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Switzerland // Hoengg // 21.9.2003

Another IR-photo from the "Regenerate" series I took at my local chillout spot last September. After looking trough the archives I found this one and thought it was worth submitting.
For technical and general informations about this piece/place check out regenerate and regenerate II

No manip...


Sometimes it takes time to recognize the aesthetic aspect of life. Stop
dead in your tracks and breathe in deep. A leaf waving invitingly in the
warm summer draft. Come on friend, rest some after an exhausting day,
taste the sweet relief. Put aside your worries, charge on nature.
Regenerate yourself. That‚s what I think.

Sometimes it takes time to accept the aesthetic aspect of life. Sit
down, light up and hang out for a while. I know, it's hard to take all
too often. The crystal clear sky so overwhelming, so overpowering. The
magnificence of the world around you turning into a painting by Dali.
Complete with dripping clocks with the seconds dancing by. The smell of
upcoming rain.

Sometimes it takes time to remember the aesthetic aspect of life. It's
minutes like these that make life worth living - maybe it's just an
enchantment of everyday routine. Yet still, through its beauty in
untouchable form, it cramps my style. Its apparent bliss makes me nervous.
We can't stop the wheels from turning and maybe, I think with a smile on
my face, maybe that's the great thing about it. Minutes, hours, weeks -
all moving into the perpetual. Perhaps the point is just to sit here and
think about it.

Written by *aap

Hope some of you like it...


Edit - changed border from white to black
Image size
1022x738px 507.53 KB
Shutter Speed
10/600 second
Focal Length
10 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Sep 21, 2003, 5:07:39 PM
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Comments (95)
coltchr's avatar
Great pic and poem
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inflight's avatar
now, that's mild... i like the contrast between the blossom and the sky... great atmosphere! im not sure about the toning, but yeah, GREAT IMAGE.

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AlohaMamma's avatar
So beautiful and I can relate to that poem!
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WildeGeeks's avatar
WildeGeeks|Professional Artisan Crafter
Beautiful setting, lovely color.
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mojaam's avatar
This is really deep. Beautiful shot.
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beautiful!!!!! I just...cant get enough of it.
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nemmy's avatar
you say no manip Yves....how did you get the green tonnes? am curious to your method.

wonderful piece..and i love the words...are those from your brother? it really finishes the piece off. :)
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aap's avatar
Mh...I'm Yves brother? Funny, I thought I was his grandma.
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Karma021's avatar
Karma021|Hobbyist Interface Designer
beautiful...congrats :D !!!
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ambicubus's avatar
ambicubus|Professional Photographer
(I can't view the full version so bear with me) :)
I really like the leaves of the trees, they almost seem kind of pink the way they were captured despite that they aren't. The tree itself adds in a nice element of shading and contrast which ties nicely in with the dark colour of the bench and (your?) pants. The type of emotion I derive from this is sadness yet in a beautiful sort of way. A boy could be so sad in such a beautiful world, which makes one wonder, what torments him so. My only critique for you would be to add in a slight bit of contrast, the sky seems a little washed out compared to the grass and plants. This is a touching piece, and very well composed.

Great work :)
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SaaD1's avatar
I have a great coloring way in green....EXCELLANT!
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extrem's avatar
extrem|Professional Interface Designer
It's amazing ehyt you've done with colors :thumbsup:
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sypheck's avatar
sypheck|Professional Interface Designer
like it :)
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talyn-the-shadow's avatar
talyn-the-shadow| Interface Designer
Awesome colour cast. Totally wicked tree! Perfect symbology.

You do good!
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skin-'s avatar
skin-| Photographer
this one is my favorite....but the others are great too....weel done :P
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piratejack's avatar
piratejack|Student Traditional Artist
so very nice.. i miss my swizterland :(
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fangedfem's avatar
Such a wonderful capture of emotion-- the overall green tone is beautiful =)
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phreakinb's avatar
phreakinb| Photographer
Hrmm for some reason i can only see the thumbnail. On my laptop and my desktop the image doesnt appear. Using mozilla on both but i have never had any problems. Laptop is winodws desktop is linux. Any ideas? I really enjoy your work.
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Kevlin's avatar
Kevlin| Photographer
Masterfully composed with the man and the tree. IR is just awesome and everytime I see a shot like this I getting misty because I can't use filters with my own camera :tears:

Such stillness with the resting pose and the tree in the foreground and with the trees in the background it becomes almost three dimentional. IR suits the mood funny how it really enhance the mood the photo portraits. Saw *x-horizon with his battlefield photo that were cold and threating because the IR enhanced that feeling. Such a godlike filter :)
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mental's avatar

I do like the black border.

Sweet work!
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raumzeit's avatar
i love this filter effect!! the leaves are so bizzarre. a wonderful shot! and your posture matches the whole concept!!
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kakita's avatar
sweeeeet. and yeah. love the leaves
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rds-'s avatar
wow... this is amazing. I love the colours and use of space.
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arivl's avatar
Wow great job as usual! :D Great use of the IR filter. :clap:
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