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Pencil drawings of various animals by CreatureArtist Pencil drawings of various animals :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 0 0 Dancing Dragons by CreatureArtist Dancing Dragons :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 1 0 Feather Slug Doodles by CreatureArtist Feather Slug Doodles :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 2 0 Hare!Six by CreatureArtist Hare!Six :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 8 1 Critter Painting by CreatureArtist Critter Painting :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 1 0 Six (Little Nightmares) by CreatureArtist Six (Little Nightmares) :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 2 0 Original Paper Unicorn sketch by CreatureArtist Original Paper Unicorn sketch :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 1 0 Ipakolani by CreatureArtist Ipakolani :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 2 0 Maevedragon Creations Logo by CreatureArtist Maevedragon Creations Logo :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 0 0 Plush Fox by CreatureArtist Plush Fox :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 3 0 Cartoon drawings by CreatureArtist Cartoon drawings :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 2 0 Paper Unicorn by CreatureArtist Paper Unicorn :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 1 0 Princess Unikitty in reality by CreatureArtist Princess Unikitty in reality :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 3 1 Wild Cats W.I.P by CreatureArtist Wild Cats W.I.P :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 0 0 Plush Fox (original) by CreatureArtist Plush Fox (original) :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 0 0 Birdy by CreatureArtist Birdy :iconcreatureartist:CreatureArtist 2 0


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
In case you couldn't tell from my username, I like drawing creatures. Whether they're cute & creepy, weird & scary, or just plain friendly.

(I usually go by the username Maevedragon, but somehow that name was already taken here, so I had to think up a new username for DeviantArt.)

I am also starting a small online business called Maevedragon Creations, where I sell prints of my art on things like t-shirts and tote bags! Check it out at the link below:


Pencil drawings of various animals
I draw fictional creatures like 95% of the time, but here's a handful of times I drew real animals.

  Some of these were drawings of live animals at a zoo or elsewhere. It's really hard to draw live animals much because they nevER STOP MOVING aaAAAGH. STOP MOVING! LET ME DRAW YOU!

   The Stellar's Jay drawing was from a trip to Yosemite. I was really impressed by the stellar's jays we saw there, and I wish we had stellar's jays them where I live, but we just have boring Scrub Jays instead.

   The baby Golden snub-nosed monkey was one I drew after watching a documentary about snub-nosed monkeys (because the babies are so cute oh my goodness). 

Most of the other drawings here are practices I did from images found off of google. 
Oh, there's also a bonus human skeleton. Because... skeletons. :happybounce: 
Dancing Dragons
Some sketches for humanoid dragons dancing, doing yoga, etc. I really like how these turned out! I want these piece(s) to have a sense of calmness and gracefulness. I will definitely be turning these into full works of art later (and I might add a few more dragons to the bunch).

Please do not use these sketches as bases, trace them, or re-post elsewhere.
Feather Slug Doodles
Just some really quick sketches of a little feathery slug creature.
In an alternate universe where Six is a hare...

  This idea came to me out of the blue one night, I was laying in bed and all of a sudden this image popped into my mind of a rabbit wearing a brightly colored raincoat with a hood. It was so cute! I knew I had to draw it.

  My dad pointed out that this looks like something from Winnie the Pooh, and now I can't stop seeing it as illustrations from a children's book. It would make really cute drawings for a picture book!

I decided to make her a hare instead of a rabbit -- because rabbits are basically balls of harmless fluff, and hares are really look like they're built for survival. They're more lean and lanky, with gangling legs. I feel being a hare is more fitting for Six than being a rabbit, because it seems to fit her character more. (She's a small skinny child trying to survive a world filled with giant monsters).

The hand belongs to one of the chefs trying to catch her. And you might notice that those mushrooms look familiar... (They're Nomes!)
Critter Painting
Just something I made a while back. It's paint pens on canvas (and outlined with a black pen).

Kind of a cross between reptile and mammal, with a lizard-like head with feline body. Oh, plus feathers (inspired by axolotls, a type of salamander which have feathery external gills).

I like the design and color scheme, I might do a digital art version someday. 


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