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Under Construction

Under construction!
Currently testing custom boxes and effects! if you're interested in helping out and know how to code please note us! We'd be happy to discuss compensation :3



Welcome to the vast and colorful world of Crederia
This is the official arpg group for multiple species created by PhloxeButt and burrdog
Most of the species in this group are closed, but we currently have one free exclusive species and plan to implement more in the future! Please check out Poffees if interested!

Crederia is a fantasy based world where all manner of species live and coexist with one another, enjoying life and taking in the magical essence that fills the earth. Full of lush and vibrant life, Crederia is a beautiful place to call home.


✦ Terms of Service ✦



any and all info seen in this group and in the Crederia site is all still under construction and may change without any notice!



✦ -- ✦
Reward: -- Coins

Deadline: --

Crederia is on hiatus! This means no new prompts or events until we come back! Shops and coin exchanges are still open though ^^

Info Box


✦ Moderators ✦

PhloxeButt & burrdog co run this group together! Phloxebutt creates the core events and concepts while Burrdog manages the inner workings and pr of the group. If you have any questions or need help with anything Burrdog is your go to person!


Pietastic-Creations is our beloved Contributor who's just getting started with helping Crederia make the best group it can be!


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GriffinDragonhands Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2020
Hello, I joined this group on an old account I don’t use anymore ( Raptorwolf-ARPG), should I resubmit my character on this account?
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starlightdoggo Featured By Owner May 15, 2020
yay I got in
skyantelope Featured By Owner May 8, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
howdy all! just got a mantibab again after being out of the cs game for a few years. could i get a refresher on how to add hair to a bab's design?? i've been poking around and i think i need to get a Minor Modification for 25 coins? but i'm not positive and figured i'd ask!
(1 Reply)
eltydraws Featured By Owner May 1, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are the curators still accepting submissions for Poffee designs? I believe that I did everything that I was required to do, but I haven't heard back from anyone
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AutumnCookies Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2020
Does anyone know who is the curator of the skullcrushers??
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