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Optimus Samurai

By CreatureBox
Optimus is timelessly bad a$$!
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Excuse me, while I go buy the crap out of that comic and every piece of merch.
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I would Buy this figure
Hell yes, samurai autobot 
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He look so BADASS!
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Like all your works, awesome! :)
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One of the coolest things I've seen. Awesome work!
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This is so awesome! I love the blend of Japanese wood block print style that really enhances Optimus Prime as a samurai. Really brilliant and beautifully done.
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Amazing! This is the coolest thing I have seen in a while!
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I love transformers a brilliant piece!
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This is soooooooo ill.
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Omg. I have no words for how awesome this is...
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nice drawing but i think this background have problem. that "rising sun flag" is forbbiden in east Asia like nazi's

it represent that old japan's imperialism and holocaust by japan army..
Me too.... I totally agree with *GoddessMechanic's recomment... I truly love your other pictures you posted on deviant art but this one.... I just hope you to notice this picture is terribly excuse to people, countrys and nations who were once under the Japanese imperialism violence.

Well..... the background flag is not just simply simbolizing Japan.. It is some kind of prasing Japanese imperialism:disbelief:
GoddessMechanic's avatar
Hello Art for the first time you write a comment.

I do not know if you know,
Background of the picture you used in the Flag of Rising Sun of Japan Hakenkreuz has the same meaning of a Nazi. It simply has not come to symbolize Japan.

So where the writer to express the ascendancy in the East Asia has been very strictly prohibited.
In Europe the same as to prohibit the expression of Hakenkreuz.

This Optimus is very heterogeneous. Optimus concept is a symbol of peace and freedom but be discrepant from the expression of the Flag of Rising Sun.

You are very artistic art, but this figure is regrettable.
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This is the shi.....!
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