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Welcome to the vast and colorful world of Crederia!

This is the official Crederia ARPG group dedicated to the various species created by PhloxeButt and burrdog . The group has permanently relocated to it's own site for ease of use and to keep everything up to date, you're fully welcome to join us over there!

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Crederia is currently under serious development! If you'd like to follow any updates please join the crederia discord!

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Clear-Dice Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2023
Hey I looking for some help trying to find out if this design is part of the Mantibab species. 
This is charcater:

If anyone knows the artist that would be helpful too. 
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SpottedCrows Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2022  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, I was wondering if y'all have a discord? I don't have any Crederia creatures but I really enjoy drawing them and was hoping there was a more direct mode of communicating and connecting w the community!
(1 Reply)
GriffinDragonhands Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2020
Hello, I joined this group on an old account I don’t use anymore ( Raptorwolf-ARPG), should I resubmit my character on this account?
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starlightdoggo Featured By Owner May 15, 2020
yay I got in
skyantelope Featured By Owner May 8, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
howdy all! just got a mantibab again after being out of the cs game for a few years. could i get a refresher on how to add hair to a bab's design?? i've been poking around and i think i need to get a Minor Modification for 25 coins? but i'm not positive and figured i'd ask!
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