: 3
eltydraws: 7
TropicalPrimate: 3
EXxiilED: 3

✦ F ✦

Faux-Storm: 16
faios: 33
Fayren: 15
Feathered-Knight: 5
feltstickers: 12
Ferngirl: 6
ferretiel: 20
Flammara: 3
FleurDeLynx: 16
Fyurama: 3

✦ G ✦

gemboundGoat: 12
Gingler: 2
GrimmTail: 10

✦ H ✦

✦ I ✦

✦ J ✦

Jaggerun: 3
Jaydoge: 7
JeanPolnareff: 2
JiggyJaggy: 2
JuliaFliess: 16

✦ K ✦

boatkaptain: 7
KenotheWolf: 15
KlockworkKat: 9

✦ L ✦

Lemongu:  53
LunarEden:  5
Lusomnia: 3

✦ M ✦

Mad-Izoku: 18
maluny: 5
mamasaurus: 13
manacats: 2
Miss-Bowtie: 12
Miss-Italia: 3
modest-mice: 3
mogorii: 18
MortalKAkatsuki96: 3
muxloe: 3

✦ N ✦

NadopT: 3
Neat-Cat: 10
Nimbose: 3
Nokkelborth: 15

✦ O ✦

onigiryStuff: 34
onioned: 27
Obsidian-bubble: 3

✦ P ✦

Panneh: 18
ParadiseFever: 20
Pietastic-games: 101
PixieParty: 11

✦ Q ✦


✦ R ✦

Rainbow-Moose: 4
Raptorwolf-ARPG: 5
Rebelmechwolf: 15
Revska: 3
Reykjaviik: 36
rilevioli: 8
royalteal: 12

✦ S ✦

samaeIis: 7
seamus-harper: 2
ShadowGamerGirl: 6
Siliciaaa: 8
skyantelope: 18
skyoatic: 15
sleepyheadt: 6
Slithertoes: 7
SnakePill: 8
Staarbytes: 3
starnaps: 3
StyxLady: 3

✦ T ✦

tessary: 6
Tevros: 7
TheLieutenant: 20
tiffmagius: 2
toyful: 29
TsunaChu: 15
TwitchyWitch: 6

✦ U ✦

uqv: 3

✦ V ✦

alaeries: 15
Vaitael: 12
vucula: 26

✦ W ✦

Wednesdayss: 3
Wereprincex: 6
blackpyres: 15

✦ X ✦

✦ Y ✦

Yukonix: 10

✦ Z ✦

ZombieVelociraptor: 15

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avokissHobbyist General Artist
Hey there, whenever you get the chance, could you combine my 2 leftover points listed under my old username 'stayria' with my 3 under 'avokiss' ? Thank you much!
burrdog's avatar
burrdog Digital Artist
Done and one! Sorry about the delay! 
Fayren's avatar
Hello! :3 I believe I'm missing three coins from submitting Lazarus 'v`

[Crederia] - Lazarus by Fayren
burrdog's avatar
burrdog Digital Artist
Oop! It was actually Bloom I hadn't counted yet ;v; should be updated! 
Fayren's avatar
thank you though!! I appreciate it :3c
burrdog's avatar
burrdog Digital Artist
of course!! 
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DarkRainbowDragonHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
Purchase Form
Crederian's Registry Sheet:  -need name- restry ref sheet by DarkRainbowDragon  
lPrize(s) Redeeming: first uncommon trait (15 coins)
# of Coins Before Purchase: 15
# of Coins After Purchase: 0
Written Description: i want to Change the short foxy tail to the sizeable Fox tail
burrdog's avatar
burrdog Digital Artist
Your # of coins before purchase was actually 28, leaving you with 13 after this purchase!
I've removed the coins from your treasury, you are welcome to update your bab's art whenever you'd like : D
DarkRainbowDragon's avatar
DarkRainbowDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
ok :D

is it possiple to get the offical art updated of my bab?
Darkrainbowdragon Edit By Phloxebutt-daj1tk5 
burrdog's avatar
burrdog Digital Artist
I'm sorry, we don't update official art whenever folks get trait updates-- that would be just too much work for us! 
toyful's avatar
Just as a little headsup since I used to be @/boyfella my coins are split in the B category and the T category, I should have 14 total ^w^
burrdog's avatar
burrdog Digital Artist
oh!!! thanks for letting me know ;w; 
Raptorwolf-ARPG's avatar
Raptorwolf-ARPGStudent Digital Artist
you misspelled my @, btw
burrdog's avatar
burrdog Digital Artist
wHOOPS sorry!! I type the names by hand when im updating stuff rather than copy and paste so tbh im surprised i havent hecked up sooner :'D 
Raptorwolf-ARPG's avatar
Raptorwolf-ARPGStudent Digital Artist
it's fine!! ;w;/
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