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Patsu's Trouble

By creatureart
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My first flash animation. A fishing penguin.

Click the icon to watch it play through.
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Temari796's avatar
cool, could u teach me how to make a play button? im curious :D
oO-ShiroNami-Oo's avatar
such.... randomness! I couldnt help but start laughing when the whole skeleton came out!
creatureart's avatar
It gave you a laugh? Fantastic! :D
It was hard to come up with a short story concept, but it was fun going for the cartoon humour with the fish's skeleton. ^^

Thanks, Shiro! :glomp:
kiefers24's avatar
Wow! what a such lovely characters you've got there and with the sound clip does add some more of the cuteness. Eventhough the story is really short, I enjoy to watch it many times. =D
creatureart's avatar
Aww thank you very much! It was a lot of fun to make, and the first animated story I ever finished in Flash. ^^ :hug:
kiefers24's avatar
If that was the first, then it means there will be the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on... :D Yeay! I would love to :dygel: wait to see them all. Hehe.. So keep producing the animations. :hug:
creatureart's avatar
I shall try. :salute:

In a bit of an animation slump at the moment, but I've still got things in the works so they'll get up eventually. ^^;
kiefers24's avatar
Go, go, go! :boogie:
I support you from the behind :D
creatureart's avatar
Hahaha thank you. :XD:
ShadowStarry's avatar

Woot. Very nice. I LURVE IT!
creatureart's avatar
Aww thank you, SS! :glomp:
ShadowStarry's avatar
I gots glomped.


No prob, i LOVE your art.
0zorakid's avatar
hahaha, funny story, luv it :heart:
creatureart's avatar
Aww thanks, Ozorakid. :hug:
This was my first finished animation. ^^
0zorakid's avatar
whaat? it's ur first? u must be kidding! Great job!!
u know, i always want to make an animation, but i'm not good on editing X(
KrispyJoe's avatar
I'd laugh, but the same thing has happened to me before.

Nice work.

creatureart's avatar
Haha, thanks, KrispyJoe!

Well, I did fish out an octopus once... it suckered onto the side of the boat for about an hour. True story.
ChristianKitsune's avatar
XDDD that's hilarious!! GREAT WORK!
creatureart's avatar
Aww thank you, CR/CK ^^
FragMaster007's avatar
creatureart's avatar
Thank you, Fragmaster. I'm glad that you found it funny as it was created with humour in mind.
CrazyHane's avatar
i like it!
creatureart's avatar
Thank you very much, CrazyHane. I appreciate the words of encouragement. :)
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