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✦ Crederia Discord ✦

Hey guys! we've been seeing a bunch of fresh faces here in the group and we couldn't be more excited about it! This has been around for quite a while already but i realized there was no explicit link here on the group itself! I'll be adding a button to the front page with a link but just so you newer members (and older members who weren't aware!) know we do have a very lenient and friendly Discord chat!

Click here to jump in and chat with us! :3c

below is the copy/pasted info from the original journal on the PhloxeButt account

You do NOT need to own a Crederian species to join the chat! It's open to anyone who enjoys or is interested in the species!

please be sure to read the pinned messages on each channel :3c thanks guys!

You can talk to me and to everyone else who happens to join! Most chats are for my species specifically but we have general chat + species rec/showcase/advetisement chat! You can also hop in and ask me about my species lore or little details and if i have an answer i will give it!

you can also give suggestions about the groups inner workings or just general feedback about anything pertaining to Crederia!

✦ Please be kind to your fellow members!
✦ Keep things clean, no 18+ stuff whatsoever!
✦ Harassment and excessive rudeness will be met with a ban

If you need to get my attention please feel free to @ me! I will answer as soon as i possibly can :3 I am most active on discord so that would be the most reliable place to reach me! (phloxe)
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